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   Chapter 22 Trophy Husband (SPG Warning)

Through the Dark Corners of Rome By hei cue Characters: 16639

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Margaux's body turned into a mass of need as soon as Rome's mouth met hers. Biting her lower lips, she opened herself to welcome him more.

Just like how it was the night he became his official outlet, he kissed her with hunger, ravishing her while gripping her hips and pinning her down.

For a split second, she asked herself why Rome always tasted like sweet mint? It was even impossible for her to turn his kisses down. Too sweet to resist.

'Really, Margaux? Even better than Greg's kiss?'

Her thought halted when Rome harshly flipped her body above the bed, making her hang on it with her knees touching the floor. She huffed when his palm pressed her down even more against the soft sheets, making her looked like a prey under his mercy.

"Oh, God..."

"I can't give you foreplay at this rate, Cara."

'Of course, you cannot!' Margaux closed her eyes with her thought upon hearing his tortured voice. He began kissing her nape and shoulders needily.

Rushing, Rome slipped one of his arms under her belly and caressed her down. Rapid heat shot to her groins when he cupped her sex tentatively! She felt him froze for a while while feeling her and Margaux ended up suppressing a moan. Was it even normal to wet herself just because of a touch?

"Damn, you're wet..." His voice sounded amazed and rugged.

She ended up burying her face on his mattress. She could feel her face heating up with the slight laugh that escaped Rome's chest. It was more than obvious that her body wanted him!

"Do you need me now?"


She muffled her scream when Rome suddenly pushed his cock in and entered her from behind.

It was pure carnal bliss. Her wet cunt clasped him as her fingers clutched the sheets so hard, she felt her nails dig through her palm despite the fabric.

"Margaux..." He moaned her name and it made her skin felt like burning.Too sweet and too taunting. The way he called her name every time was like a plea to wake up her inner-woman, that part of her that only him could open up.

Melted fire cruised through her when he begun ramming her strong. Bids of sweat peppered her skin and she was losing her sanity with how each slapping sound their body made echoed on the walls. She was drowning in pleasure again, over and over!

His prods were hard and delirious. She knew that it would bruise her somewhere unpleasant but damn who cares! She would be a really bad liar if she insist that she didn't like the way he rained kisses all over her back and neck.

"Ohh... That's the spot...M-More..."

"Fuck!" Rome grunted like an animal upon hearing her plea. His breaths became heavier and he turned more aggressive. He understood his woman. There was no doubt that he did when his thrust turned desperate behind her and kept her moaning and writhing.

She couldn't any other man who could make her womb and all her hormones havoc as Rome could. "Caro... Caro... I'm coming..."

"Just let it go, " he growled. He was holding her firmly on that position with one of his arms leveraged beside her head. He buried his face, on her sweaty hair, ironically kissing her softly while fucking her like a whore. The friction of her skin against the soft bedsheet was amazing.

She felt his hand between her thigh moved to her clit. Her cervix squeezed in response. He massaged her pussy hard and then soft without stopping his maddening thrust. The sensation eating Margaux was crazy.

"Rome... Rome...Rome..." her screams went in unison with his moves.

She was getting louder and louder until she screamed his name on top of her lungs "Caro, hmp!"

Good thing that Rome was fast and immediately sealed her mouth with a kiss even before she shook the whole house.

She shook uncontrollably beneath him as she exploded on his flesh, clenching him tightly with her soft pussy. She felt him made hot trails of kisses on her back sucking, nibbling and licking her flesh. He hadn't come back to the ground yet when the hand between her legs started pinching her clit, prolonging her orgasm while he was inside her until she felt another wave of spasm on her womb "Umhhh... Ohhh...Rome, I'm... I'm coming again...."

"Take it, it's yours!" he went more feral with how he was owning her. His arms around her went tighter as he gasped for breaths.

If there was something about Rome that was addicting, it would be how he feel and taste like pure desire. He was giving, the type to take very little and yet make her feel like exploding every time. She hadn't seen him cum unless she already had two or three.

Margaux was back to panting and moaning out loud with the delicious spasms consuming her flesh. She felt her second orgasm knocked her off, while Rome was kissing her face.

As if he couldn't control himself too, Rome grabbed a fistfull of her hair roughly, triggering his hardest thrust as he speared himself ball-deep into her womb.

Her eyes were still closed as she savored the last few second

c, " he commented.

"I am. Thank you." she nodded in sarcastically.

He was still flat and serious when she felt her car stopped. It was only then that Margaux noticed their car passing through hotel's gate. A sudden gush of fear washed her but she just shook her head and laughed it off. "Well, you said I can do anything with you tonight, right?"

"I wasn't in my right state of mind back then, Cara..."

"So what happened to you that night? Who was talking to me then? Your libido?" she cut him off and then added in an irritating tone, "Too bad."

She saw his jaw clenched in annoyance. Thus, she felt obligated to explain. "You see, Caro. It is my pride as a woman that is at stake in here." she sighed. " Yeah, this may be pathetic and I'm really sorry to drag you on this... but for tonight, I need you to pretend that you love me. I don't really care if they'll believe us or not. But for the last time, I want Greg to ..." she closed her eyes when a bitter memory crossed her mind. "I want to show him that I'm good and I'm doing great. Not suicidal without him."

"Shut up, Cara!"

"No. You need to understand my point on this, " she insisted to make him listen. "The problem with you is that you don't know how to love anybody!"

"I said, shut up!"

Rome gritted before shooting her dagger stares. However, he palmed his face after a while and then let out a defeated sigh.

He didn't talk again when he maneuvered the car to the parking area. Soon and their car was already lined up with all other cars that she supposed were from the events handful of guests.

He was still eerie quiet when he slipped out of her car and shut the car's door on her face forcefully without even looking back.

That made Margaux anxious. She didn't want to look pitiful in that party and she would definitely look like a shit coming their alone.

Rome couldn't walk out now! He wasn't allowed to leave her alone!

Hurriedly, she grabbed her purse from the dashboard. Rome was the only one she knew that she could use to leverage for this! He couldn't just ruin her plan this way!

'Margaux! You're using the man as your leverage, your pleasure machine, and your emotional outlet! What else do you plan to do with him? Do you really think that he can understand what you are doing? You are so selfish, Margaux!' her mind screamed at her. However, she just shrugged her shoulders to it and pushed her car's door open.

She was about to ran after Rome, thinking that he already left, when someone suddenly grabbed her wrist. Her mouth opened in surprise as she blinked repeatedly.

"What took you so long? Were you waiting for me to open the car door for you?" he snorted and then smirked. "You wished."

Amid the cocky way Rome talked, Margaux found herself breathing in relief. She opened her mouth to retort but then ended up saying something else. "I- I thought you left?"

"I thought you want me to meet your ex." he said flatly without breaking their stares. His eyes were dark with menace and for a moment there, she wasn't sure if taking him to the party was a good idea.

"You got the most disgusting mind, Cara mia. But maybe you're right." His lips curved into a dangerous smile, " Maybe it's about it is time for me to meet that Garbage ex of yours too. Right, My bitter wife?"

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