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   Chapter 5 Playing with Fire

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I locked the door and decided to practice a little on my gift. In my old pack, I had special tutoring for my fire abilities, which really didn't help. I'm still on the beginner level because there wasn't someone exactly like me to help. I opened my hand and a small flame flickered widely on my palm, but it quickly extinguished.

"Pathetic." I huffed under my breath.

I tried again and again, yet I got the same result. I suddenly became mad. My emotions were surging through me, hitting me all at once. Anger. Sadness. Fear. I was fearful for my future. I was sad because I missed my family. I was angry at everything. Jealousy being the main emotion because I couldn't get Christie out of my thoughts. A dangerous storm stirring deeply in my heads of emotions and thoughts had begun. I suddenly couldn't take it anymore and my emotions felt like they had been let loose. I never felt like this before.

I growled out in rage and then my body was consumed in flames. "Ah-h." I panicked and swatted at my body while I was hopping around. I probably looked like a dancing monkey. The flames soon disappeared.

"What's going on!" Alec knocked down and broke the door while entering the room. I stared at him in shock because I couldn't find any words to say.

"Well! This better is good. I almost had a heart attack. Is that fire I smell?" Alec raged.

"I killed a spider!" I finally managed to push out.

He rolled his eyes and left. I looked at myself in the mirror and I had no burn marks or anything. I looked at my skin and I was astounded. This had never happened before, and the best thing is that it didn't hurt. I looked at the clock and realized that soon I was going shopping with Alice. I redid my hair and washed my face. I spent the rest of my time getting familiar with the house. I walked down the white halls of the second floor. I looked in and out of all the rooms. Most of them were empty but there was one that had art supplies in it. I quietly shut the door and continued walking. I was about to go down the stairs, but I then heard a conversation.

"Fucking great! Rem told you didn't he?" Alec was having a conversation with someone in his office. I knew I'd feel bad about eavesdropping, but something in my body told me to say and listen. I peeked into the cracked door and realized he was talking on the phone. His back was faced toward me.

"Alec stop cussing! And yes which is why I want to come down." Due to my werewolf hearing, I heard a feminine voice on the phone talking to Alec. Alec cursed more.

"Jenna, there is no need to come down." Alec seethed.

I wondered if there was ever a time he wasn't angry. "This is your mate-" Jenna tried to say but Alec cut her off, "No! This is not what I want." His words were nothing new.

"What do you mean... You don't want your mate?" Jenna asked Alec.

"Look things are complicated right now with everything." He gritted out, "Look, Aunt Jenna, Just please don't come down." Alec paced in his office.

"Fine." She muttered. They ended the phone call. He sat in his desk chair and rest his head in his hands on the desk.

"Why does she have to be paired up with someone like me?" He muttered. My heart skipped a beat and began to pound fast in my chest. I backed up and realized I had to go before he heard my heart pounding.

I ran to the living and laid down on the couch for five minutes. I heard no one follow me so I assume he didn't hear me. For the rest of the time, I took a nap until I heard the doorbell ring. I got up knowing it would be Alice. She hugged me when I opened the door and we walked to her car having a small conversation about the places we'd visit. I fastened my seat belt and looked back at the house.

I saw Alec through a window. I noticed that he was seeing through his wolf's eyes, and I could see a hint of sadness in his face. I quickly got in the car. In that very moment, I felt pity for Alec. I couldn't imagine not being able to see the face of your mate. His only chance of seeing anything was seeing the shapes, outlines, or silhouettes. I wanted to do something for him. I just wanted to help and be accepted by him. I would do anything for him, and I know that sounded reckless and stupid. I wanted more than anything to help him gain his eyesight back, but I couldn't.

"Hello? Helloooo! Earth to Leah. Are you there?" Alice waved in front of my face.

"Uh?- Oh, yes. Yeah, I'm here." I snapped out of my trance.

"You okay? You just spaced out." Alice asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine, " I assured her.

"So, where do you wanna go to first when we get to the clothing store." She asked.

"Well, I don't like makeup. We could just get clothes first, hair stuff, and then the other necessities." I planned out.

"Then the food." She added. I perked up at the idea. "Yes!" I shouted happily. I laughed a little. Alice looked at me, "You have a pretty smile." She complimented.

"Thanks. You do too. I forgot about the phone." I chuckled.

"Yeah." She turned up the music and I enjoyed the ride.

Besides looking at the woods seemed to calm me down, I was also paying attention to the fact that no one was out today. Which is strange because this is a private compact town for the pack, it was like my old pack. There should be people out everywhere.

