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   Chapter 14 Smart Woman

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"What's this? A competition? Are you guys trying to see who among you will die first?"

Margaux paused for a while from sipping her coffee. She then glared at the old woman who was occupying the main seat of their table.

Still frowning, she switched her stare to the man who was silently eating breakfast across her.

Seeing Rome comfortable, she snorted, 'How could this man act so nonchalantly with our maid pulverizing us both?' Then she sarcastically raised an eyebrow on him, unexpecting that Rome would suddenly look up and caught her in the act.

Stunned, she quickly bowed her head then pretended to drink her coffee. 'Gosh! Why did my coffee turn cold?'

"What's wrong with you two?"

Margaux's and Rome's plates shook above the table when Alberta hit the table with her hand. And as if it wasn't enough, the old woman began banging the table successively, causing their utensils to dance. "Do you guys even understand that both of you are under my care? The Senor will definitely kill me first if something happens to any of you..."

"Will you stop ranting off! You're not even my mother!"

"Cara." It was that soft yet reprimanding voice that stopped Margaux from shouting at Alberta.

Her head turned to Rome's direction harshly but then she swallowed her words upon meeting his gaze. He was looking at her with a mild warning. He didn't even care when Alberta stood angrily from her chair and then walked towards the sink.

"Well, for your information Margaux, I know that you've been sneaking in your Dad's cellar every night! What do you think are you doing with your life? What if you got really drunk in that bathtub and drowned? It's good that you were able to walk out of it! But what if you didn't? What's your problem..." Alberta continued ranting and God knew how every word coming out of the old woman's mouth was making Margaux's blood boil.

She honestly wanted to throw her cup on their maid but Rome had been fast when he noticed her hand lifted from the table.

He grabbed her wrist and pinned her hand down. Thus, they looked like teenage lovers sneaking a holding hand behind the angry maid.

Alarmed by the sudden heat that engulfed her fingers, Margaux tried to pull her hand from him but his grip just got tighter. She tried opening her mouth too and tried answering Alberta's high volume accusations but then Rome was controlling her by gripping her tighter whenever she was to cuss.

"Calm down, Cara, "

She scrunched her nose confusedly when she heard his whisper. It was reprimanding and at the same time ... comforting?

"She's not looking at this direction. Leave, " he continued discreetly without even lifting his head from his plate. "Just go back to your room and rest. I'll handle this from here."

That was the only time she felt his clasp on her hand loosened.

Suddenly confused, Margaux tur

his enemy was and Lucille couldn't trace him either! They couldn't find any record of Alejandro's where about either in or outside the country at all!

Crunching his eyebrows, he started reading the message she received.


From: *sshole Greg


Hi Baby.

Can we meet? Please.

We badly need to talk.


Rome gritted his teeth dangerously. He felt all his blood went to his head and suddenly made him forgot why he was hacking Margaux. His sight was instantly tainted red for a reason he couldn't even understand.

'What is this Garbage doing?'

However, it just took a second after and the phone in his hand rang again.


From: *sshole Greg


It's urgent, Baby.

We really need to talk.


Rome cocked his head left and right. His lips were tight as he tried his best not to crash his phone. He was very quiet and mad when his fingers suddenly started typing on her behalf.


Hey Garbage!

My cara is a smart woman. Again, a smart woman! She will never go back to you because she is not that dumb. She will never date you again after what you did. Do you have any fucking clue that my cara almost died in the bathtub after she goddamn fucking talked to you? You are very lucky that I haven't got the time to get back at you yet. I'll skin you alive...



He was a split second away from pressing the send button of his phone when his eyes suddenly widened in shock.

Why? Because a new message from Margaux just appeared on the message thread even before he sent his.

Margaux actually replied for herself!

And what was his very intelligent cara's answer to her garbage boyfriend?



From: 09*********

To: *sshole Greg

Sure. Where?


Rome ended up throwing his phone again."


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