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   Chapter 4 Unwanted Mate

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I woke up the next morning, and Rem gave me a set of clothes so I could take a shower this morning. Then he said that he was going to wake his lungs up. When I was done with my shower, I made it down to the kitchen to make breakfast. I pulled the pans out of the cabinet, and I collected the food out of the fridge. I planned on making enough food for three wolves. I was hoping that I could get Rem to invite Alec over for breakfast. I slightly smiled when I found the pancake mix, and I was happy that I had a new friend.

About an hour later breakfast was ready. "Woah, what is all this food for?" He asked, "Not that I am complaining- or anything like that. But that's a lot of food for just two people." Rem stared at the food hungrily.

"Well, I was hoping you could invite Alec for breakfast." I turned off the stove and set up the table. And by that, I mean clearing off five pounds of weed on the table.

"Yeah- about that. He will not come, okay?" In the end, it came out more like a question.

"Okay but why?" I asked.

"It's not you but ever since he was blinded, he did everything in his power to fight against it. He trained and worked harder to be able to do normal things again. He can walk and fight good but there are things he still has trouble with. And as weird as it sounds, he can't eat well. He has trouble eating his food without making a mess, but yet he can still fight- it's weird. Anyways, he doesn't like eating with others so he always eats by himself. He feels that people would judge him." He explained.

"But I know, we wouldn't judge him. Maybe irritate him a little, but not judge him." I tried to justify Rem and I. Then I started to feel guilty that I told him he couldn't see he had a good mate because he was blind. Even if it was true, I still felt bad that I said that. After all, he could not control what happened to him.

"It is a self-conscious thing with him. He literally hates himself every day for not being able to do simple things. The truth is- the reason why he can fight better than he can eat is that his wolf takes most control of him now. He can't perform normal human functions well, but he can perform animalistic functions." Rem explained. I dropped the conversation because I couldn't understand why Alec did that to himself. He shouldn't hate himself just because he is blind.

"Okay, " I muttered and we both sat down and ate breakfast. I wondered when was the last time he ate.

Halfway through breakfast, I remembered something. "What started the war?" I asked. Rem cleared his throat and dropped his fork. He was looking more nervous by the second. "What's wrong. Like what's so bad about talking about the war. Wasn't it like eight years ago?" I questioned.

"Well, they do call it a war for something. It was not cupcakes and rainbows. Physically the wounds of everyone have healed up, almost, but not emotional wounds. Alec and Alice suffered majorly on that." Rem states.

"Yeah, I can understand that. I have a feeling though, you're going to want me to get the story from Alec, huh? When it's time." If that was the case then I guess I would just deal with it.

"You'd get a better version of the truth because I honestly don't know the whole story. No one really does except for Alec and Alice." He stated.

"Wait a minute, So the pack doesn't even know the reason why they went to war but they still followed Alec's lead, " I asked. I wondered what kind of Alpha he was to his pack members.

"Yeah, He still is a great alpha. He may have anger issues with his members once in a while. Especially when it comes to Christ- Never mind. Anyways, The food is good, thank you." Rem begins to eat his food again.

"Chris? Who is that." I asked.

Rem cringed. "Do not worry about her." He said. My wolf suddenly had an interest in our conversation, and I knew exactly what she wanted to know.

"Her? Is she with Alec..." I trailed off.

"WHAT!" He gasped and laughed.

"Hell no. Christie gets on Alec's nerves because she is practically always throwing herself at him." He explained. I was relieved that he didn't like her, but my wolf growled at the fact that another she-wolf was trying to gain my mates attention.

"I remember the one time she almost got banned from the pack." He laughed. He still noticed the uneasy look I gave him.

"Leah, it is alright. She means nothing to him. I mean I can't say the same about me." He wiggled his eyebrows and a devilish smirk appeared on his face. I suddenly stopped eating and I stared at him shockingly, "You said you did not have a mate." He chuckled, "I don't."

"Hey though, on a serious note. Christie is nothing, they call her the pack slut for a reason." Rem said. I knew I had nothing to worry about but my wolf still growled angrily.

"I might need to go on a run soon, " I told Rem.

"Okay, maybe I could take you on one." He said and we finished breakfast.

After breakfast, we put on our shoes and were about to go for a run. Rem claimed that he had to 'exercise' his lungs first. He rolled a blunt and I joined him. "How old are you and Alec?" I questioned as we smoked. "Alec is twenty-five and I am twenty-three." He answered.

"Oh my god. You guys are old." I calmly freaked out.

"Why so worried? How old are you?" He asked.

"Eighteen, " I replied.

"Oh, that isn't bad. It's only a seven-year distance. Plus your eighteen." He was right.

"Yeah, I gue

ss that's alright, " I said.

