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   Chapter 3 Consequences

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It has been a day since the three original witch sisters did the resurrection spell. Still, nothing has changed. Leah still remained dead on the table in the dirty room. Insuvai was quickly pacing back and forth in the main room.

"Quick causing all that ruckus. I'm sure things are fine." Velvezhi snapped.

"It has been a day! Spells don't take that long." Insuvai replied.

Achira gently grabbed Insuvai's shoulders, "We have never done a spell quite like that. Have faith sister."

"I'm going to go check on her, " Insuvai said as Velvezhi rolled her eyes. Insuvai checked on her ten times today.

Insuvai entered the room and grabbed Leah's hand. She gasped as she glided her delicate fingers across Leah's warm skin. It had not been like that an hour ago. Insuvai squealed with delight and touched Leah's forehead. Sweat beads covered her body, another sign that she was awaking. Leah's breathing was faint and odd, with long and short exhales, nonetheless she was still breathing. Insuvai brought her ear to Leah's chest, and it was faint but sure enough, there was a heartbeat.

"Achira come quickly!" Insuvai shouted. Achira and Velvezhi rushed in. "It worked!" Insuvai beamed. A smile formed on Achira's face and they hugged each other tightly.

"Hooray!" Velvezhi shouted sarcastically and left the room. The other two sisters scowled at her but their anger toward Velvezhi lessened. Achira checked to see if it was true and checked her pulse. It was.

Insuvai jumped up and down with excitement. "Wait, Insuvai. I have to tell you something..." Achira started to say.

"Can't this wait? She is going to wake up soon." Insuvai asked.

"That's the problem Insuvai." Achira firmly spoke.

"What, you think that she is a problem too, now? Like Velvezhi." Insuvai sobered up and stared at her sister.

"No Insuvai! That's not what I'm saying."

"Then what are you saying?"

"There are consequences!" Achira shouted at Insuvai.

"Like what!" Insuvai snapped.

Achira was finally going to tell Insuvai about the consequences but they were both interrupted by loud coughing. Their attention snapped toward Leah who was hacking up blood. The coughs were so brutal that she ended up falling off the table. Insuvai rushed over to Leah and helped her stand from the floor. However, Leah could not stand by herself because she had not regained movement in her legs yet. Insuvai helped her lay back down on the table and patted her back as more blood spewed out of her mouth.

Insuvai looked at the blood on the floor, "Is this normal?" Insuvai asked Achira.

Achira nodded. "I'll be back."

Insuvai would clean the blood later but now she needed to be there for Leah. Soon, Leah stopped coughing and straightened her posture. Insuvai studied her for a second. Insuvai thought she looked different like she had a different demeanor.

Leah puzzlingly studied the room she was in. Her throat was as dry as a desert and she had no idea where she was. Her eyes darted from every object in the room and finally, they landed on Insuvai. Leah steadied her breathing and cleared her throat. Her heart was still beating slowly and she felt sluggish.

"Who are you?" Leah peered at Insuvai with great confusion.

A lump formed in Insuvai's throat. "What? You know me." She laughed awkwardly not trying to accept that fact she could have possibly lost her memory.

Leah's eyes turned into pure anger. She then punched Insuvai in the face as hard as she could. She hopped off the table and pushed Insuvai away from her. Insuvai was confused at Leah's drastic actions. Little drops of blood dripped from Insuvai's nose.

"What are you doing?" Insuvai yelled.

"You kidnapped me and took me from my mate!" Leah yelled. Leah barreled at Insuvai and attacked her. Insuvai didn't want to hurt her so she pushed her back and ran out of the room. She cast a spell to bind shifters inside the room so Leah could not leave. Despite Insuvai's attempts, Leah walked out of the room trying to attack Insuvai once again. Insuvai's eyes widened in surprise and shock.

Leah lunged at Insuvai with a closed fist while screaming and cursing at her. Insuvai remained frozen like a deer caught in headlights. Before Leah could reach Insuvai, Velvezhi grabbed Leah's hand from behind her and spun Leah around to face her.

Velvezhi touched Leah's forehead with her palm and quickly muttered, "Tūṅku."

Insuvai breathed out and tears brimmed her eyes, "It can't be."

"What?" Velvezhi asked.

"I put a shifter spell on that room." She pointed to the room where Leah laid dead for ten months.

"Then how did she get out?" Velvezhi questioned.

"I'm not sure." Insuvai looked intently at Leah. "Where is Achira?"

Velvezhi shrugged her should obviously showing that she was useless. "Thanks, " Insuvai muttered and rolled her eyes. She cautiously checks on Leah's vital signs.

"I didn't kill her, damn."

"Wouldn't be the first time." Insuvai retorted. After making sure Leah was fine Insuvai attempted to pick Leah up, but it was like she was dead weight. "Are you sure she's okay."

"She's fine! She'll wake up in like an hour. Now leave me be, I have work to do." Velvezhi returned her focus back to the table.

Achira came into the room and Insuvai enlisted her help with moving Leah. Besides Velvezhi, Achira was the stronger one out of the sisters.

After Achira put Leah on the table she turned her sister. "Are you ready for me to tell you about the consequences now?"

"Ready as I'll ever be. I got major questions because that was scary as hell. Does she really not remember us?" Insuvai questioned.

"That was just a mere side effect. The least of our worries, she will be back to her half-normal self when she wakes up. Now on to more important matters. Come let me explain." Achira answered and guided Insuvai away from the room.

