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   Chapter 5 Kisses, Spanks, and Belts

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Margaux felt a purr escaped her mouth when something soft and warm traced her spine. Her consciousness began slipping in and out of sleep until those pair of lips found the dimple on her back and bit.

"Mmm..." she unwittingly buried her face on her pillow when thousands of sensations peppered her skin.

"You want more, Margaux?"

"Yes, "

As if that was the only cue the man behind her needed. His hand instantly found one of her breasts and squeezed. The heat that traveled from his palm to her flesh was heavenly. "Oh, yes!"

"More, Margaux?"


"As you wished."

With one swift move, the man grabbed her shoulder and pinned her down. The bed they were on was soft but then the man with her wasn't, he was hard and lean. Upon her body completely getting exposed to him, he unceremoniously dove for one of her sore breasts, forcing a sweet moan from her when he tenderly bit the underside of it. He wetly kissed the same skin after to relieve the pain.

"You like it this way, huh?"

"Yes, " she sounded like dying, but then she wasn't. Actually, she had never felt so alive. She wasn't even aware of how soft her bed sheet was until this man woke all her nerves up. Her back arched to its limit when his mouth traveled her skin.

He was leaving hot wet trails on everything he kissed. Working his way slowly from under her breast to her wanton peak. And then, as if the long wait was over, he finally put her nipple in his mouth and sucked her like show owned the last pair of boobs in the world!

She delightfully writhe under him. Her fingers found its way to his soft hair and tugged on it. One of his strong hands decided to join sweetly torturing her and caressed her other breast. As if not enough, he let go of her peak and made his lips crawled slowly to her navel. His hot assault stopped there for a while as he planted one heavy kissed on her skin. Then he continued tasting her inch by inch, licking, kissing, and biting her gently as if he was memorizing all her crooks and cranny with his tongue.

Margaux moaned sweetly. She loved how he worshiped her. She couldn't help but anticipate where his lips would land next and she craved it.

"Oh God, yes!" Her voice went high-pitched when his head moved lower and his mouth landed between her open legs. Sudden boldness took over her sanity and her hand clasped hard on the sheet. She wasn't able to control herself when her hips started bucking, grinding her soft and sweet flesh on his face, deliberately rubbing with need. "Eat me, please... Ohhh..."

His obedience made her head bucked her head hard. She could feel his lips and tongue tasting her folds and sucking her every time. His warm breath was on her clit and her body couldn't stop screaming for him. The pressure building in her womb was starting to get unbearable. Her nerves were getting chaotic inside her veins and she exactly knew what she wanted. "Oh, you need to fuck me now..."

"Not yet..." the man murmured against her sensitive flesh, teasing her while holding both of her legs firmly open.

"Fuck you!"

"I will..." he chuckled then added, "hard."

She was still burning with need when her ear-tearing voice echoed in that room. He slapped her thigh hard!

The attack was unprecedented and she almost cried with how her skin immediately burned. It stung! However, the stinging didn't last long and was instantly followed by mild kisses on her sweet mound, and this time, more hungrily.

He was an expert lady-worshiper; carnal, with animal instinct and very accurate. Feeling herself close to bursting, Margaux clenched her muscles and held on.

However., the sound of her flesh shattering under his slap echoed through the walls again as it mixed with her painful wail.

"Do you like this, Margaux?"

"Yes..." she gargled her voice, crying and moaning at the same time. She could feel her pleasure combining with pain and it was strangely turning her on more.

She glanced at the man between her sprawled legs and saw him unbuckling his belt. His chin was glistening from her juice. Nonetheless, he looked every inch proud while showing off where on this goddamn world his thin lips had been just a while ago. There was even triumph on his face when he gazed at her sore womanhood. Then slowly, his gaze crawled up to her flushed face.

She shivered when he smiled at her, his eyes were burning and yet ironically cold.

"Are you sure like this, Margaux?" he dangerously hissed upon pulling his belt

off completely from his jeans. He was staring firmly at her but she couldn't tell what was exactly inside his mind. He looked casual, evil even.

He began wrapping his belt around one of his knuckles. She knew that he was up to no good. The red mark on her thigh was still stinging and she could just imagine where this scene will lead to.

"I'm going to repeat what I said before this buckle kiss you, are you sure you want this, Margaux?"


"NO!" Margaux's voice tore through the dead silence of that place. She woke up so stunned and scared that she almost slipped from her chair. Her face was wet with beaded sweat and she was panting. Everything felt so real earlier that she could still remember how her thighs sting.

Still in a dazed, she looked around that room anxiously and just stopped when her eyes landed on the dextrose stand nearby. 'Another dream, ' she sighed in relief.

Feeling worn out, she rested her back on her chair then wiped her sweaty face with her palm. She then gazed to the king-sized bed next to her and tiredly watch the amber-eyed man sleep.

Eight days. That was how long it had been since they first met. He had already recovered a little and stopped needing oxygen supply. However, she was still pitch black with who he was.

Was that driving her crazy? Hell, yes. Especially when he appeared in her dreams each night, doing things to her she wouldn't even dare to do when she was awake.

'Gosh, Margaux. Stop!' her righteous self immediately screamed when his naked body appeared in her mind. She slowly stood from her chair and then just like all the past nights, crawled above him carefully like a spy.

She liked how he looked now than the neatly shaven face he got before. He was one of the few guys who could rock overgrown facial hairs and still looked clean and manly.

She let her eyes roamed his face from that distance until it settled on his lips. Her heartbeat doubled in a flash. She couldn't tell what was with this man that had stirred her interest so much. She had known a lot of good and bad man in the past. Those good men she 'befriended" and those bad she made her "boyfriends" Nonetheless, none of them could compare with how amber-eyes make so wanton like a dried up whore.

'Gosh, Margaux! Since when did necromancy appeal you?' She laughed lowly with that thought. Then she closed her eyes and leaned slowly to give him a goodnight kiss.

It was supposed to be a sweet and innocent one when a cold voice suddenly commanded, "Get off."

Her eyes fluttered at once. She blinked multiple times and then turned to the door, thinking that someone had entered and caught her.

'Margaux. It's two in the fudging morning. Who do you think will come here?' She shook her head with a laugh. She thought that she was just too sleepy. Thus, she was imagining things.

"Sorry for the interruption, amber-eyes. Here's your goodnight kiss..."

"Get off."


"I said get the fuck off!"

"Oh my God--Argh!" What happened next was just too fast. One second, she saw the man under her opened his eyes and the next, she was already hitting the bed painfully with a grunt. She hadn't recovered from the shock yet when the man suddenly pinned her shoulders down the bed with all his weight. She was about to scream but he was faster than her and quickly covered her mouth.

"Where's the 'Amati?'' the culprit managed to grit on her face in a low dangerous. It was obvious that he was still heavily dizzy. His amber eyes couldn't even focus on her face as he winced almost every second.

Terrified at how he was strategically holding her jaw in a way he could crack it, Margaux shook her head repeatedly.

"I said, where's the 'Amati!"

Her heart convulsed when his grip tightened on her jaw. Finding the courage to finally fight back, she used her hands to forcefully loosen his hold on her face.

"I don't know... ugh!" She wasn't even done talking yet when the man's hold on her jaw slipped. Next thing Margaux could remember was his perfectly toned body falling over her, crashing her down his weight.

'Oh, God...' She gulped a nervous breathe when she checked on his face that landed on her chest. She wasn't sure if she should be okay after realizing that he was back to being unconscious again. His eyes were closed and face lose all the fierceness it had sported a while back. However, she could still hear him panting words under his cutting breathe.

"Amati... Where's the Amati?"

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