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   Chapter 15 The Wild Thing

Through the Dark Corners of Rome By hei cue Characters: 9407

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Margaux's movements went wilder as the music continued. The club was having a rave party tonight and everybody's emotion was on fire!

The lights were blinking in and out and the smoke covering the place felt like boring holes on her lungs. The floor was swaying and she could smell the mixed scent of different bodies squeezing with her while dancing through the ear-deafening music.

It was dizzying to the hilt but she wanted it! She needed it!

A few more minutes of power dancing and Margaux started feeling tired.

Drunk, she pushed on whoever was blocking her way. She didn't care about who or how big the body was or if what she did hurt anyone.

She was half-witted when she managed to reach the bar and sluggishly hang herself on the smooth table. She gave out a sluggish smile to the bartender then raised four of her fingers. "I nyid my third shot."

"Ma'am that's four."

"Three!" she snapped with a sudden change in her tone. Her eyes were droopy when she raised one of her eyebrows and glared at the innocent bartender. She showed her four fingers again and waved it before the man's face. "Three..." she hiccuped. "Count it!"

Not wanting to cause any commotion and recognizing her as one of their regulars before, the bartender just shrugged his shoulders and poured another mixed for her.

Minutes more and she was already chugging down her third or fourth or whatsoever shot.

She felt it burned her throat and she smiled against the glass. It was good. It got the right amount heat to warm the coldness inside her soul.

Carelessly dropping the glass she used on the counter, she wobbly stood again and started or the dance floor. She was already halfway back to the raging crowd when she turned to the bartender one more time and raised four of her fingers with a warning. "You remember... Three..."

"Ma'am that's the fifth!"

"Shhh!" She gestured him to shut up by putting her point finger next to her exaggeratedly pouted lips. "You go back to kinder. You're a big shame to your teacher." she sluggishly said, then as if in the middle of a hot debate, she showed him four fingers again. "Look huh? Three."

Margaux stopped listening to the bartender after that.

She continued walking onto the middle of the crowd again, squeezing herself between sweaty bodies. The tiles under her feet felt like waving but she didn't care!

She began madly dancing again as soon as she reached the dance floor, grinding and swaying her beautiful body with all others in there.

She got both her hands in the air. Her hips were moving, gyrating flirtatiously. She could feel her sweat dripping from her throat, before sensually rolling down to her cleavage. She was wet and hot with sweat but then again, she didn't care.

Tonight was her night!

She decided to be the happies

g?' the tiny voice in her mind asked but she was too wasted to even listen to it.

Rather, she continued, blabbing in her heavily drunk tone."Can I requesh you to choose a paybsh star shotel? I mean if you are gonna hostage me, then I want an expenshive hotel" she hiccuped. "Don't bring me to a wareshouse like those goddamn moviesh. I want a hotel!"

"Can't you just shut the fuck up?"

She ignored his anger. She couldn't stop herself from smiling stupidly when his palm ran on her torso while trying to feel her keys.

"I hate sheap smelling bed sheetsh. Jey make me itch. And I layk a room witsh jacuzzi!"

"This is the very last time you'll drink this much, car--"

"Shut up and just do your thing! The key is inside my bra, okay? Fished from my bra!" she cut him off with a slur then dropped her heavy head against the hood. She hiccuped one more time and grinned when the hand touching her suddenly stiffened in shock.

The alcohol bubbling inside her head was really messing with her mind. It was funny how her body couldn't even move anymore but her mouth just couldn't keep shut.

And as if the fact that she just told the abductor about 'where-among- her-private- parts- was- the- key- in' not shocking enough, she blurted, "Hey, kidnapper! would you mind raping me?"


She laughed harder. She didn't expect the kidnapper to stammer.

Wasn't a kidnapper supposed to be happier when his victim offered him sex for free? Anyway, Greg didn't want her virginity, so what was it for?

"Cazzo! You don't know what you're saying, car..."

" I'll pay you! What's the sense of kidnapping me if you will not rape me?" she screamed not letting the abductor finished talking. She even thumped her sluggish hand against the car while shouting "Sharge it to my credit carsh! How much is it for you to rape me? I don't want my hymen anymore!"

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