Someone knocked on the door. Alec walked in, he looked pissed for some reason. My wolf and I rejoiced when I saw him. I wanted nothing more than to be swept up in his arms. I went up to him and lightly touched his arm, "Are you okay?" I asked lightly. I wanted to be there for him.

"No. Get the fuck off." He hissed. I quickly retracted my hand. "Rem we need to talk about pack matters." Alec turned towards Rem. Their eyes glazed over. They were using the pack link to communicate, and probably to exclude me from what problems they were dealing with.

"Leah, would you mind going upstairs?" Rem asked.

"I'll go." I sighed.

Rem handed me a bowl of weed in it. I started walking upstairs when suddenly I was jerked back, but I didn't fall. My eyes trailed up to the hand on my shoulder. Instead of meeting Alec's faded brown eyes, I meet his wolf's eyes for the first time. In our wolves eyes, we can only see in heat or thermal vision. He couldn't actually see my face or my facial features, but at least he could see my body shape. It was like seeing my silhouette.

I looked at his beautiful eyes. I could see the bright brown with gold and yellow specs swirling in his wolf's eyes. His nostrils flared, and I knew he was angry. "Give it to me." He angrily.

"No." I blatantly said.

"Stop being a childish bitch!" He raised his voice.

"Stop being a controlling asshole." I retorted.

At times like this, I couldn't control my temper. His grip on my hand got really tight. I jerked my hand away from his grip. I saw his eyes return back to normal, and he was in full control again. I tried to walk upstairs again but he grabbed my hair and wouldn't let me go. Rem then interfered, he pried Alec's grip off my hair.

"Alec that's enough." Rem tried to talk some sense into him. "Alec, do you even know what your doing!?" Rem was starting to show irritation and anger.

"Don't get that tone with me, Rem. I know exactly what I doing." He smirked.

"What? Are you happy with hurting your mate!?" He voices raised by the second. Alec's eyes shifted back to his wolf ones.

"UNDERSTAND WHO YOU'RE TALKING TO." His wolf's voice was loud and deep. Rem went straight into submission, I had to fight mentally from doing the same thing. His eyes went back to normal and he turned toward me, "Come on, let's go." He said gruffly.

"Sorry Rem, " I muttered quietly when Alec walked out the door. He looked at me and grinned, "It's fine don't worry about it. Besides I'm just focused on helping you out." He said, I smiled and followed Alec. I tried to stop the tears from flowing, I don't know how I'm supposed to cope with what happened.

I hopped in the back seat since Alice was driving, and Alec was in the passenger seat. Alice smiled at me and waved. She was quite cheerful and I didn't want to bring her mood down so I smiled back. The car ride was silent on the way to Alec's house. When we arrived at our destination, Alec and I got out the car and headed toward the door.

"Hey!" Alice called me back, "So I talked to Alec about going shopping for clothes and he said that is fine. So maybe I could pick you up in about two hours." Alice said. I told her that would be great and then she drove off. It was the first time that I actually took in the appearance of his house. I could tell by the size that it wasn't a pack house. It was a nice looking cottage house that was big enough for a family. It had nice blue flowers decorating the outside. I also noticed a playground for children on the side of the house. We walked inside together. I checked the time on the microwave, and it is eleven o'clock.

"I'm sorry for hurting you." Alec turned to me and apologized.

"It is okay. I'm sorry for calling you monstrous and saying that you were blind. That can be very hurtful." I apologized too. Even though I had less to apologize for, I still know that I'm not a saint.

"I still don't want a mate." He stated.

"And why not? Why don't you want someone to care for you?" I asked.

"I can care for myself." He argued with me. I huffed and dropped the conversation before it escalated.

So many thoughts were running through my mind and I just wanted to get it off my chest. "Then let me go back to my family. Please, Alec!" I practicality begged then. I haven't talked to them in three days. He growled, "That's Alpha to you." I rolled my eyes. "And No." He grumpily said.

"Why not? You made it clear that you don't want a mate, and all I'm trying to do is be a good mate for you. Obviously, you don't want that. I mean what do you even want in life?" I was curious about that aspect because I wanted to know what he even wanted out of life.

"I also made it clear that only my wolf wants you." He walked into the living and sat down in the armchair, "And to answer your question- All I'll ever want is my eyesight back. But that's not possible." He laid back in the recliner chair.

"So you're saying that if you had your eyesight then you consider us having a chance, " I said.

"No." He simply said. He cleared his throat, "I'd probably go after Christie." I stared in shock. I was more than confused, I was jealous and hurt.

"Why won't you give me a chance?" I gave up on this conversation when I realized that he was snoring. I decided that I wanted to be alone. So I went to the bedroom that I was in when I first arrived, which would belong to Alec.


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