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   Chapter 6 Warrior

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My head was pounding, and I sat on the bed to massaged my temples. I began to look around my new room to get my mind off things. There were three closets in my big room. The wall paint was light baby blue and the floor was made of carpet. I opened the closets, to unpack my new belongings, and I discovered that I had a full bathroom but with closet doors. I was thankful because I suddenly felt blood trickle slowly down my face. I went in to clean my head. Then I put pressure on the small cut until it stopped, and I cleaned up the rest of the blood on my face.

After that, I unpacked all my bags and organized my new room. When I was shopping with Alice I bought myself a nice tea maker. I set that up right away, and I also plugged in my high-tech alarm clock. I stayed in my room thinking about what had just happened. I don't know why but I still wanted to try to help him. Maybe it's the fact that I try to help everyone or that I believe this wasn't Alec's real side. I wanted to see who he truly was, and I always wanted a mate. My stomach growled and I was quite hungry. So for the first time, without being attacked, I made food in the kitchen.

I was almost done making food, in the kitchen, when I heard footsteps behind me. I quickly grabbed the kitchen knife and turned around.

"Really, " Alec said lamely. "Well sorry, I have already been attacked once, " I said not including the times Alec attacked me. Alec moved closer to the smell and I stepped away from him.

"What is this?" He said. This was probably the first time he spoke to me in a calm manner.

"Shrimp and Chicken Alfredo, " I replied turning off the stove because the food was done. He was quiet for a while.

"Can I have some, " Alec said and his stomach growled on cue. "Yes, of course, " I said.

"I'll eat mine in my office." He stated.

My eyes saddened, "What! No!" My heart skipped a beat.

"What do you mean... No." He acted as if it was like a foreign word. His hand flew up. I flinched, but he was just scratching his head.

I stared at him for a couple seconds trying to figure out what to say. "I mean, I made this. So you have to eat with me in the dining room." I finally push out.

"You can't give me orders." He said. "I made it, " I said. "I'll make more if you eat with me." I offered. He growled at me.

"This is not happeni-" I shoved a piece of warm food in his mouth. He chewed, "Okay, I'll eat with you." He actually agreed.

I began to pour all the food into one bowl. I only made a small amount for one werewolf. I walked into the dining room and turned on the light. I gave Alec the bowl and sat down at the end of the table. I watched him try to eat desperately.

The fork often missed the food, and I could tell he got frustrated with it. He also got angry when he accidentally stabbed himself. Most of all, I noticed the urgency as he ate.

"When's the last time you had a meal?" I asked.

"Two weeks ago, if your counting human food. I'm tired of eating fucking animals." He muttered.

"That's unhealthy." I was talking about him not eating for two weeks. I figured that he has hunted animals and ate them in wolf form, even though that's disgusting, he has to eat somehow.

"Look. I take pills, it suppresses my appetite." He muttered again.

I could tell he didn't want to talk, So I just sat in the chair. I felt like this was progress, even though nothing was said. Rem said Alec ate alone, yet here I am- with him. Maybe it's actually true what they say, 'One way to a man's heart, is through his stomach.'

Regardless of what anyone said, one thing was certain. I wanted to make his meals so he didn't have to starve, maybe this would help. "If I make three meals a day for us, will you eat in the dining room with me? Obviously, you're hungry, and I have no problem doing that." I asked. He stopped eating.

One minute later he actually answered, "I guess so." He continued eating.

"You're not eating?" He questioned.

"No." I simply said.

"Why?" He replied.

"I gave mine to you, " I explained.

"You gave me yours?" He seemed to be shocked by my actions. There was a knock on the door. Alec's wolf eyes showed and he immediately got up and answered the door.

Rem walked into the dining room behind Alec. "It smells good in here. Leah nice cooking." He said as he stared at Alec in somewhat shock.

"Thanks, " I said cheerfully.

"Well anyway are you guys attending the opening training tournament. It will be fun!" He was always so cheerful, and it was mainly because he is high.

"I don't think we will, " Alec told Rem.

"Tournament?" I asked. I remembered how the tournaments in my old pack were. My mom and I usually took 1st and 2nd place in the women's division. "Yeah, Leah, you know- you'd be good at that. Right? You're a warrior. Aren't you? I think we had the conversation the other night" I noticed that Rem must have had alcohol because his words were slurred and he was wobbling a little.

"Rem your drunk, go home, " Alec said.

"I need to go pee man." Rem said and walked out of the dining room.

Alec started walking up the stars. "Wait I would like to go to your tournament, " I called after Alec.

"No." He said while coming back to stand in front of me.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because I said so." He retorted. "I can fight, " I said.

"I'm actually a warrior. It's in my blood." I tried to convince him.

"Yeah, not against my fighters your not." He smartly remarked. His eyes hardened and his stance stiffened.

"Will then let me show you." I confidently said.

"I can't see it anyway so it's worthless." Alec coldly remarked.

"Yes, you can, " I shout back. Alec didn't like my comeback because he growled at me. His wolf eyes came back out.

"Exactly, you can see me through your wolf. Even though it's in the thermal vision you'll see my body. And all wolves can tell apart their mate even in thermal vision." I tried convincing him. He quickly walked toward me and pinned me against the wall. His inner wolf was in control. He let out a low growling and came close to my face. His head then lowered to my neck and his wolf inhaled my scent. His fingers lightly trailing up my knee to my thigh. I slightly panicked and pushed him away. I wasn't ready for him to touch me. I didn't e

ven know when I would be ready.