Leah unwillingly slept on the hard table for half an hour before the spell wore off. One perk about her new self was that spells would not affect her as much. Leah opened her eyes for the first time that she remembered. Even though Leah laid still for ten months she felt exhausted. Her muscles ached and she forced herself to stay awake. The last thing she remembered was having a dagger in her heart. She was confused about why she was alive because she shouldn't be. Her mind then started to flood with memories of him. She remembered everything that had happened to le

d her here. She wondered what he was doing at this very second, and she wondered how long she had been dead. Too many questions stirred in her mind and she wasn't going to solve them by laying here. She willed herself to sit up and somehow she felt different. More fragile if that was possible. She looked at her skinny arms and fingers, obviously from the lack of food. Leah came to conclusion that the only possibility that she could be alive would be because of her witch family members. Leah stood to her feet and the next thing she tried to do was communicate with her wolf.

After a long conversation with Achira, Insuvai pinched the bridge of her nose. "Are you serious! This is not funny. Are you serious?"

"This is not something to joke about." Achira crossed her arms.

"That's just wonderful." Insuvai laughed sarcastically. "I'll go break the news then." Insuvai sighed defeatedly.

Insuvai reluctantly walked into the room only to find Leah bawling her eyes out. Insuvai crouched down and hugged her.

Leah sniffled, "Insuvai." She exhaled. "I can't feel my wolf."

For a shifter this was terrible news, it was rare to lose your wolf. Most shifters died shortly after, but Leah was not just a shifter. She was a witch, and now she was a full-blooded witch. Which meant, she was now immortal. Insuvai watched as Leah grieved and Insuvai felt guilty.

"Is she dead?" Leah asked horrified to find the answer. Insuvai shamefully nodded her hug.

"I'm sorry. It's all my fault." Insuvai soothingly rubbed her back.

"I'll be okay. I'm just a powerless human now, but it's fine" Leah muttered in defeat as she stood to her feet.

"Actually you are not, " "I can feel the power radiating from you. You are now a witch." Insuvai said.

Leah's eyes widened in surprise and a small smile formed on her lips. "Really?"

"Yes. With mine and Achira's help, we can form you into a powerful witch. Then you can travel the world and do what you'd like."

"I want to see Alec again."

Insuvai's face formed into a deep scowl. "What?" Insuvai snapped as if she expected Leah to say something else.

"I want to see him again."

"Why do you want to go back to that bastard? He abused you and doesn't deserve you. You are finally free from the mate bond and you want to go crawling back to him!" Insuvai snapped.

Insuvai and Leah were too absorbed in the conversation to notice Achira enter the room. "I agree with Insuvai. You shouldn't go back to him." Achira spoke up.

"It's my choice. Regardless if I'm a shifter or not. He's still my mate. Besides, what if he has changed?" Leah argued.

"I agree with Leah. Run back to the man who abused you. Die another time, it's your choice." Velvezhi joined the conversation.

"Shut up!" Achira shouted.

"You're like a cat, " Insuvai said.

"What is that suppose to mean?" Leah asked.

"You're like a cat. Always crawling back to the same person that abuses you. Even if you kick a cat out the door. What happens? They still come crawling back scratching on the door to be let in. That's what you are!" Insuvai was yelling by the end of her speech.

Leah's eyes brimmed with tears again. Insuvai's eyes softened and she tried to apologize. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it."

"No, you meant it."

Insuvai sighed.

"I want to be left alone right now."

"Okay that's fine, but would you still like to learn the powers of a witch. It could take a couple months." Insuvai asked. Leah nodded her head and soon everyone disappeared.

She stayed stuck in her mind for a while. Thinking about her lost friend, her inner wolf. She wondered if Alec had changed because it seemed like a lot of things did. Like the way Insuvai spoke. That did not unnoticed by Leah at all. Of course, she wasn't able to ask questions because of the yelling, but she was positive it was because she died. Leah buried her head in her hands to try and ease her massive headache. She was so confused on what to do. She pondered about what Insuvai and Achira said.

Should she go back to him?

"Are you okay?" Leah heard a small voice of a boy that made her jump three feet in the air.

Quickly scanning the room her eyes settled on a small little white boy with brown eyes. She recognized the boy immediately. He was the one boy that Leah attempted to save during the plane crash.

Leah blinked a couple times and yet he still didn't disappear. The boy looked at her with confusion. "Now I've officially lost it." She laughed.

"No, I'm here." The boy said.

"How?" Leah questioned.

"I've been watching your witches try to save you. I'm happy I can finally talk with you. It's lonely without you."

"How can I see you? I'm not dead anymore."

"You have been dead for ten months. When you wake up you would have consequences due to being dead for so long. Some worse than others. I don't think living an eternity with me will be that bad though." He chuckled.

Leah thought about it. To any other person, they would possibly check into an insane asylum, but a lot of things have happened over the last ten months even though she was dead throughout all of it.

"It won't be that bad. I could use the company, after all, my wolf is dead." Leah explained.

"I know. I'm deeply sorry. Did they tell you about the other consequences?"

Leah shook her head.

"Well, you already know you lost your wolf and you can see me. You can also see other ghost like me, but I'm your primary and favorite ghost, " He chuckled and winked at me. I laughed at his charisma.

His face turned serious and he continued, "The third and final consequences is that once every month you will feel extreme pain. You will feel sluggish and almost like your dead."

Leah gulped and she wondered why no one had told her yet.

"But don't worry. I'll be there to comfort you through it."


"Hey, it's the least I can do. You did try to save my life. I couldn't think of a better person to spend the rest of eternity with." The kid said.

"Awe, thanks." Leah blushed at the kid's kind words.

Leah nodded her head, "Will the pain be excruciating?"

The kid looked down with big sad brown eyes. "Yes, it will. But I'm here for you."

Leah nodded her head and looked down at the ground, crying once more. However, this time she wasn't alone. The boy walked over to Leah and hugged her in a warm embrace. Leah hugged him back and it made her feel better after hearing this terrible news.


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