"So what store is your favorite. And girl, don't worry about the money. The limit is beyond the sky because Alec owns

two big corporations here in Romania." She added with pride.

"I don't know, I honestly hated shopping, my mom would be the one to shop for me." I laughed along with her. The car ride was quick and I liked that. Like Rem, Alice had a heavy foot as well.

When we got to the mall, Alice strutted into the store. Her confidence and style high, and any wolf could tell she was from an alpha bloodline. For a minute this almost felt natural, like when I was with Xena.

We first went to a couple of clothing stores. I got multiple leggings and cute tops. Those were my favorite things. I got some jean shorts and I also found some hair accessories. We spent a good bit in the clothing department getting other shirts and pants before we got my necessities. After that we went to the food court, then we went to the phone store. "How old are you? I'm eighteen" I asked her. "I'm twenty." She replied.

On the way home, Alice and I agreed to let her keep it until Alec said I could have one. I didn't want anything bad to happen. However, before I handed my phone to Alice I texted my Parents and Xena.

'Don't worry, I'm safe. ~Leah.'

I did not want them to worry about me. Alice dropped me off at Alec's house. I walked into the house to be greeted by Alec, "That was quick for women." He said.

"Yeah, I'm not a big shopper. And I don't really like makeup." I replied and he mumbled under his breath.

I wanted to at least have a decent conversation with my mate. I set my bags down, "What is your favorite color?" I asked out, then I quickly covered my mouth.

"What? I'm blind!" He remarked harshly.

I didn't mean to say that. I'm not used to talking to a shifter with an injury that took away one of their senses. All werewolves I've met so far are in healthy condition. I'm not used to this, and clearly, that showed.

"Then before you lost your eyesight, " I insisted. I don't know what I was thinking but I still wanted to have a conversation with him.

"Why do you wanna know?" He questioned.

"Just please answer." I pleaded. "Why?" I felt like banging my head off a brick because he is so stubborn.

"Because Alec, If I'm staying here, Don't you think I at least have the right to know who I'm with, " I explained. I wanted to get to know who the real Alec was because there is no escaping this.

"Black." He started snapping me out of my thoughts. I grabbed my bags ready to take them upstairs. Then I was going to come back down and try to talk to him more. I was just about to tell him I would be back, but he spoke first.

"What's yours." I stopped dead in my tracks, my eyes widened. I didn't expect him to ask that and it took me by surprise. "Mines black too, That's the first thing we have in common, " I said and I could see his harsh demeanor slightly change. Halfway up the stairs, I told Alec, "I want to come back down and talk to you." I didn't know if he would stay to talk but I hoped he would. I knew he put up a barrier because of the war and whatever bad happened in his life, but that didn't give him the right to hurt me. It would take time to forgive him because he almost choked the life out of me.

When I was upstairs I searched the hallway for a spare room. I didn't want to share a room with Alec quite yet. I sighed and quickly put my bags down in the room, that was across from his. I knew that no one stayed in this room because there was no scent of anyone.

I walk downstairs and Alec was sitting on the couch. I make my way toward him and sat beside him. Without a word he gets up and moves to the recliner. I feel sad when I realize he did that to get away from me.

"So let's talk." His words were harsh. "My parents are dead." He said coldly.

"I'm blind." It was like venom was leaking out of his words. "Last but not least. I don't want a mate." He continued.

"What more is there to talk about!" He shouted angrily while laughing.

I was stunned at his words. I finally managed to register what had happened, and I thought of a response. "Okay calm down." He got up and I wondered why I angered him so much.

"Shut the fuck up!" He snapped. I flinched.

"I'm just trying to be here for you, " I said.

"I don't need your fucking help." He got into me and yelled at me.

"Alec, I'm your mate I-" He slapped me. I bought my hand up to my cheek, and by this time we were both standing.

"I'm not your mate." He started raising his hand up again.

"Don't touch me." I threatened to try to keep in the tears. He was inches away from my face.

"I will do whatever I want." He said and rested his hand on my back. Then he slid his hand down and squeezed my butt. I felt my body heat up, and suddenly the adrenaline and anger were overwhelming.

I slapped him hard on his cheek and it echoed in the house. I didn't like to be touched in that way without permission, and I didn't want to be pushed around. I had to stand up for myself. He hit me with more force on the head. I fell to the ground and grabbed my head in pain. I looked into his eyes and found nothing. The sight of him sickened me.

"Why? Your mate!" I gasped confused. He crouched down, "I want my eyesight. Not a mate."

He then walked away.

I slowly stood up while holding my head, and I walked to my room. When I grabbed my doorknob, I heard glass smashing across from my room, and other things breaking. I couldn't believe there was more destruction in that man.


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