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   Chapter 9 Still Alive

Through the Dark Corners of Rome By hei cue Characters: 5964

Updated: 2019-08-29 22:45

'What did she just call me?'

Rome couldn't help but freeze while staring at the door. He wasn't the type of person to get surprised easily about anything. However, Margaux had been proving herself an exception since last night.

Smirking, he shook his head amusedly and laughed. 'Crazy woman, ' he thought.

Actually, he didn't lie to her when he said that she was still a virgin. She was still "technically" a virgin after all.

Thinking about what happened between them, he rested his back on the couch and closed his eyes.

Then he cussed her name over and over inside his head after everything came rushing back to him like a tidal wave.

At thirty, Rome had already seen and bedded more than enough beautiful woman. However, none of them ever made him as starving and as needy as Margaux did.

Women were nothing but cheap disposable items to him, he used them once and then he trashed them. But Margaux was like an expensive wine that not much people could afford. She was the perfect mix of innocence and wild.

A smile cracked his lips at that thought. Yes, he had proven it himself last night. She was indeed innocent but not so much.

Margaux's lips tasted divine. The memory of her body writhing and arching in delight under him had been torturing his mind. She might be heavily drunk last night but her soft body wasn't. She responded to each of his touches excitedly and with equal hunger. Even eager to learn new things from him.

He could still remember every soft moan she made while he was kissing her against the wall, how she drunkenly smiled at him when he took one of her breasts inside his mouth, and how she looked when she pushed him down between her legs begging him to take her.

"Shit, Cara!" Rome blurted when his breaths started getting

t, its effect on him was just the same.

'Chill it, Rome. Calm yourself. You can't do what you're thinking and you're not supposed to. Remember that she is Alejandro's daughter. Focus on finishing the mission. Kill Alejandro, get the Amati, then go back home. You'll get all the sex you need once you're back to 'the House'.

"Damn mission!" Rome felt a bit frustrated with his thought.

His fingers were heavy when he started pressing number combinations on the phone to bypass the lock. He waited for the phone to reset and then scrolled straight to the messaging app. Then he typed, *****

From: 01---------

To: 01---------

Lucille, hack this phone at once.

Find my coordinates and send my guns and tools to this location.

Tell father that I'll report to him as soon as I get any clue about the Amati.

Don't party too much thinking that I'm dead. I'm still alive – R.M.S.


He pressed the send button of her phone and then set the device into silent mode. Then he threw the gadget back to his closet carelessly and closed its door.

He coldly smirked. He could just imagine how Margaux would cry the whole day trying to find her mobile phone.

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