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   Chapter 21 The Folly

Through the Dark Corners of Rome By hei cue Characters: 11489

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CRAP. What else could best describe sitting in the dark while listening to Alejandro's masterpiece for the hundredth time?

[You heard that, Maestro?]


[This part.]

Rome heard Lucille's fingers tapping on her computer. She rewind the piece and played a particular segment from it.

Same old. He heard nothing but a man trying to kill his piano, not even a symphony or anything he could relate to.

[Listen to this part carefully...]

"I'm fucking 'tone-deaf', Lucille!"

[Maestro, please. Just this one.]

"Shut up." He was angry when he stood from his chair and marched to the open window.

He needed to breathe.

They had been wasting so much time in search of the Amati. Alejandro might be coming home soon and he still didn't have any credible lead. He would need to kill the old man as soon as he came.

Killing was easy but it was the add-on assignment that was not.

Cazzo! He palmed his face in frustration.

"Go straight to point. I want this mission done as soon as possible."

[I-I'm doing my best, Maestro...]

"Not enough!" His jaws clenched when he hit the window jamb. He then peeked out of the window and found himself checking the third window from his. He sighed upon seeing the lights in Margaux's room still on.

"Just go straight to the point. What are you seeing from it, Lucille?"

[Fa, So, Fa...]

"Dumb, Lucille!" His irritation went full-blown when the woman on the other line of his lapel started singing. "Stop or I'll get there to personally fire you...".

[These notes appeared on the sequence more than forty times.]

"And so?"

[Re-Ti- comes after, appearing more than thirty-five times...]

That was when Margaux's ringtone stole his attention. He immediately fished his phone from his pocket.

He was permanently hacking Margaux's phone in hopes of getting more information about Alejandro.

Bad part was that he still couldn't squeeze anything useful from her. Worse, most of the messages she was receiving were just meaningless notifications and subscriptions.

Just like now, he was again reading another useless crap.

'Garbage.' He gritted his teeth upon seeing who texted her..

[Maestro! I think I'm already getting this...]

"I don't need what you think. What I need are figures. I'll call you." He turned his lapel off and abruptly pulled his earpiece.

His fingers were fast when he started pressing buttons on his mobile. He wanted to check what the Garbage said.

How could he even concentrate on what Lucille was about to say when there was something urgent in his phone?

'Really, Rome? Are you saying that checking that text is more important to you than the Amati or even your Omerta?'

He deadpanned his thought and went straight to her inbox.


From: *sshole Greg


Engagement party on Sunday. Let's talk.


His fingers tightened around his phone. Replying on behalf of Margaux felt perfect that time. God! He was itching to type 'No'.

Wait. Wrong.

Actually, he was itching to strangle the Garbage by his neck and kill him that way.

'Yes, that would make me tremendously better.' he thought.

He remained to blankly stare at his phone for a while. He couldn't tell how long he stayed in a daze before he finally let out a defeated sigh.

He put his phone back to his pocket and started massaging his nose bridge. Darn it! Was he losing his mind again?


his white bedsheets. She was heaving and her legs were parted a bit. Thus, giving him the best view a man with fully functioning cock would ever want from a woman; full pussy lips tracing against her soft silk undies.

'Pretty cameltoe. Why are you so fuckable, Cara mia? '



He saw her blush. She must have noticed where his eyes were feasting. She evaded his stare and bit her lips.

Shy and sexy, he felt his libido boiled hotter.

"I-I need you to escort me on Sunday." she managed to say using her tiny voice. She suddenly looked unsure. "I'll be attending a 'gathering' and I badly need someone I can tag along with me, " she swallowed. " And..."

"And?" he gave her an evil smile then resumed on staring at her pretty little womanhood. If he would not lose his sanity within the next five seconds, he guess he could live between her legs forever.

Well, that was, if he wouldn't.

"And what, Cara?" he cocked his head as if he wasn't interested. Big fat lie though since he was already silently planning what to do with her body tonight.

"I... I'm feeling down..." she leveraged to her elbow and gave him a once over. Her gaze stopped right at the front of his jeans, she turned even redder upon seeing the angry bulge on his pants. It made him smirked. "... b-but I... I don't feel like drinking tonight so..."

"Cut it short."

"I need you to make me forget. " she huffed a heavy breathe in defeat Then she closed her eyes and opened her legs wider for him.

He froze on his stance.

Her fingers tentatively touched her own tummy and started crawling down. His breath stopped when she reached her undies and pushed it to the side to show him her glistening core.

And as if what she was doing wasn't driving him to insanity yet, she slid a finger between the slick lips of her femininity up and down before opening her eyes and giving him an inviting smile.

"I need you, Caro." she moaned without breaking their glances. "Please touch me--umph!"

She didn't need to ask twice.

He was worse than a devil when he pulled both of her legs so he could position her on the edge of his bed. One more second and he gave her lips a deep starving kiss.

'Dang, Margaux! You're driving me crazier every single day.'


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