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   Chapter 1 Amber

Through the Dark Corners of Rome By hei cue Characters: 5460

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"Fudge!" Margaux almost hit the floor when one of her Louboutins suddenly snapped. Her mind started cussing from A-Z.

Pouting, she kicked her high heels off' and watched it slid some inches on the floor. How dare her shoes chose this perfect day to die on her!

Getting to the Montenegro Group's Headquarter had already been a bitch enough; delayed flight, long commute, and outrageous weather. She even thought that God was drunk when he created MA City. Who on his right state of mind would create a civilization in a place with a bipolar weather?

Sweaty and exhausted, it took Margaux one more eye-roll to get over her shoes. With her lips tightly pressing together, she picked the high heels again and let it dangle on her hand. She continued dragging her luggage across the marble corridor on her bare feet, passing by huge paintings one after another.

'Dang! Where did all the people go? Did I come to the wrong building?' Other than a single guard outside the building, it was odd that there wasn't anyone in that place at all. It was only four in the afternoon and the business there should be up until five.

A few seconds after and she reached the grandest door on that floor.

She took another deep breath to calm her nerves. Millions and Gazillions of thoughts were suddenly rushing in her mind at once. It was just then that she realized how unconsciously she was wiping her sweaty palm on her jeans too. Was she nervous? Oh, yes!

'Easy now, Margaux. Be kind to the old man. Knock like how a 'Montenegro woman' in her twenties should. Don't just walk there like a barbarian. You have already brought home more than enough surprises to last your dad a lifetime. Worst, negative surprises.'

After a long self-talk, Margaux finally raised her hand to knock. However, her fist stopped instantly when she realized that she was still holding her Louboutins.

She dropped the heels and tried wearing them again. She struggled a little to balance her entire weight on tiptoes. She then reached to one of her earlobes and quickly removed three small silver studs from each of it, leaving just one per ear.

'Decency is a murderer!' she silently complained before standing straight again and finally knocking.

"Dad? This is Margaux. Can I come in?" She swallowed a little when she heard her voice echoed through the empty hall.

She waited for her dad to open the door for her but none happened. She looked at the secretary desk nearby and frowned upon seeing it hallow too. She knocked again, harder this time.

"Dad? Are you there?"

Same silent result.

Sensing that something was utterly wrong, she curiously leaned her ear against the door, trying to hear if there was anyone inside a

t all. To her dismay, she heard some rustling.

A bit upset, Margaux straightened up and balled her fist. She raised her hand and was about to give the door the hardest knock she could when the door lock suddenly creaked.

She instantly went stiff. The first thing she saw was a tall silhouette, dark, lean, and half-hidden behind the door.

She immediately put her hand down and smiled innocently, trying to hid her embarrassment. Then she asked, "Umh... H-Hello. Can I speak with my dad?"

Thinking that the man was new to the company and must be wondering why she was there, she politely offered a handshake."I'm Margaux Montenegro. Alvaro's 'only' child."

Unfortunately, that the trick didn't work. He just remained to look down at her silently with half of him still cast with shadow.

With her smile melting, Margaux pulled her hand away then raised her eyebrows. She deliberately gave the stranger a scrutinizing once-over with her wincing eyes.

He was wearing black shoes paired with a corporate black suit. He was tall, she could tell it by the way her neck strained a little when she looked up at his face. He looked pleasing but intimidating at the same time, aristocratic. His nose was perfect and his thin lips made him looked dangerously strict. More so, he got a set of cold amber eyes. '

'Amber eyes?' She blinked a couple of times to confirm what she saw. Although most of his face was still hidden in shadows, his eyes were standing out in the dark like burning coals. It was ironic with how shivering his stare made her feel.

"You see, I'm really sorry to bother you, but could you at least kindly tell my dad I'm here?' she said in an attempt to break the dead silence that surrounded them. "I came all the way from NJ City and..." she shut her mouth upon noticing that the man wasn't reacting at all.

Finally reaching the end of her string, Margaux waved her hand dismissively. She picked her luggage again, turned her back on him, and decided to leave.

Talking with this frigid man was worse than talking to a mannequin! At least, she was aware that mannequins were not supposed to answer and would not think of her as stupid.

She was already about to take her first step when something wet suddenly grabbed her shoulder. Shocked to her hilt, she gazed at what it was and saw a huge bloody hand clinging firmly at her. Something in her head screamed at her to run.

She tried to wiggle the hand off but it was gripping her too tight. And then, just before she could even step away and save herself, the amber-eyed man already passed out behind her, bringing her down with him and pounding her with his manly weight.

Helpless, Margaux's scream shook the world, "Help!"

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