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   Chapter 3 New Friendships

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"Here just let me put all this stuff away." He said and attempted to gather up everything.

"Honestly it's fine. It doesn't bother me." I told him.

"Okay, then that's good." He said. I looked around his house, it was obvious he loved smoking marijuana.

"So why am I here and not with Alec?" I asked. At this point, I didn't mind being away from him, but I just wanted to know why. For some reason my wolf yearned for him, I couldn't help but feel an emptiness when I was away from him.

He looked nervous and then he groaned out loud, "Okay, I'll tell you. Just don't tell him. But first, what's your name?" He spoke then muttered something about him being put in the middle of this.

"My name is Leah Indica" I stated waiting for him to explain. He stifled a laugh.

"Yeah. My last name is Indica. Let's get on with our conversation." I bluntly said and he busted into a fit of laughter. I smiled at his stupidity.

"Well, Alec told me about the fight or argument. Which I wanted you to know, he feels a little bad about it. And, I'm sorry that he got carried away." He continued, "He thought you'd feel more comfortable with someone not as... Monstrous- as he put it." He explained making me feel a little guilty. After all, I did antagonize him.

"So he does care a little bit." I dragged out.

"He does. I'm still not sure if he wants a mate though." He gave me a sad apologetic look.

"It's okay." I lowly said knowing he could hear me.

"He wasn't always like that though." He said as we both sat down on the couch.

"What was he like then?" I asked because I did wonder what he was like before the incident of him losing his eyesight. Rem laughed as if recalling back memories, "Well when he was actually normal..."


Eight years old, that was all Remmy was. Ten years old, that was all Alec was. They were both young boys and the best of friends. They were curious children and loved to play, and the fresh snow had laid beautifully on the ground.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Alec was eager to play with Remmy this morning due to school being canceled because of the snow storm they got last night. Rem's mom opened the door.

"Can Rem come out to play today?" Alec used his big brown doe eyes as an advantage.

Rem rushed out the door and tackled him to the ground. Both of the boys laughed and played in the snow for what seemed like hours. Having snowball wars and building snowmen. As the snow continued to fall they began to pack down a hill to go sledding. They laughed endlessly.

"Alec check this out!" Remmy stood on a sled and went down the hill. Halfway down the hill he fell hitting a tree head first. Alec turned very scared because Remmy wasn't moving. He ran as fast as he could down the hill without slipping.

"Rem? Rem! Wake up." Alec turned Rem over and there was blood running down his nose. Alec picked up Rem and carried him to the door by himself. Rem's mom met them at the door and ushered both boys in. Alec was in tears because he thought his only friend was going to die, and it was his idea to go sledding. Once Rem's mom was done giving her son medical treatment she went back to the living room and comforted the crying ten-year-old Alec.


"That shows how passionate he was before the incident. He actually wanted to be a doctor." He chuckled at that.

"Oh, " I said. "How many days has it been since the ceremony?" I asked.

"Two." He answered.

I thought it only has been one day. Oh well. "I know that Alec lost his eyesight at war. What was the war about?" I asked. No one ever knew the real truth, which was strange.

"I can't tell you. Just wait in time and you'll find it. Just talk to him." He advised me. I snorted even though if it was unladylike.

"Yeah, last time that didn't end well, " I said. "And I deserve to know. I'm his mate, I want to help him, Rem. Please." I begged. I could tell he was caving by the look in his eye. He was also having an internal battle with his wolf.

"Well-" He began but a knock at the door interrupted him. "I got it." He quickly got up probably trying to avoid our conversation.

He stood at the doorway with someone and a few words were exchanged. Alice then entered the door and Rem went upstairs. She sat down beside me, "Luna." She nodded out of respect. I wasn't used to that title but my wolf loved it.

"Please call me Leah, " I told her. I know most people in the pack are suppose to address me differently. However, I feel like she's an exception to call me by my first name. "Okay. Can I talk to you for a sec?" She asked.

I nodded my head.

"Okay, I wanted to know if maybe we can start over. I know now that I shouldn't have done that. I'm very sorry. Maybe we could be friends?" She told me, her brown eyes were shining with hope.

"No." I simply told her.

"What? Why?" She asked confused.

"Because I don't want to be friends with you. I want you to be my best friend in this pack." Her eyes practicality popped out of her head.

"Really!?" She exclaimed.

"Yes, " I confirmed.

She then hugged and tightly squeezed me, like the way Xena hugged me. When Alice pulled back she looked at me noticing I was a little sad. "What's wrong?" She asked.

"I just miss my family and friends. Especially, Xena, she was my best friend. She always hugged me the way you did." I said.

Her face dropped at my words, "I am so sorry. Can you not contact them?" She asked.

"No, my old phone is with my parents and even if I had it Alec said I wasn't allowed to communicate with them. He doesn't want me to leave." I told her. Her face turned to an angry expression but soon left her face.

"Yeah, I understand." She continues, "What if I took you shopping. Obviously, you need new clothes. Then maybe I can get you a phone to pass time. Then you could butter up Alec into talking to your family." She planned out.

"I'm not sure if that would even work. I think he hates me." I said.

"Oh." She said.

