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   Chapter 20 The Outlet (SPG Warning)

Through the Dark Corners of Rome By hei cue Characters: 14582

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Margaux wasn't sure what happened next after she fell on her knees.

One second, she was on the ground and the other she was already back beside the treehouse. Did Rome carry her there? She couldn't tell.

All that was filling her senses was how the rough wood behind her scratched her bareback and Rome's heady scent. He was pinning her against the tree with his weight and she could feel every piece of him.

"Are you drunk?"

She closed her eyes and shook her head. His breath against her ear was liquid fire to her skin. Her womanhood clenched just by the sound of his voice.

'Back out, Margaux. This is a really bad idea...Oh!'

Her thoughts stopped when Rome groped one of her breasts without any ado. Shock mingled with desire inside her, making her eyes flutter.

He clipped her nipple between his fingers and began massaging her flesh thoroughly.

'Ohhh... Shit!'

"Who's groping your breast, Cara?"

He leaned his forehead on hers and she shivered with the way his amber eyes felt like boring holes to her soul. His breath smelt like mint, hers must be reeking alcohol.


He thrust his hips, rubbing her fold with the front of his jeans and she arched her back. She felt so sensitive that her toes curled deliciously.

'Hot heavens!'

"Cara mia..." he called her attention and forced her to look at him again. Holding her chin tenderly, he pressed himself to her even more until their noses were touching. "Tell me you're not drunk. Can you recognize me?"he asked in an agonized voice.

Her mouth opened and closed but she couldn't figure out what to say. She felt a bit confused with what she heard but in the end, nodded her head to let him know her reply.

"Good." He sighed in relief before grinning. He then traced her lower lips with his thumb sensually, making her swallowed hard. "I want you to remember every little thing that I'm going to do with you, Cara."

"Shit!" She wasn't able to stop herself from cussing when Rome lifted her all of the sudden.

The slow start they had burst into bubbles of pleasure when he abruptly cupped her ass and lifted her. Her legs automatically hug his waist for balance when he started to walk. One swift motion and he dropped her to the wooden table just steps away from the stairs.

She hadn't recovered yet when he caught both of her wrists and pushed it against the table. Mixed fear and excitement got her when he dove for her mouth and kissed her ferociously like a starving animal unfed for days.

There was no tenderness there! He was nibbling and claiming until he squeezed a pained moan from her.

He took advantage of her open mouth and pushed his tongue in. He explored and tasted her mouth roughly to the point of her tasting metal inside her mouth.

'Back out! Run, Margaux! Run for your life...' her sanity screamed. However, it was a moan that came out of her mouth when she huffed for breaths.

His kisses traveled from her mouth to neck. He nuzzled her skin and left hot wet traces as he slowly moved down. Soon enough and his mouth found one of her nipples. He latched it hard like a baby, sending white lust all over her being. He was sucking her taunt flesh inside his mouth expertly and it made her moaned louder.

Her other breast wasn't neglected too. He cupped her and fondled. He never stopped servicing her breasts, alternating each in his mouth like they were the most priced pair of breast in the world!

"Caro..." She couldn't recognize her voice anymore when he flicked her nipple with his tongue. She felt hot, feverish even.

She couldn't recall how long he made love to her breast. Next thing she knew was her body squirming deliciously when he began drawing hot circles with his tongue from the valley of her breasts to her belly.

"Caro..." she moaned a plea when he reached her belly button. He played it in his mouth and dipped his tongue on it. Her breaths started to knot. Her body was sweaty and about to burst when he finally felt him reached her core and kissed her so damn slow. All her nerves went on havoc!



Her delirious scream was cut when she heard her name. There was something about the way he said those two syllables that made her chest churn. God! He moaned her name like a prayer! Like he is a helpless man in the face of his death.

Only thing was... he

d she couldn't be more thankful about it.

She didn't know how to explain why they looked as they do if ever!

She was nude except for Rome's polo that was barely hanging on her shoulders. On the other hand, Rome was walking with none but his dirty jeans riding low on his hips. She was curled inside his arms as he carried her in a bridal way.

Both of them were dusty with dried leaves on their hairs. Her skin was flushed while he was sporting red claw marks on his back. He even had a bite mark just above his collarbone. The sight of it made her grin... she did that!

Unlike their first sex under the treehouse, the next that came just a few minutes after was wild and explosive. They were carnal and she was even the one who pushed Rome on the table and rode him.

She felt free!

It was like being caged somewhere dark until someone opened her confinement and stepped in. Nevertheless, it was brilliant.

'Yes. sex with Rome is brilliant'.

Her lips moved to a lethargic smile when her womanhood twitched in agreement. Fudge! She could still feel him inside her until now.

'Brilliant! Very satisfyingly brilliant...'

"What are you smiling about?"

She shook her head and gave him a quick peck on his jaw. On the other hand, Rome just deadpanned her gesture and kept walking.

She shrugged her shoulder and went back to sniffing his scent. His natural male scent mixed with hers... Their signature after-sex scent.

It didn't take long until they reached the rows of doors in the corridor.

Rome still looked distant while carrying her. Actually, he had been since they left the hill. His attitude returned to being freezing. Emotionless, void, and stonecold. For some seconds it made her think if he was regretting what happened but then her doubts just kept melting away whenever she felt his arms tightening around her.

Anyway, it was fine! They weren't related to each other in the first place. They were not even friends! So what are they now? Fuck buddies?

She couldn't tell.

'An outlet, Margaux! He is an outlet. Didn't you vindicate him that?' her mind answered her question.

"Your room or mine?" he whispered in a flat tone, taking her attention back from thinking.

Unconsciously, her smile widened. She lifted her head, gave Rome a good stare, and then giggled. Her body might still be aching but she wouldn't mind another wonderful moment with her 'outlet'.

It's a whole lot better than drowning on Greg's deadly memories, right?

No love.

Just good sex...

"Yours, " she breathed. " Let's do it again in yours..."


Author's note:

Hello guys! Thank you so much for coming this far in this story! I would just like to say hello to everyone! Don't hesitate to let me know what you think. Message, comment, 'tell me about the weather, it's okay. Haha! Would really appreciate hearing from everyone. Love you, guys!

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