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   Chapter 16 Cordially

Through the Dark Corners of Rome By hei cue Characters: 12360

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'She lost it.'

Rome let out a tsk before pulling out the keys from her bra. He was clenching his jaw painfully as he stopped himself from dipping his fingers back to the soft place where it was from.

He was trying to be cool when he scooped her from the car's hood and dumped her carelessly on the shotgun seat.

She flinched with a slurred cuss but he deadpanned her and slammed the door on her beautiful face.

'God, she's torture, ' he thought before marching around the car and slumping himself to the driver's seat.

His feet weren't even heating up on the gas yet when he forcefully kicked on it and made the car jet out of the parking lot.

He drove like a mad man.

Everything he was seeing that night was red. The veins on his wrist were even warning to burst with how he had been controlling himself.

'Damn it, cara mia! I'll do a killing spree next time you dance in public like that...'

"Pull oveh."

"Shut up."

"Pull oveh Sheven Eleven!"

He kicked the brake without a warning and heard a loud thud on the dashboard.

His frustration was written all over his handsome face when he looked at the woman who'd been driving him nuts for weeks.

One of Margaux's hands was holding her forehead while the other one was leveraging against the dashboard. She obviously got hurt when she bumped her head but then she was laughing.

He cursed under his breath. It was only then that he realized not putting a seatbelt around her.

Not knowing what drove him, he let go of the stirring wheel and turned to Margaux.

There was this certain type of tenderness he wasn't aware of attacking him and he just couldn't keep the calm because of it.

"You got hurt?" he asked in a low voice.

"Yesh, " she pouted before showing him her forehead.

A sudden urge to hurt himself washed Rome when his thumb touched a bump near her eyebrow. He was torn. There was a part of him begging to pull her closer but then there was still that other part that was raging since her bar dance.

'Oh damn hell yeah! Her sexy bar dance!' He gritted upon remembering how her hips swayed and awed the crowd.

He quickly pulled his hand from examining and then hissed, "Serves you good, bitch..."

"Let's go to Sheven Eleven"

"No lady. We are going to a five-star hotel..."

"I need shomething from the store..."

"I thought you want to get fucked!"

Margaux stiffened beside him upon hearing his sneer.

For a moment he saw an emotion crossed her round brown eyes but then it quickly disappeared. Nevertheless, it made a part of him sting a little. She obviously got scared.

He hit the stirring wheel. He wasn't sure what was happening to him again. He took a couple of heavy breathes and asked, "What do you want from 7-11?"


He closed his eyes and counted one to ten backwards. He sensed that she was about to cry and the sound of it was cutting his ear.

Holding his temper as much as he could, he asked again, in a patient tone this time. "I'm asking, what do you want from the store?"

"I said nothing..."

Now her voice sounds even more broken and it made, him clutched the stirring wheel tighter. Only God knew how much he wanted to hit his head on the dashboard too at that point.

"I'm not a patient person, cara. You need to damn tell me exactly what you want..."

"Cupcake." she sobbed with her head still down. Then discretely, she wiped her tears before looking at him. She gave him a drowsy grin but then it was an epic fail since her eyeliner already smudged over her pretty face. "Shocolate. I want something with..."

He didn't let her finish talking anymore and wordlessly got out of the car. His steps were huge whe

last word as if it was a fact then grabbed from the cupcake box she placed on the dashboard. She took one and started eating.

Then there was a moment of silence.

The atmosphere inside the car just kept getting heavier until it was too heavy to even breathe.

"Let's get going. I need sex..."

"If I'm going to die tomorrow, I think I'm entitled to make myself believe I'm happy, right?" Ignoring what he said, he felt her pushed her hand holding the cupcake against his shoulder. "You want some?"

"I don't eat sweets..."

"You should. It's our wedding cake."

That made him buffer in an instant. His eyes were suddenly staring at her through the rearview.

Noticing how frozen he was, Margaux felt embarrassed and pulled her hand away. She then laughed emptily. '"You don't get bad jokes, do you?"

"Damn you!"

"I am damned, " she snapped without looking at him.

God knows where his intelligence went. One thing for sure was that it might take him a thousand years to rationalize how his chest reacted with what she said.

Was he pitying her?

Impossible! He didn't even know how to spell that word. Since when was his name related to being merciful?

Angrily, he took his phone out of his jeans and started dialing.

'Dang! You might as well fuck me real good woman or I swear I'll have my cock consistently buried on you for weeks'.

" Escobar?" he paused while massaging his nose bridge in frustration. "No. it is not about the Amati."

He listened to the line and then looked at Margaux. She was hugging her knees like a poor street child now. He cussed again when his chest throbbed hard.

"You wish to see me making a fool out of myself, right?" he blew a defeated sigh before moving to the shotgun seat.

He was slow and careful when he leaned over Margaux's shoulder. She wasn't looking at him and just silently watching the cars outside.

She didn't even felt it when his chest touched his back. He took that chance and lower his lips sexily to her ear. He made sure that his voice was clear and she would hear every word that will come out of his mouth.

"Come here, Escobar, " he dropped a tender kiss on her bare shoulder and that finally made her turn. Her eyes were suddenly wide.

She was beautiful! Broken and yet still goddamn beautiful.

" I'm about to do my first ever mistake and..." He looked at her sad eyes before he continued in a serious tone, "you're being 'cordially' invited, Attorney."

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