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   Chapter 41 Alderpaw Cuts it Close

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****Alderpaw's POV****

His paws felt like they were skimming over the earth as he ran. Dried leaves were kicked up in his wake with each bound, his lungs burning. The cold air felt more frigid than usual. What kept him goin was his sense of mission, responsibility pinging away in his chest. He wouldn't let them down.

Dawnmist was right behind him, her hot breath on his tail making his fur fluff up. "Keep going Alderpaw! We're almost there!"

Alderpaw forced his paws to keep going, even though they felt frozen from such cold ground. White puffs of air attempted to fog his vision on each exhale. Like this fog, he felt a little foggy on their destination. Alderpaw had never been to WolfClan camp before. What if I miss it? The grass gave way to the sandy moor. The trees thinned out into scraggly bushes, making the cold gusts of wind even stronger. He felt bad for his companion in this moment. Dawnmist had a thin coat of fur, not meant for such terrible weather.

"What if we can't find WolfClan in time?"

"Well, it seems it's your lucky day. You've found us." A new voice spoke up.

Alderpaw skidded to a halt at the sound, nearly flopping to the ground. A sharp set of teeth kept him up. They embedded in his scruff and yanked hard. Dawnmist set him down gently, she was surprisingly strong despite her Medicine Cat status. He looked up to see Silverthorn standing before him. She was flanking Clearstar. Another WolfClan cat was with them, a ginger she-cat with brown eyes. The darkness in them reminded him a bit of Grayfur, who had yet to come live in HunterClan like he was eventually supposed to. The gray tabby was bringing up the rear, tail flicking in the air like a beacon radar.

"Silverthorn! Grayfur! Clearstar! It's so good to see you guys!" Simon greeted them with his usual friendly manner. The other WolfClan cat sniffed him curiously, her nose wrinkling.

"Why is a vampire with you Dawnmist? Is HunterClan taking in more strays?" There was accusation in her tone. Alderpaw shifted uneasil

w, so we need to hurry."

"Okay then, WolfClan will help in any way we can. Silverthorn, Grayfur and Claypelt can go help Goldenclaw and Arrowheart." Clearstar ordered. "Sparkpaw, would you mind leading them there?"

"No. Of course not. And Alderpaw can come with me." Sparkpaw mewed.

Alderpaw felt a burst of exhilaration at getting to fight in his first battle, but it was quickly undercut by unease. What if I'm not ready for a fight? What if I get myself hurt, or maybe even killed? Yes, he was completely aware he was technically already undead, but dying for a second time would be even worse. He did not want to die.

Dawnmist seemed to be having the same thoughts. "Are you sure Alderpaw is ready for this? He's barely had any training."

"Of course he'll be fine." Silverthorn cut in. "Alderpaw proved himself more than capable on our journey from the TwolegPlace. I'm sure he can handle some stupid pieces of fox-dung."

"She's absolutely right." Sparkpaw nodded vigorously.

Dawnmist shook her head, while Grayfur just shot them an amused smile. "Very well then. Alderpaw will go with Sparkpaw and the others. Dawnmist, you'll come with me to get the rest of WolfClan mobilized." Clearstar ordered.

And with that said, the cats dispersed off in their own separate ways. They could only hope to be ready for what was to come.

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