"It's worth a try though, " I told her.

"Maybe tomorrow we could go shopping, " I said trying to brighten up her day.

"You know I really like your blonde hair with green eyes. It's a good combination." She said.


She stood up from the couch. "Okay, I'll be going now." She left then Remmy came downstairs and sat down on the couch with me with a blunt in his hand.

"Are you smoking that, Now?" I asked.

"Do you not like the smoke?" He questioned.

"I don't mind it." I made sure he knew I had no problem with it. After all, I do have secrets of my own. He grabbed the lighter on the coffee table and a deviant plan comes to mind.

He tried to light the blunt but I stared at the flame and it extinguished. He lit it again, eyes, the flame is gone. Once again he tried to light it, I unnoticeably raised up my hand and the flame grew slightly. He dropped the lighter, "What the hell?!" He gasped.

"Allow me." I grabbed the lighter and perfectly lit the blunt and gave the lighter back to him. I was impressed that my magic actually worked without issues this time.

"Stupid lighter." He muttered. I wasn't supposed to reveal my abilities to anyone else except for my parents and previous alpha. Things have changed since then, and my wolf felt as if I could trust Rem. That was an instinct that I trusted, and I wanted nothing more than to share my secret with someone.

I have many family secrets. My grandmother has been on this earth for thousands of years. Then when she met my grandfather, turns out they were mates. She cast a spell so he could be immortal like her. Being immortal was a thing only vampires, Lycans, and the original witches shared. Since my grandmother is a witch, a lot of things were passed down the line. My mother can sense and control peoples emotions, like how she calmed me down on the way to the mating ceremony. Out of my four siblings, Blake and I were the only ones that had power. He can control water, and I could control fire. My grandmother was a jack of all trades. She could basically do anything because she was one of the most powerful witches.

"Rem, that wasn't the lighter, " I said.

"What do you mean." He said in between puffs.

"Look." I pointed at his fireplace that had no fire in it- yet. I concentrated hard on making a fire appear. Fire is a hard element to control and I haven't had much practice, unfortunately. Soon enough there was the familiar sound of crackling, then flames consumed the wood. Rem dropped the blunt out of fear. He jumped up and started backing up.

"I-is. Was that... What on earth. Is that you." He started to freak out.

Not an expression I was looking for but I wouldn't expect him to be calm either. "Rem calm down." I stood up and tried to calm him. I picked up his blunt from the floor, "By the way, this is a party foul." I told him. He grabbed it and blew it off, then he set it on the coffee table.

"How did you do that?" He asked.

"My grandmother is a witch, " I said.

"So..." He trailed off. "That's crazy. I thought cross-breeding wasn't acceptable." He questioned.

"Well, the elders have come to see it isn't that bad. After all my grandfather is apart of the elders' council so he has brought new ideas to the others." I told him. "Now can you please not tell anyone about my special gift. I'll tell Alec on my own time." I said.

"Of course, on one condition." He continued, "Light this." I smiled as he handed me the blunt that went out.

"Only if I can have some, " I remarked.

"You smoke, too?" He asked surprised.

"Occasionally, " I said and concentrated on lighting the blunt with my eyes.

After a minute of trying, I smiled. "I'm not that great on controlling my abilities." I handed it to Rem and he understood.

We passed the blunt back and forth until it was finished. "You know, Alec is lucky to have you." Rem complimented me.

I blushed, "Why?"

He had a certain gleam in his eyes, "I always wanted a mate my whole life. I know somewhere deep down in Alec he does too, he just won't admit it. Seriously though, you're like the best possible mate for him. You can fight, bend fire, and you smoke. Can you cook too?" He asked.

"I love cooking!" I exclaimed. I love food in general.

"Would you be able to cook tomorrow morning?" He asked.


I looked at his wooden coffee table and noticed a picture of a small little girl hugging Rem. "That's my four-year-old little sister. She was two at the time. When my mom died because of a rare illness, my father moved to another pack. She is with him, and I haven't seen her in a year." He explained.

I glanced out the window and noticed it was dark. "Yeah, it is pretty late." Rem noticed what I was looking at.

"Yeah, I better go to bed, " I said.

"The guest room is the second door to the left upstairs." He told me. I thanked him for taking me in tonight and headed to the stairs.

"Wait." He said and walked into the kitchen. He came back with a bucket of water and a big bottle floating in the water. A Chong, that already had weed packed in it. "I know right now you could use some. It's been a long day for you. I know Alec is messed up but just give him a chance okay." I smiled at his fondness for Alec.

It was cute.

"I won't give up okay, " I assured him. We both smiled at another and said goodnight.

I went up to a room with golden walls and sat down on the bed. The room was nice a cozy. Since I felt safe I thought about everything. How much I missed my family and how Alec took me from them. I wondered if he was fixable or not, but I wouldn't give up on him. I would at least try.

I just needed to forget about the bad things for now. I found the clothes on the granite sink counter, and I took a shower in the clean bathroom.

When I was done with the shower, I sat on the bed for a few seconds. I filled the Chong completely of smoke and I cleared it all. I repeated this for about five minutes. When I was done my head hit the pillow, and I smiled because I was lost in good thoughts.


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