His human eyes came back and he looked angry. "C-can we just please go?" I wanted to leave before things got bad. I also wanted to release my built up anger and sadness infighting.

"Fine." I didn't expect him to say that. "When you get the shit beat out of you, don't come crying to me."

I ignored his words and happily went upstairs to changed my clothes since I would be fighting. I walked downstairs to meet up with Alec and Rem. We walked to the recreational house in the warm summer night. I followed behind Rem, and Alec stayed close to me.

You could tell Alec was rich because his pack land was huge. I came to the conclusion that his pack was set up similarly to my old pack. I noticed all the different buildings, but without people. The flowers and other garden decorations fitted the land nicely. There was a big tree in the center of the houses. It had a black ribbon around it, and right away I knew it was to remember a dead person. It was a wolf tradition.

Alec was inching closer to me and our arms were almost touching. I guess he wanted to stay near me while we are walking to make sure he knew where we were going. He didn't say anything at all, and neither did I. This walk was better with no words. When we arrived at the house, the wrestling mats were laid out. The tournament was in full motion, and I could see that matches had passed by. The women's division was first. Alec walked to a desk where an elder lady sat.

"Hello, Alpha." She kindly greeted.

"Hello Mrs. Jerry, Can I have someone enter the tournament, " Alec asked the old women. She had kind brown eyes, and by the way, they talked, I could tell they knew each other well.

"I suppose, but the tournament has already started." She replied. "Okay, have Leah here, " He guided me up to her, "Have Leah face the last women who won a match. They will face each other for that spot, and the winner moves on. The loser is out of the tournament." He said. Mrs. Jerry scanned some of the papers on her desk.

"Okay, we can do that. Leah, what's your full name?" She asked looking at her computer.

"Leah Marie Indica, " I told her and she typed that into the computer then printed a paper out on the printer. She handed me a copy of the roster, therefore I'll know who I face if I win. There was a lot of people, and the worst thing about being an Alpha is that you never go by unnoticed.

Everyone noticed Alec, but I held everyone's eyes the longest. They looked at me in confusion, and some of them whispered among each other. An announcement was made on the speakers, "Attention! A new roster has been updated, so check them as soon as possible." I looked at my paper and I would face a girl named Jasmine at number 6- which was the next match.

"Who are you facing, " Alec asked.

"A girl named Jasmine, " I said.

"She's tough but her stance is weak. Go for her feet." He said.

I don't know which surprised me more, that he knew this about her, or that he was helping me out by telling me this.

"Are you trying to help me?" I asked.

"Are you complaining." He sarcastically remarked.

My number was called and I made my way to the desk to check in. "Be careful." I heard Alec and it surprised me. Alec changed to his wolf's eyes.

"Only tap-outs or knockouts are acceptable. Go!" The referee shouted giving me a hard look. My opponent was a mixed girl that looked my age, and the first thing I did was kick out her feet. She fell but quickly got up. There was cheering for her, "Jasmine! Jasmine! Go, Jasmine!!!" The crowd shouted.

Of course, I was the underdog. We circled each other, then I punched her with a right hook. We locked up and I snapped her to the ground, kneeing her face in the process. She was on her hands and knees, I grabbed her arm, wrapped my legs around her, and put her in an arm lock. She tapped out immediately.

The crowd was silent as the referee raised my hand in victory. I slowly walked back over to Alec because everyone's eyes were on me.

"Impressive." His voice sounded monotonous.

"Um, thanks." I didn't really know what to say because he didn't sound sincere. He says, "I'm being serious." I smile a little bit.

"Thanks." I was now looking at Alec's faded eyes.

"So, this tournament will last all week. This is the first day, so you're lucky." He said walking closely beside me. I took a seat, but he remained standing.

"You're not sitting?" He shook his head no. "I can't." He said and looked away.

I stood up and lightly grabbed his hand, holding them, "I can guide you." I whispered in his ear so no one can hear. I can tell he doesn't like showing weakness, neither did I, so I understood that. He let me, unnoticed by the others, slowly guide him to the chair and sit down. I patiently waited for my next match. "Who's next." He said quickly.

"A girl named Natasha Williams, " I said. This time he had nothing to say. My number was soon called, "Good luck." Alec said, his eyes changed. The referee started the match. She put up a good fight. We at least got twenty punches each, but mine was more powerful and that caused me to have an advantage in the match. The winning blow was when I kicked her in the face. That seemed to get a lot of positive responses with the crowd.

When I won the next three matches I was starting to gain more attention. I noticed that a couple of pack members bowed their head at me when I walked over to Alec.

"So you're a good fighter, " Alec complimented me.

"Thank you, and I'm underestimated." l chuckled a little.

"Yeah, I get that now." He said.

It was late at night and we went back to our house. I cleaned the antique looking kitchen and dining room before I went to bed because I was bored. I observed all the old furniture he had. The dining room table looked like it would be a thousand dollars, and the cupboard looked very expensive with all the nicely decorated vintage glass dishes. The kitchen was absolutely breathtaking, with the stove, and the classic cast iron pots and pans. I loved the style of the house, secretly it was my dream house.

Alec went upstairs to his room. After I finished cleaning up, I went to my new room and got a quick shower. After that I made myself a cup of tea, to ease me into a peaceful sleep.


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