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Margaux was forced to stop scanning the function hall when a strong arm snaked her waist.

She felt both irritation and warmth crept her when the man beside her tugged her forcefully, closing the space between their bodies.

Trying not to look up at him, she discreetly wiggled her way out of his hold and smiled at another guest they passed by.

She knew by then that bringing Rome to that celebration was a bad idea indeed.

As expected all eyes were on them as soon as they walked in that place. She couldn't blame them since she intended to shock everyone by bringing a very handsome man as her husband.

She saw some of her old friends, familiar faces, even well-known celebrities whom their family had connections with standing in the crowd. The function room was choking with the number of guests. However, not even one soul dared to approach her as she walked around.

How could they when she was gracefully walking around with a 'Doberman' behind her?

Oh, correction! The utterly handsome Doberman was actually beside her with his arms glued around her waist since they came.

'Damn it. This is so not working...' she thought desperately.

"Excuse me, Rome. You seem to be forgetting why we're here." With a push more forceful than she intended, Margaux reminded Rome with a fake smile. She was honestly itching to strangle the man if only, he wasn't her most needed 'trophy husband' tonight.

She took a step away from him and cussed when his palm sensually slid on her tummy as she moved. She huffed. Then cleared her throat and said, "Now, would you please, help me look around to find Greg..."


Her mouth shut when Rome firmly corrected her in an instant.

It took her a couple of seconds before finally nodding and echoing, "Okay, Garbage. If you insist." She raised one of her eyebrows at him "So going back. Help me find..."

"Your order was that I should act as a love fool husband, " he countered while staring at her.

"Yeah, I know that." She pouted and waved her hand in dismissal, avoiding his cold amber eyes in the process. "So, what? Help me find Greg for now."

"I only take first orders."

"W-what?" Margaux's voice turned a bit louder in surprise. "Well, fudge that! Seriously, who do think I'm showing you off to? Them? You're kidding me!" She cocked her head to gesture the elegant crowd behind them.

Nevertheless, Rome just faked a sarcastic grin at her and didn't even answer. Obviously, he didn't care a bit about Greg.

Rolling her eyes in disbelief, Margaux swore that she was going to kick Rome's balls until there was no future-baby left inside it.

That was when another group of guest passed where they were standing. She immediately smiled at the group and then reflexively anchored her delicate arm to his waist. As a part of their stage-play, she even pulled him closer upon noticing some women from the group looking at him. There was a particular emotion that ate her gut when she caught one of the girls staring at Rome's sexy butt!

Her eyebrows instantly raised. She then strategically leaned her head on Rome's shoulder tenderly. She waited for the woman in red to look at her and smiled with a warning. She didn't know if her smile looked psychotic at that time but she found huge relief when the woman looked away from Rome's behind.

'Serves you right, bitch! That's my trophy husband's butt! That's mine! Find your own!'

"That woman in red looks really hot, don't you think?" she heard Rome breathed on her ear after.

As a reaction, she automatically she let go of the man and stomped on his foot angrily.

He gasped in pain. She took that chance to walk away and go back to scanning the crowd.

'I know it. This is really a bad idea. Bad... bad... very bad!''

"Leaving me again, wife? You're being very brutal, Cara mia." Rome's voice was with a hint of laughter when he called her.

She was already at the brink of going insane with all the women's eyes following Rome. Thus, she ended up retorting, "And you are being inconsiderate and awful, Rome! You know why we are here..."

She wasn't able to finish her words when Rome suddenly grabbed her elbow and pulled her again. She was even surprised when he quickly turned her around and then ambushed her lips with a kiss amid all the people around them.

She rolled her eyes to dismissed the tingles that cruised her spine. Just g

her again.

The chance of seeing Greg again and fixing their upcoming 'family' status as cousins-in-law felt like water slipping through her fingers as the distance between her and Mr. Rossu increased.

She tried to run faster with her eyes not leaving him. But then found it very hard to cope up with their speed.

The crowd was too thick and was making her dizzy. One time or another, she heard some people greeted her but she couldn't care less. The piano was still playing and the conversations surrounding the place were merely nothing to her but empty buzzes. She struggled on her way, pushing some waiters blocking her as she balanced herself in her stilettos.

A few minutes of tail-gating Mr. Rossu, Margaux found herself entering the fifth sliding door she had. The music from the function hall was already very low at this point, denoting how far they were from where she started running.

The lobby was darker here and empty. It was like a backdoor route for employees or a stock entrance hall going to the kitchen.

She willed her feet to move faster and lifted the hem of her long gown higher. She was about to run again but her feet wobbled on her heels. Feeling limited, she sat down and quickly fidget on her shoes.

"Mister Rossu! Wait!" she screamed before bending over to unstrap her heel. However, removing her shoes took her some precious seconds. And the moment she lifted her head again, Mr. Rossu was already gone.

Dang, it! She was left alone in a long alley and without any clue where to go!

She was panting in desperation when she leaned against the wall and combed her sweaty hair. She didn't know how tired she was from running on her high heels until her knees buckled, making her sit down on the cold floor.

Her body suddenly felt heavy, and her heart, even worse.

"Damn, Margaux! Damn! Damn!"

Covering her face with her trembling hands, she began to cry helplessly. Her mind was suddenly reeling about the reasons she was there and every second that passed cut her heart.

'Margaux! You need that closure! Francine is a family, a cousin. Betrayal or not Greg is going to be a part of your family. Get this fucking closure right now! You don't want to lose the Scota's right? They are the only ones that considered you because Montenegro's won't. They are your mother's family!'

She couldn't tell how long she had been sitting and crying with her face covered before a shadow cast over her. It seemed like someone unknown found her slumped on the floor.

Thinking that it was Rome, she let out a sarcastic laugh without lifting her head and mussed, "Very nice, Rome! I almost got Greg! You're late!"

However, it wasn't the same cold baritone voice she was expecting that answered her anger. Rather, it was someone else's familiar tone.

"I see. so your husband isn't a myth after all, huh?"


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