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   Chapter 19 Forbidden Fruit

Through the Dark Corners of Rome By hei cue Characters: 10333

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[None, Maestro.]

"Damn it!"

[It's complicated. I'm still trying to decipher the Alla Mia Amata--]

Just like the other nights, Rome found himself shutting his lapel off at Lucille. It had been days since he sent her the scanned copy of the music note and every day that passed since was frustrating him more.

He could feel it in his bones that the paper had something to do with his mission. For Pete's sake, it was even titled 'Alla Mia Amata!' How on earth could he be wrong?

His jaw was clenched when he looked at Alejandro's bookshelf again. He went back to the office where he found the music note. Adjusting his night vision glasses, he started scanning all the other books and documents there one by one. He had been religiously sneaking in that room every night, secretly rummaging his cabinets and even unlocking his vaults. He had already reviewed the house blueprint more than enough too and as of this point, he swore he could even walk inside the house with his eyes closed.

He had already done everything! But where was the code?

Nevertheless, he still found himself pulling an old folder from it before stepping back to the desk. One swift move and he was out of the office just like the thief he was.

He immediately opened the folder as soon as he reached his room and didn't even bother to turn the lights on. He just started flipping through the page since his night vision was enough anyway.

"Damn!" his cussed was muffled when he harshly palmed his face in irritation.

What a surprise! He was actually reading another useless crap from Alejandro's office. A prenuptial agreement between the magnate, Alejandro Montenegro, and the then rising ballerina star, Alicia Scota!

'So the thug got married with a prenup on the same year the Amati was stolen? Bull! Who cares?'

He madly threw the folder to the floor and then walked straight to his closet. He tossed all his gadgets their and then grabbed his Ducati's key.

He needed to go out. He badly needed a quick break or go find some random girls to released his hate with. In short, he needed good sex.

'Good sex, Rome? Do you mean something as good as Margaux?'

He immediately cocked his head left and right when Margaux's image invaded his mind.

Memories of her while laying on their matrimonial bed, widespread, teasing, screaming, and even begging him to make her come as he thrust into her hot folds madly sudden felt like burning him down. There was no woman in this world who had made him feel like how she did. It was not just sex, it was beyond it.

He closed his eyes to avoid the thoughts. His cara mia was a forbidden fruit he shouldn't have tasted. It was obvious that she couldn't even remember him. But then... 'Vafancullo!'

He gritted his teeth when the images inside his head went more vivid than ever.

He rushed his moves and left that room at once.

Minutes after and he was already sliding through the tall trees in the woods located behind the villa.

It was midnight and the wind hitting him as he ran was biting, but he who cares? G

g him walked away that fast was making her terrified with a reason she couldn't accept! She needed him. She needed to leverage him. She wanted his warmth or else she would freeze again with the memories of Greg!

"You want my body, Caro? Come on!"

She continued to walk after him and almost tipped over multiple time. "You'd been wanting to use me since you brought me to your room that night, right? I"m not a virgin anymore, Ambassador! I am a disgusting whore! Let's do this..."

"Shut up!"

She froze when Rome suddenly stopped walking and abruptly looked at her. She felt how his angry eyes burned her to toast! She could also see how he was gritting his teeth silently but then she wouldn't stop. She continued fidgeting under her skirt with her eyes not leaving his. She finished what she was doing the same time she saw him palmed his face irritably as if he was about to explode.

"You need pussy? I'm a pussy, Rome..."

"Do you even know that you are breathing his goddamn name..."

She cut his growl by throwing the flimsy clothing she was holding to him with all her might. It hit him on the chest and then fell on his shoes. She saw him looked down on her red thong and only God could tell how loud he cussed after.

She let out a faked laugh.

"It's not like we're going to do this out of love, Caro!"

"Damn you, woman."

"It's not like you love me nor I love you..." then her voice trailed off with a sob. "Who I breathe shouldn't matter..." she wiped her tears with the back of her hand before bitterly smiling. "I just need you to help me."

"Shut your mouth!"

"Take me." Her hands found the hem of her dress and in one swift motion removed it from her body, leaving her bare naked in the middle of that God-forsaken place while crying before him. "It's easy! You just have to make me forget."

"Cara it is not what you think..."

"Take me..." She broke down on her knees. "I'm a scum anyway so it won't matter if you would dirt me more! I don't care! Just please..." she choked on her breathe. "Help me..."

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