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   Chapter 2 First Impressions

My Cruel Blind Alpha By Morrigan Korcari Characters: 13323

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I was scared and nervous, but I opened the door disregarding the feeling in the pit of my stomach. As soon as I opened the door Alec slammed me back into a wall and he buried his nose into my neck. My heart was pounding and I'm sure he could hear it. One of the men that accompanied Alec sensed my discomfort and fear.

The man then touched Alec's shoulder and said, "Alpha we should be heading out now."

Alec's hand gripped my wrist hard, "You're coming with me, back to my pack." He stated.

"No, I'm not." I pushed myself to say this. His nails were now digging into my skin. "Ouch! You're hurting me. Let me go!" I struggled to get my hand free.

The man gave me an apologetic look, "Alpha, you're hurting her." Alec retracted his hands while I rubbed my mine.

"Okay, let me make this clear, " He sadistically smirked showing off his white teeth, "You either come with me or I'll declare war and slaughter your pack. You know I will."

My jaw dropped at his demands. "Are you serious?" This is absurd.

"Do I look like I'm joking?"

I could tell he wasn't, he meant every word. "I can't leave my family, " I stated.

"You will. Or else you'll have none. If you don't come, I'll torture your family, even down to the youngest one." My mind wandered off to my goofy little brother, and he had crossed a line. My wolf growled angrily inside of me. I knew I'd regret these actions, but it was already too late. Before I knew it my hand came in contact with his cheek.

The man beside Alec gasped.

Alec looked taken back at first, but then another devilish smirk appeared on his face.

"It's going to be like this then, Isn't it. Okay then, suit yourself." Alec shrugged and held out his hand as if waiting for something.

"Alpha..." The man, whose name is unknown, trailed off. Something is not right here, so I cautiously backed up.

"Now Rem!" Alec turned back to look at me, "Where are you going, little mate?"

Rem handed a familiar white piece of cloth to Alec. My eyes widened because I knew where this was heading. I tried to put up a fight but it was useless, he was overpowering. He pushed me to the ground and straddled me. Then he put the piece of cloth to my face and I could smell the chloroform. I struggled to get him off, but after a couple minutes, I started to fade away.

"Tell Axe to get the car..." I heard before I completely went unconscious.


I woke up in a different environment. I was in a room with black walls. Black is my favorite color, but that doesn't make me like this place. I was thankfully alone in this room, which gave me time to collect my thoughts. I can't believe that he kidnapped me. My family and friends must be worried sick.

There's a knock on the door. Alec walks in with clothes in his hands. "I have clothes for you." He stated gruffly. I hesitantly walked up to him and gathered them in my arms. I looked at his mysterious scars on his face once more.

"How did you get them?" I was nervous, and when I was nervous I say stupid things.

His face hardened, "Don't speak." I could sense this was a hard topic for him. I mean if I lost my eyesight then I would be like him too. I knew the reason he got the scars, that blinded him, was because of the legendary war that happened years ago. However, everyone wondered what was the cause of the scars because they were not scars from wolf claws, but something much different. It intrigued me.

Give him a chance, my wolf's thoughts fluttered through my mind.

"I'm setting rules. I don't ever want a mate, only my wolf does." He emphasized each word carefully through gritted teeth. I had flinched at every word. His words also took a tremendous toll on my wolf.

"Okay, " I said softly.

He continues, "You aren't allowed to leave this house. You can't have any contact with males except my Beta Remmy, and you can't seek out any contact with your family or previous pack. Also, don't get your hopes up, you are only my mate by the goddess's choice. Therefore, I am not falling in love with you." I will admit his words did hurt, but he had no mercy for my feelings.

"Don't call me by my name. You call me Alpha. You also have no say in my pack matters. You are only here to make my wolf more powerful, and you're not the official Luna of this pack. You never will be." He finished. My jaw slightly dropped because he admitted that he is only using me for power. He can't keep me captive and treat me like a prisoner. How could anyone say this to their mate?

"No! You will not treat me like that." His face stayed emotionless but I continued, "And I don't care if you want a mate or not, I'm still going to act like one to you whether you like it or not." I folded my arms across my chest. I wasn't going to give up on him. I have always wanted a mate my whole entire life. Besides, maybe he just needs someone to show him how to love and care. He clenched his fist together out of anger, and his nostrils flared.

"Honestly, you just need someone to show you what love is and how to care, " I stated. Alec started laughing at me like this was a joke.

"Do you really think you can help me? You are pathetic like the rest of the women who thought they would be the one." He chuckled darkly. My anger started to grow a little.

"Can't you see what's right in front of your face, you have a good mate who wants to love and try to help you. Oh wait, you can't see." I said angrily to him. He tried to grab my shirt collar, but with my quick warrior

Reflexes, he missed.

That only made it worse because he got even angrier. He grabbed my body and slammed me on the floor. I hit the ground so hard the wind got knocked out of me, and I gasped for air. He then picked me up and threw me on the bed. I started breathing regularly again but soon again more damage occurred. Alec grabbed my neck and squeezed as hard as he could.

"You are lucky my wolf needs you, if he didn't you'd die a painful, cold death." He hissed into my ears.

His grip tightened and not before long my vision started to blur in and out, black dots were starting to appear. I tried clawing at his hands to get him to stop. He finally let go of my neck. I tried gasping for air but all I could do was cough. My coughs became uneven and violent.

"I don't want a mate I never have and never will. For all I care you could just be tortured." He hissed.

"How could you be so monstrous to your own mate?" I questioned.

He didn't provide me with an answer. "Don't think about escaping. This pack is surrounded by miles of trees and guards posted at every corner." He left.

