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   Chapter 2 This Day Didn't Happen

Through the Dark Corners of Rome By hei cue Characters: 5958

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Margaux was silent as she sat alone in that white-washed lobby. She was too absorbed with her thoughts while unconsciously playing with her broken Louboutins using her toes. There were hundreds of questions inside her head and the worst of them was about what happened just hours ago.

Everything came in a rush back then. The bloody amber-eyed man passed-out and then everything went out of control.

She was scared for her life at first but then changed the moment she heard his faltering breath. In an instant, she knew that he was dying!

She couldn't tell how she managed to push his weight off her before she ran down to the guardhouse while wearing her Louboutins. It could be her adrenaline. She was shaking when he undressed him inside the company's car. More so, when she checked on his wound and attempted to stop it from bleeding. He was gunshot.

'Undress him...' she immediately shook her head when his half-naked image crossed her mind. She then reached down to her calves and began messaging it. So what if the amber-eyed man had a perfect physique? Ogling over him would be untimely. 'Cut the crap, Margaux! Can't you just behave like the perfect Montenegro girl you are supposed to? You're acting worse than a drought cougar...'


A woman's voice made Margaux jerked from her seat. She turned to the direction of the operating room' and saw the doctor walking towards her. She immediately cleared her throat and sat straight. She asked, "How is he?"

"He's safe. " The doctor smiled in a comforting way. Mistaking her exhaustion with worry, the doctor felt compelled to assure her. "He is one tough guy, you know? He could have died if the bullet got him a little higher. I guess love does make miracles after all. You did a good job giving first aid to your man..."

"He is not my man." She dismissively evaded the doctor's stare to hide how she blushed in an instant. Although she admitted that the man was quite a stunner, she was certain that staying close to him would bring her more trouble. Who the hell decent man would get gunshot in broad daylight? Nobody!

With that in her mind, Margaux gazed at her watch and made an excuse. "I'm leaving since everything's okay. I still got someone important to meet and.." her voice faded before she looking at the lady doctor again. She sarcastically chuckled. "Stop watching too much Hollywood movies, doctor. There's no love involved here, The guy's a complete stranger."

Stunned, the doctor's mouth opened and closed. She never expected that the angelic-looking lady before her was a spitfire. She nodded after a while and said. "Okay. I will have the nurses look on his things later to see who he is then."

"Where is he?" That was when an authoritative voice suddenly echoed through the hall.

Margaux's eyes widened instantly as she made a harsh turn. The voice sounded very familiar to her that her mind started screaming, 'Dad?'

"Is this the room?" Alejandro looked

regal as he strode through the lobby. His steps were fast and yet displaying superiority. He got four men following him who seemed to be his guards. All of them were wearing black business suits with only the old man wearing a Figaro hat on his head. He was undeniably an elite when passed her and the doctor as if he didn't saw them.

"This is the room, sir, " one of the guards informed. Alejandro went straight to the door his guard pointed and without any warning grabbed the knob to open it.

Alarmed, the doctor jumped on the scene and grabbed Alejandro's sleeve. "I'm sorry, sir. You can't just come into the operating room. We have a procedure going on and that's against this hospital's protocol..."

"Hands off our boss." One of the four men immediately pulled a gun from his coat and placed its nozzle against the doctor's forehead. Shocked, the poor doctor visibly turned pale and let go of the old man at once.

Alejandro, however, just looked at the doctor boredly. Then as if he didn't hear her, he pushed the door and marched into the operating room.

In less than a minute, a group of terrified nurses came running out of the room as if they saw hell.

'What is going on?' Margaux wanted to ask but her mouth felt too dry to talk. She just stood there idly, watching all the commotions around her.

Soon enough, the operating room's door swung open and Alejandro stepped out of it casually. He had a white towel in his hand, wiping his bloody palm. He then threw a cold glanced at the doctor and ordered, "Let the doctor finish what she was doing then take the doctor with him. We'll leave this place as soon as she's done..."

"Dad!" Finally, Margaux found the gut to call him out.

Alejandro turned to her at once and she saw how his eyebrows instantly furrowed upon seeing her. In less than some seconds, the recognition showing on his face turned to confusion. "Margaux?

"Y-yes..." stammering, Margaux smiled awkwardly. Her questioning eyes fell on Alejandro's bloody hand and then back to his face.

As if frustrated, the old man let out an irritated sigh. It was obvious that he wasn't happy seeing her there. He gritted his teeth for a while, thinking of what to do next. After some seconds, he looked at one of his guards, pointed at Margaux, and ordered, "Take her too."

Without any more words, he turned and started for the elevator at the end of the lobby.

Margaux wanted to run after him but her confusion paralyzed her feet. Thus, she called her father again.

"Dad! Where are we going..."

"Silence!" Alejandro's command tore through the air and made her swallow her next words. He then walked into the elevator together with two of his men, leaving two other guards to stay with her and the doctor. Just before the elevator closed, he turned to Magaux one more time, making her meet his hateful eyes.

He then hissed with a warning, "You didn't see nor hear anything here. This day didn't happen, Margaux."

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