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   Chapter 8 The Ambassador

Through the Dark Corners of Rome By hei cue Characters: 7766

Updated: 2019-08-28 20:27

Margaux's moan sounded throaty upon waking up. Her head felt like breaking and she surely knew why.

Getting hangovers wasn't a foreign thing to her since she studied in NJ City. In fact, there had been numerous times she came home crawling from wild college nights. Nevertheless, this headache that she was having now was exceptional, it was like the pain was resonating everywhere in her body!

'Argh! Did I really drink that much?' she asked herself before letting out a huge yawn and pulling her quilt up. The soft mattress under her was heavenly against her aching back. Furthermore, it had this extremely nice scent that was urging her to bury her face on the sheets. It smelt like shampoo mixing with something else.

Wanting to sleep some more, Margaux tried to curl her body to her favorite fetal position. However, her back and chest immediately ached as soon as she rolled to her side. Thinking that the pain was just due to an upcoming monthly period, one of her hand unconsciously groped her swollen breast, drawing a low moan to escape her lips.

"Good morning, Cara mia."

"Good morning too, Caro.. Shit!" Margaux's back sprung abruptly out of the bed. Her view immediately spun upon sitting down, thus, she moved her hands groping her breast to her head. She then winked multiple times. 'Oh my God! What's going on? Did someone just invade my room?'

Trying her best to collect her thoughts, she gave the room she was in a slow once-over while wincing her eyes. 'White walls, white curtains and... a dextrose stand on a far corner? Fudge! Whose room is this...'

"You sleep well."

Her neck almost popped out of its socket when she turned to the direction of the voice. Her jaw dropped and her breath hitched. She blinked over and over, hoping that the familiar man sitting just some steps away would disappear.

"Are you hurting anywhere?"

She remained gawking at him and wasn't able to reply. She suddenly forgot where she left her tongue. Damn how the man on the couch looked regal while sitting lazily on that chair. He was just in a simple shirt and a pair of jeans but then wow! She had always thought that his features looked a bit foreign but it was still so different now that he was staring at her. He looked even more perfect than perfection itself.

"I hope you didn't leav

st wordlessly staring at each other, until her eyes felt heavy, wanting to close. 'Oh, Lord, Why does he smell this good? So good it should be illegal...'

"Cover your pretty ass, Cara."

It was he who broke the magic and made her flutter her eyes. She was even stunned upon realizing that he already left and was now back to sitting on the couch. Just like earlier, he looked cold and emotionless, uninterested even.

"It was funny. I couldn't bare the shit of covering your perfect as myself last night, so I didn't put any on you."

Her mouth opened and closed as she tried to digest what he said. ''Did he just say that he doesn't want me to wear underwear?'

"You got two minutes to wear my boxer and run."

"Run?" she internally cussed when her brain buffered.

"Yeah, run, Cara."

Feeling a bit annoyed, Margaux raised her chin and spat, "Call me, Margaux. I'm neither Cara nor Mia."

"Then stop calling me Caro nor Amber, it's Rome."

"What the..."

"Your time is running out, Margaux. You have a minute and thirty seconds left. Run or else."

"Or else what?"

" Or else I might just change my mind about hating virgins, " he sighed. "You might not be a virgin anymore once you come out of here..."

"Fudge!" Margaux cut him off and wore the boxer in record speed.

Split seconds more and she was already running for the door faster than an Olympian. She opened the door forcefully and then dashed to her room while screaming, "Thank you so much for saving my virginity! I owe you a hymen, P*ssy Ambassador!"

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