I broke down and crie

d softly, I forgot I was still wearing makeup until my mascara smeared. I can't believe this is happening to me. I've been kidnapped and lost my family, freedom, and pack all in one day. I continued thinking. Would I ever be able to see Blake ever again, or my best friend Xena and Mark? My parents and my other two brothers. I missed them so much already, I'd do anything to be with them. I suddenly forgot about the sibling rivalry and realized how much I wanted, more like needed them to be with me.

I wanted to see all of their smiles again.

Next, I was consumed with guilt and embarrassment. Why did I not fight back? Because he's your mate, My wolf claimed.

I had basically disgraced my family name. I am a warrior, not a weak she-wolf. I grabbed the clothes on the floor and went to go take a shower. The hot water calmed me and relaxed my sore muscles. I didn't desire to stay in the shower long because I was in a new place, and I wanted to keep my guard up. When I was done showering, I walked back into the master bedroom and sat on the bed for a little bit. My neck was sore and I felt a slight pain in my back, so in order to relieve the stress and pain, I took a brief nap.


I had woken up and I heard a low rumbling sound. It was my stomach because I was hungry. To achieve my basic needs I got up and hesitantly opened the door.

"Hello?" I called out, no answer.

I went out into the hallway. I walked around the house and discovered that he wasn't here. In fact, No one was. I then walked into the kitchen and looked around for food; I pulled out pancake mix and eggs.

I was halfway done with my food when I heard the door open. I assumed it was Alec but I was wrong, instead, I was face to face with a dark brown haired girl. I took note that she had the same hair color as Alec. Along with brown eyes, his were just faded due to his blindness, but regardless they looked similar.

They must be related.

Then she took a deep inhale of my scent, and that was all I could observe because she then screamed, "Intruder!"

Her face turned angry, and her eyes beamed with hatred. She was ready to defend this territory from me.

She charged at me but I quickly dodged her attacks, my warrior instincts kicking in. She shoved me back and I stumbled, catching myself before I almost fell. When I got to my feet my fist connected with her jaw as a counterattack. She grabbed a flower vase and attempted to through it at my head. I dodged it and ran to the dining room, turning quickly next to the wall. I waited for her. She came fast around the corner, and I kicked her in the stomach. She gasped out loud and grabbed her abdomen, but she composed herself quickly and charged at me. She tackled me to the ground and straddled me. She punched me once more.

Unlike Alec, I could easily overpower her. I flipped us over, I was now straddling her and punched her four times. I got up and tried to talk to her, to tell her I was the alpha's mate, but she attacked me again.

She grabbed the rest of the pancake mix and threw the bowl at my face. I squeezed my eyes together and then re-opened them. My face then made contact with a frying pan. My vision became fuzzy and distorted, I shook my head to try and get rid of the feeling.

My wolf growled and it escaped my lips. My eyes flickered red, an uncommon color, showing that my wolf came out.

I charged at her, clawing her face. She turned scared for a split second as I continually punched her. She only got two punches in while I got more than ten. I grabbed and threw her into the living room where she landed on the glass coffee table breaking it into millions of pieces. The girl got up swiftly and we begin to spar some more. At this point, she knew she was going to lose but she fought with all she had anyway.

"Stop!" Someone demanded but we keep going. Then a deep growl separated both of us.

It was Alec and one of the two guys that were with him during the ceremony, Rem. "Alec, There is an intruder in the hou-" The girl tried explaining.

"Alice, quiet!" Alec cut her off, "This intruder is my mate." Alec said.

I kept my mouth shut because it was an improvement, he was actually claiming me. My wolf felt a little


Alice's eyes grew wide when she found out this new piece of information. She immediately dropped to the ground, where the glass shards laid, to beg forgiveness. I was going to tell her it's okay, but Alec dismissed her with a blank expression. She ran up the stairs in a hurry.

"Damn, I missed a big fight. Alice looks like she got hit by a bus and you look fine." Remmy said looking around at the damage then looking at me up and down.

Alec growled at the last comment, "Rem don't make me regret my decision." He warned. Rem raised his hands up defensively and said okay.

"I'm just saying, you definitely don't have a weak mate. Damn, Is that the coffee table?" I could tell he was surprised at what went on. More importantly that I didn't back down.

"Just go Rem, I'll get Axe to clean this up, " Alec muttered.

"Luna, " Remmy bowed at me, "It is the Alpha's orders that you shall stay at my house for tonight." He said.

I left with Remmy but not before looking at Alec one last time for the day. He had an almost unreadable expression on his face. It was foreign to me when it came from him. He held guilt in his eyes as he was faced in my direction.

Rem and I walked to his car.

The ride was short only because he was a speed demon. I'll admit he scared the crap out of me, but he was a good driver.

When we arrived I was in awe. He didn't seem like the type of guy to have a house like this. I looked at his nice white modern house.

"I had pack members put female clothes in the bathroom for you. Since you looked like you snorted crack." I laughed so hard at his words that I sneezed and white powder come out my nose.

"Wow, " I said amazed. "So your different them him?" I asked as we approached his front door.

"You know he wasn't always like that." He said strongly trying to defend Alec. He opened the door, and a strong familiar smell hit me and I suddenly forgot about our conversation.

I looked around his living room and that explained it all. Two pounds of weed on his coffee table along with five blunt wraps. Over on his kitchen table, he had two bongs, three joints, one Chong, and a small bowl already packed and ready to go. He had blunt posters and pictures on his wall. Even a blunt themed blanket was draped over his couch. It was not hard to tell what his habit was.

"Shit... I forgot to clean up." He laughed nervously.


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