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   Chapter 18 Mrs. Scum

Through the Dark Corners of Rome By hei cue Characters: 14445

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IT had been twenty-five minutes since she opened her eyes and found herself dead on the spot.

It was a grandiose death though; laying in the middle of a Victorian four-post bed, blankly staring at the expensive chandelier, and being surrounded by a satin bed sheet that must have cost a fortune. The room simply fits a queen.

It was just unfortunate that the queen gracing the place was no other than the 'Queen of...'

"Scum!" Margaux muttered the word a little too loudly before trashing the comforter above her.

Her hands immediately caught her head when it ached. Dizzy is good. Being disoriented is good. But that was only until the initial hang over was done.

She bit her lips when fragmented memories of last night flooded her. More so, upon noticing the wedding ring that was left on her finger. She let out an empty laugh.

'He already runaway, Margaux! He must have run like AIDS was after him upon seeing you this morning! Were you really expecting him to wait for you to wake up? You're nothing but a disposable somebody!'

She shook her head and dragged herself from the bed. She didn't want to hear the mocks her mind was throwing her but she didn't know how to stop her thoughts either.

'It highly proves it. You're a worthless scum. Oh no! You're not scum. You. Are. AIDS. You are not even a being worth his 'I'm sorry I fucked you, goodbye!' You are AIDS. You are...'

She pushed the door that was separating the main room from the receiving area. Wincing, she scanned the broad room and paused upon seeing the fridge at one corner. She quickly walked to it, suddenly feeling thirsty.

Despite her hangover, she grinned upon opening the fridge and seeing a bottle of chilled Bacardi. She grabbed it and started chugging on the rum hungrily. She was still drinking straight from the bottle when she stepped towards the bathroom's frosted door. It was then that she saw her reflection mocking her too.

'You are worthless! Should you have been worth enough, your father should have been home and not despising you!'

And on goes herself on doing what she does the best. She never liked the trail her thoughts were going but then there was really no stopping when it starts. Scrubbing salts to wounds was, perhaps, her mastery.

'Should you have been woman enough then Greg could have stayed. Damn Margaux! You couldn't even keep your man! I doubt if you are even a human!'

She gulped again while staring at the distorted reflection on the frosted door; slinky legs, flat hair and the ugliest face she had seen her entire life, too bad she owned it.

'You lost your well-preserved virginity last night to a fucktard who doesn't even have the balls to face you or introduce himself the next day. Good job! You just received your award for being the Most Disgraceful Breathing Thing to ever walk the earth! Scum! Scum! You low life Scum!'

And then just like that. One minute her reflection was talking to her and the next, it was no more than just shards on her feet.

Her hand bled when a broken glass cut her after throwing the bottle of Bacardi. Oddly though, the pain from her wound didn't even register as she stood there looking emotionless. It was weird how she remained flat when everything inside her was howling.

Closing her eyes, she finally had a little silence.

A short moment to rest her soul from being mocked by her mind. Until someone started banging on the hotel's door and startled her.

'Holy Fudge!' She ended up palming her face in dismay. She only noticed her wound when she felt it sting a after she touched her face.

She ran to the bathroom, ignoring the broken glass on the floor. She turned the tap and then washed her hand. She hissed upon pulling a shard that cut her under her wedding ring.

Then there was that series of knocks again.

'Damn it! Why can't you just stop bleeding right now, ' she thought while scrubbing her hands.

But then the knocks just continued.

'Double Damn it! Why are the Hotel staffs right here descendants of Flash? It was not even a minute yet since I broke the door, ' she thought again, feeling a bit more alarmed.

And then there were some more series of louder knocks.

"Fine! It's just a door! I'll pay for it!" She screamed in annoyance at last as she pulled out a tissue and then wrappe

wagged her arm from his grip but she was just too tired and he was too strong.

"Cara, just answer the damn question..."

"Mister!" she cut his growl and raised a brow He was angry for no reason and she could almost taste it in the air. His eyes were notches darker and he looked like he would be snapping her head off if she answered him wrong. It just irritated her more. Who did he think he was?

"I'm giving you twenty seconds to tell me exactly why you just came home, cara."

"Who do you think you are? God?" she pushed her bitch-button on and matched his angry glare. She grinned at him mockingly.

"I'm asking you ..."

"Shut up!" she suddenly screamed. " I've had enough shits and to tell you honestly it is something you don't even need to care about."

She gave him another fake smile. She tried to pull on her arm again but Rome's hold on her just went even tighter.

She could feel her emotions ticking like a bomb which was about to explode. Thus, she hurried to escape. She didn't want anyone to see how broken she exactly was. "Let me go. I'm tired. I need to get to my room..."

"Let's talk."

"Oh! Fuck you!" That was it. She suddenly made that turn to face him and blew up.

Her vision of everything blurred in an instant when her tears started to pour down. However, she couldn't do anything with the damn unfeeling man before her. He just wouldn't let go.

She tried to fight him again and didn't even saw how Rome instantly froze upon seeing her cry.

"What? Do you really need to know why I just came home?" she screamed on his face while pulling her arm madly.


"I was late because this worthless scum got fucked and go last night!" she breathed through her mouth because she couldn't even force air in her nose. "What, huh? You want me to say more?" she huffed. "I was sexed in a hotel last night after whoring in a bar and I couldn't even recall who I did it with!"

He just remained quietly staring at her. She hated how his silence felt like clawing her face. Shouldn't he be judging her at this point?

"I guess that jerk pretty much knew I'm a worthless scum. I even doubt it if he didn't cringe while sexing me, " she coughed then shrugged her shoulders. "I hell hope he enjoyed."

"Stop it, cara..."

"Sorry I wasn't able to support your hymen protection program, Ambassador." she ended her outburst with a chuckle amidst the tears. She was already calm when she spoke again and faked a smile "I hope I answered your question. Now please, excuse me."

She pulled her arm and finally escaped him when his grip loosened. She was already some steps across the huge living room when she heard Rome called her back almost silently.

She deadpanned him and closed her eyes. She couldn't understand why he seemed to care so much when he shouldn't.

'Damn, I'm scum, ' she mocked herself one last time.

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