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   Chapter 6 Behind A Beloved Enemy's Line

Through the Dark Corners of Rome By hei cue Characters: 7657

Updated: 2019-08-26 23:03

Rome grunted low upon waking up with the bitchiest feeling. He forced himself to open his eyes but doing so just made him feel worse. Thus, he shut them again and gave himself another minute to rest.

His head felt like cracking and he was pretty sure that it wasn't because of a hangover. He owned a club, he should be a shame if he would die just because of Bacardi. Moreover, his whole body felt sore and stiff, as if he didn't even move for a week.

'A week?'

His body immediately sprung out of bed with that thought. However, a sharp pain surged his side and made him groan. Shaking his head to dismiss the pain, he quickly moved to the side of the bed and tried to get out of it.

He cussed between gritted teeth when his knees buckled under his weight. Good thing that he was able to grasp on the bedside table just before his face hit the floor.

Dizzily, he managed to drag his heavy feet to the nearest window. With his body safely leaning on the wall next to it, he tugged hard on the curtain and ended up cussing even harder.

The morning light blinded him and made him hastily cover his face. He waited for some seconds until his eyes got used to the light. Upon recovering, he gave the view outside the window a quick once-over, trying to figure out where he was.

He saw some trees, trees, and even more trees!

'Vafacullo! Where the hell are you, Rome?'

He cocked his head left and right. His mind was instantly reeling about what happened before he passed out. Was he in his bar? Was he fucking some unknown woman's brain out? Or was he doing something else?

His fist punched the window jamb hard when things finally came back to him. He recalled being in a mission with his older brother, Stefano. They were summoned by the organization to take the good old Montenegro down after the man stole and swindled from the organization.

What did Alejandro steal? A code. The Amati!

It was a black and white mission, bring the Amati back and then kill Alejandro Montenegro. Very simple! The only problem was, nobody knew what the Amati exactly was, not him and not even Stefano. According to the Mafioso, it was code. Just a goddamn fucking plain code!

Was it dumb to agree to this mission? Of course, it was! But then, who wouldn't dare to do the i

atched how that lean hard body stood next quietly on the farthest side of the window. He looked strong, dark, and every inch manly.

She was still staring at him from afar when his sharp gaze suddenly turned to her direction as if he knew she sneaking at him behind a tree.

"Oh God! That was knife blade sharp! How'd he know I was there?'' Margaux muttered in a low voice as confusion flooded her. She was standing too far from him. Moreover, the whole was dense with more or less a hundred trees!

With that still in her mind, she wobbly pushed herself away from the tree and began walking unevenly with one of her foot bare and the other still in a ballet shoe. The leaves matting the ground feels rough and cold as they crashed under her toes. Nevertheless, her attention wasn't on it. Rather her mind was floating back to where she was standing earlier while secretly watching the man on the window.

Yes! The same man who sickly slammed her on the bed yesterday while forcing her to tell where the Amati was.

'Amati... An Amati... She repeated the words inside her head, trying to remember where she first heard it. Then, as if something came to her in pure surprised, she ended up tapping her forehead with her palm and laughing.

'Fudge! An Amati? Was he that heavily drugged that he was asking me where his Amati is?'

With disbelief spelled across her face, she shook her head and sardonically thought, 'The word Amati means beloved! Who cares about your beloved?! My father doesn't even call me one!'

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