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   Chapter 7 Corridor

Through the Dark Corners of Rome By hei cue Characters: 8511

Updated: 2019-08-28 09:41

The days dragged really slow for Margaux. Just like the other nights, she'd been twisting left and right for hours and still couldn't sleep.

Not knowing what to do anymore, she closed her eyes and stopped moving. However, even pretending to sleep didn't help her. Her mind remained restless and wide awake.

Finally giving up, she grumpily sat on her bed and grabbed her phone from the bedside table. She checked on the time and instantly frowned upon seeing what was on the LCD. It was past three in the morning. Although it was still dark outside, the sun would eventually show up in more or less than two hours.

'Good job for another sleepless night, Margaux! Four in a row! What are you trying to do? Get a Guinness Record for not sleeping?'

Annoyed, she rolled her eyes before sliding out of her bed. She marched towards the mini living room with her phone in her hand then made a free fall on her luxurious cream-colored couch. Soon enough and she was already checking on her emails through her phone like she hadn't done it just a few minutes ago.

She scrolled up and down multiple times. Her inbox was choking with subscription messages but none of them were even personal! That made her smiled sardonically. It was more than obvious that 'sleep' wasn't the only one who abandoned her but her own dad too.

Not that she was new to being taken for granted. It was just that she knew that something was going on and it was bothering her a lot. With her eyebrows still furrowed, she started typing angrily on her phone.





Hello Old Man!

If you happen to forget, my name is Margaux Montenegro, your goddamn only daughter, and heiress of Montenegro Group. I'm still breathing just in case you wanted to know. Would you mind sending me a fucking reply as soon as you receive this message? I'm getting hell sleepless nights thinking about you old man! REPLY! I don't care if you just type 'BITCH', sent it anyway.


Margaux looked up after typing her message. She could feel her eyes heating up but she held her tears back. She swallowed the painful lump that had seemed to find its way to her throat and then let out an empty laugh. Would she cry for someone who didn't even make feel worthy of anything? More so, a daughter?

She shook her head. The answer was a strong 'No'. Why would she do that? She wasn't her mother! She wouldn't cry and breakdown every night just because of someone who never wante

He couldn't just leave any evidence about what he was about to do in the first place.

"Amber... you're crashing my boobsh..."

'W-what?' Rome's muscle instantly tensed upon hearing that slurry choking voice. He blinked his eyes a couple of times, trying to recognize who was under him. Nonetheless, he remained on his killing stance as he digested what he heard.

'Did he really just heard 'boobs'?

"Amber...I can't breathe. You're squishhhing my breast!"

That was when his fingers loosened around the shadow's neck but didn't let go. His mind was reeling hard. Who was Amber? Why was it calling him Amber?

He let his enemy gasped and cough for air. One of his strong hands still around its neck ready to snapped it while the other pinning its body to the ground. He focused on its voice, trying to distinguish it as much as he could.

"Thatsh a lot better." he heard it sighed in relief followed by a loud hiccup.

"What the hell--"

"If you are going to grope my breashhh, then at least grope it right, Amber!"

Before he could even anticipate what it would do next, a soft palm already wrapped his hand which was pinning it and started guiding his palm to a slow rubbing motion.

He was not the type of person who gets shocked easily but at that time, he suddenly was at loss. Recovering from the initial shock, his mind began to scream, 'God! Tell me she isn't who I think she is. Please tell she isn't this....'


"Margaux?" he voiced out the first name that popped in his mind.

"Yes, What it is, Amber?

He closed his eyes tightly. It was just then that he realized what soft sinful part of her was under his hard hand, he blurted aloud, "Damn!"

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