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   Chapter 12 The Spy

Through the Dark Corners of Rome By hei cue Characters: 9042

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Margaux found herself sitting in their living room a few minutes after her argument with Rome.

Her mind was a mess. She thought that both Rome's and Alberta's reactions were weird. However, she didn't want to deal with them now since Greg was here.

"What are you doing here?" Margaux spat while casually giving the man before her a disdained look. One of her eyebrows raised uncontrollably upon noticing how disheveled Greg was.

She had always known Greg to be a neat-to- the- dot type of person. Thus, she almost didn't recognize him when she came into their living room. He was outright messy ; wrinkled shirt, tired face, and unruly hair. No wonder why Rome called him garbage.

"I followed you, of course." Greg's voice was low when he answered. He then pushed the box of roses across the coffee table towards her.

Following the box with her eyes, Margaux faked a laugh and then looked at him. "Aren't you supposed to save those for my burial?"

"You're my girlfriend, Margaux! " Greg's fist banged the table. Then he stood up and started pacing back and forth in distress.

" How'd you know about this place, Greg?"

"Francine gave it, "

"When? After I caught you guys in bed together?"

"God! Margaux, I did not do it!"

"So I'm the one who's lying then?" Margaux was trying her best to stay calm while following Greg's movements.

She had been inseparable from Greg for the past three years. He had helped him get used to the lifestyle in NJ City when she first came there and had been her best confidante since. Months after knowing each other and they both decided to step-up their relationship.

She couldn't be happier back then. She felt like she finally found someone who understood her inside-out. She trusted him with all her heart.

However, she never expected him to be the same person to break her in the long run. More so, betrayed her.

"You are disgusting! You should have at least considered that Francine is my only cousin!" Margaux sneered remembering the day he caught him. She then let out a deep sigh and added, "Let's get over this, Greg. You're not even supposed to be here. What do you exactly want..."

"You! Of course, you're what I want!" he cut her off and started walking to her. She wanted to run away but Greg was fast when he leveraged both of his arms to the armrest of her chair and caged her.

Then without any further ado, he hugged her tight, giving her no chance to say no and shocking her at the same time.

She was still dumbfounded when he cupped her chin and forced her to face him, showing her the tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Margaux..." he swallowed. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry, baby." he began kissing her face tender

thoughts immediately halted when he heard mild footsteps from outside the room.

Quickly, he ran back to the desk and jumped his way to the ceiling's air vent. He carefully placed the screen filter back, leaving just enough space to see what was going on below him.

Not even a minute after and he saw Alberta. The old woman had a phone against her ear as she stopped by the bookshelf and pulled a folder.

"Yes, Senor. I will send the copies to you right away." She stopped for a while as if listening to the other line. Then to Rome's surprised, she laughed heartily. "Even I, senor. I still couldn't believe what happened! It had been almost thirty years! I could just imagine how happy you are, senor!"

Then the old woman walked out of the room. The light turned off together with the sound of the door being closed.

As sharp as Rome was, he let a minute passed first before he jumped down from the ceiling. He went straight to the same area where Alberta pulled the folder earlier and started scanning from there. He was right! The folders filed on that specific place were from thirty-years or more.

'It should be around here. It should be...'

His attention was immediately taken when a tiny folded paper fell on his feet. It looked old and torn. But above all, it had a Mafia seal sticking the ends of the note together.

He grabbed it and was about to open the note when he heard another set of footsteps.

Without wasting any time he slid the paper to his combat jeans. He then swiftly moved his way back to the ceiling, expertly escaping.

Alberta's happy voice was heard in the room again after he left. However, he didn't pay attention to it anymore as he moved his way back to his room with the folded paper in his pocket.

'This should be a clue, ' he thought.

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