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   Chapter 11 The Man Without Identity

Through the Dark Corners of Rome By hei cue Characters: 7263

Updated: 2019-09-01 01:04

MARGAUX'S back bounced against her bed after that free fall.

She remained to stare at the ceiling for a while as if waiting for something to appear there. Her confused eyes were not even blinking a bit. She then let out a pursed her lips, thinking, 'Why can't I find any information about Rome?'

She had wasted her whole day surfing all the social sites she knew; Facebook, Wechat, Instagram, etc...

Her curiosity about Rome was ticking inside her like a time bomb. However, she didn't dare ask him directly. Thus, she opted to stalk him online, hoping that there was any information about him readily available. Bad venture though! Finding anything about Rome was like finding a needle in a stack of hay.

It was like the man wasn't existing at all! He wasn't even in Montenegro's employee list!

Rolling to her belly, Margaux reached for her laptop and started typing again. She badly wanted to know Rome. Moreover, find out what was his connection to her dad.

She typed his name on the searched engine and waited for some seconds. However, she only ended up even more frustrated when Google loaded its page with thousand of faces she didn't even know. Not even one of them looked like Rome.

"This is so pathetic..." she couldn't help voicing out.

"You have a visitor downstairs, Miss Margaux."

It was then that Alberta's monotonous voice broke through her thoughts. Based on the sound of it, she could tell that the old woman was just outside her door.

Her eyes immediately rolled in irritation. Nonetheless, she still slid lazily out from her bed and stomped her way towards the door.

Although Alberta called her "Miss Margaux", the way she grated her name made the words sound insulting rather than polite.

It had been almost a month since their argument in the kitchen. And it annoyed her that Alberta didn't even give a damn snorting a 'fake apology' at all. Where was Alberta getting all her guts to act rudely against her? She was just her maid!

"What do you want?" Margaux spat out as soon as she opened the door. She even arched one of her eyebrows while giving her maid a hateful gaze.

She had been wanting to fire Alberta f

e, catching up with how her move. "You have to answer me first, who is that garbage, Cara?"

"Huh?" She wasn't sure what made her buffer. Was it what he said? Or how he said it? His voice sounded cold and almost silent but then with enough pressure on it, warning her.

"I'm waiting for your answer, Cara?" he leaned even closer and rested his forehead on hers. It could have been very sweet looking if only his eyes weren't tearing her faces silently.

"I-I'm sorry, Rome. But he is none of your business, ' she nervously said then tried to escape by sliding her back on the wall. However, Rome was faster than her and pressed his body to her. Pinning her completely to the wall with their foreheads still against each other.

"Let me go..."

"Who is he, Cara?"

"I said none of your business..."

"Just goddamn answer me!"

"Fine! He is my boyfriend!" Margaux finally screamed back, realizing that he had no plans of letting her go of unless she spilled the bean.

She needed to talk with the man downstairs urgently and Rome was being a bastard, pushing her to her brink.

She couldn't even tell why Rome was acting this way. More so, he found no reason for him to insist on knowing the man he didn't have to know.

"The man there that you are calling garbage is my boyfriend" she sneered at him and then looked at his cold amber eyes defiantly. "Now if you please, move out of my way. I still need to talk to my boyfriend."

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