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   Chapter 13 Bad-Mouthed Angel

Through the Dark Corners of Rome By hei cue Characters: 7895

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Rome was already on his way back when his body stopped pacing in the air vent.

He then shook his head a couple of times in resistance when Margaux's name started ringing in his head again.

He was still annoyed with the woman and he was trying to minimize his contact with her.

Nonetheless, he still couldn't help himself from wanting to see her before calling it a day.

He was cussing himself when he made that turn to his cara's room. He honestly didn't like what he was doing but then he still found himself looking down at her empty bed a few seconds after.

It had been forty minutes since he planted the cameras there. He paused and tried to sense where the woman was but frowned when he didn't feel Margaux.

Then, as if something just hit him, his eyes instantly widened as he gave the room another anxious once-over.

'Margaux was too quiet!'

He was sure that she was taking a bath when he first slipped in her room and planted the cameras. He even heard her singing inside the bath! The splattering sound of water falling in the bathtub was still there. But he couldn't hear any sounds nor feel any movements from the woman.

'Damn! Where's... shit!'

His thoughts were halted when he noticed the water spilling out of the bathroom door. It made his chest throbbed hard. Margaux couldn't have left the shower running to the point of wetting the whole carpet, right? There was something utterly wrong!

Without thinking further, Rome kicked the air vent filter and jumped out of the ceiling.

There was that foreign emotion flooding him and it was making his palm sweaty and cold inside his leather gloves.

He was quick when ran to the bathroom and gave the frosted door a trained turn around kick.

The strong scent of alcohol mixed with her bubble bath welcomed him as soon as he broke the door. There was a broken Don Perignon bottle on the floor but he couldn't see Margaux.

He turned to the shower side and harshly pulled on the shower curtain but it was empty! His gaze landed at the bathtub full of bubbles and instantly his instinct throbbed hard.


His bones almost dislocated with how fast he jumped to the tub. Split seconds of frantic searching under the freezing water and he was able to pull out the woman from beneath the bubbles.

Unlike her usual stupidly beautiful and rosy doll face, sh

ancullo! Stop kissing her...'

"Margaux!" It was the repeated knocks on the door that forced Rome to let go.

One last look at his cara's swollen lips and he swiftly jumped back to the ceiling.

His timing was perfect! He was already placing the air vent filter back when Alberta anxiously broke into the room with two of the Montenegro's guards.

"Oh my God! Hija! Margaux!" the old woman screamed in horror when she found his unconscious cara.

Sighing in relief, Rome cocked his head and watched all the commotions below silently. He waited there until he was sure that they tended to Margaux and she had stopped trembling.

Honestly, he still wanted to stay a bit more especially when he noticed Alberta dialing on her phone. She demanded the guards to bring their doctor in. He was dying to hear what the doctor would say! He got a lot of questions in his mind and it was about to go crazy. Did something serious happen to his cara? Was she really safe now? What made her do that? Why would his cara drown herself?

However, he knew that it wouldn't be smart to be there anymore since he also needed to check on the clue that he found in Alejandro's library. The House is waiting for his report tonight after all.

Heaving a helpless sigh, Rome forced himself to turn away and head back to his room. He was still within the air vent when he turned his lapel back on and then contact Lucille.


"Remove the hack from Margaux's phone. I'll hack the Montenegro child myself."

[But Maestro--]

"Now Lucille!"

[O-on process, Maestro...]

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