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   Chapter 17 One-Night Wife (SPG Warning)

Through the Dark Corners of Rome By hei cue Characters: 11868

Updated: 2019-09-10 15:22

Open fire.

That was how it was as soon as the hotel door closed.

Margaux's grunt was haltered when the man before her immediately kissed her mouth.

Not a scream nor even a word...

No nothing.

Just... "Ohh..." she moaned inside his mouth when he bit her lower lips. He was kissing her so aggressively and all she could do was hold on to the arms caging her.

He was a mad kisser! A goddamn expert. And even if he was already crashing his lips to her painfully, she couldn't help but want him more.

Her body was reacting to him like iron filings to a magnet. She couldn't help but glue herself to him and mimic how wild he was claiming her. When his bare palm crawled from her waist up to her breast, her body instantly arched to give him more of her, unquestioning and unashamed.

He grinned against her mouth and she drunkenly grinned back with her eyes closed. She pressed her breast on his palm harder. 'Damn! This feels so good....'

"Who owns this breast, woman?"

"My husband." she moaned the words when he began rolling her nipple between his fingers. There was a tug on the pit of her belly and it was deliciously savaging her to an ache. So much unknown ache.

"And this?" he cupped her between her wobbly legs and her toes automatically tiptoed in an electrifying surprise. Damn it! He found the ache. "Who owns this?"

"You... just...oh!"

She almost lost her balance when he suddenly spun her around and made her face the wall. She wanted to retort but her mouth went dry upon feeling his lips against her shoulder. Goosebumps peppered her skin good. One zipper sound and her dress fell on their feet. One more second down and her bra followed.

Not even a jiffy of exposing her nipples to the cold air of that room and her breast was covered again with his hot hand, cupping her from behind as his other squeezed and tugged on her sensitive nipple non-stop. She was wreathing in delight.

"You feel divine."

Her hairs stood deliciously when he started kissing her down her bareback. Shots and shots of heat flowed down and settled on her womb. It made her sanity dimmer as her hips tried to grind and push back against him until...

"Fuck, Cara mia!" he groaned behind her and groped her hips hard. He made that thrust on her and she cussed on how it tickled her woman. It was just his jeans rubbing her thong rubbing against each other but then the molten fire running on her nerve was absurd.

"Cara--umph!"She turned around and aggressively locked his cursive mouth with hers. She sucked on his lips and helped herself to his sinfully sweet mouth without any inhibitions. He groaned it fueled her woman more!

Anyway, he was her one night husband so she might as well make the most of being his one night wife.

She closed her eyes to dismiss the bitter taste that spread through her mouth. Then, she isolated herself to nothing else but the way he swiftly stole the dominance on that kiss. One moment it was him groaning and the next it was back to her. Moaning at first inside his mouth and then soon enough, chanting her moans out loud when his kiss moved to her exposed breast.

"Ohhh..." He sucked her nipple greedily and she found herself burning in renewed lust. "More... More...oh!"

He didn't neglect her other breast and started pinching, twisting and pulling her there. The intensity of heat doubled inside her pussy! She was panting when he reached down to her thong and started tracing her slit against her velvety undies. He was a guru!

He was massaging her nether lips like he

And his first... wife?

'Fuck!' He immediately sprang off the bed at that thought. Then he quickly edged away from her as if their mere touch burned him.

Margaux stirred upon feeling the movements and he reflexively picked the pillow on the floor and pushed it to her side. He then gently lifted her arms and made her embraced the pillow in replacement of him.

Silently, he looked at her delicate hand and found his ring barely hanging on her digit. He was about to pull it out of her but then changed his mind at the last second. Rather, he found himself pushing it even higher on her ring finger until it had a safer hold.

He sighed and fought the urge to comb her hair, tenderly if he would allow himself again. He clenched his jaw and watched her sleep for a while more. There was a gazillion of things squirming inside his head and more than half of those were things he wouldn't even want to think about.

It was only after his eyes had their fill of her beauty that he was able to walk across the five-star room.

He carefully picked Margaux's and his clothes from the floor one by one. He then neatly placed hers on the table then rushed on wearing his jacket and other clothes back.

Minutes after and he made a short call to the front desk and requested for...some stuff.

Huddling all his strength, he then walked out of their matrimonial room with no expression on his handsome face.

It was still dark when he finally reached outside the five-star hotel. He fished his phone from his pocket and pressed some series of buttons on it. A particular system loaded on his phone screen and it showed a map with a blinking button.

It was Margaux's location as transmitted by his ring, or as she insisted, her wedding ring.

He breathed out loud before cocking his head left and right. There was that thug in his chest again telling him what it wanted.'Don't dare go back, asshole.' After a few seconds, he placed the application on the background of his phone and pulled his dialer.

He called someone. "Escobar? Another favor." He remained quiet while holding himself from cursing the man on the other line back. He sighed deeply and said, "I know it's fucking four in the morning. I don't care. I need you to..." he cleared his throat when he felt a lump of whatever suddenly choke him. "Dispose the marriage contract right away."

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