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   Chapter 33 Heart to Heart (Malec)

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***Arrowheart's POV***

It had been fours days since Blossomstar announced her plans to take back Sunningrocks, and two days since the Gathering. Nothing had occurred during the meeting with the other Clans, but he could tell that tensions were rising all the same. It seemed that FangClan, FaerieClan and MagicClan (especially MagicClan) in particular were upset that WolfClan was back. They had taken advantage of the moor dwellers being gone to fatten up on the rabbits roaming on WolfClan territory. I can only imagine how much more aggravated MagicClan will be when we take back Sunningrocks.

And then there was the issue of Patchfur.

His boyfriend had been displeased by Blossomstar's plans. Arrowheart knew that his warlock understood that HunterClan would make better use out of the territory that was rightfully belonging to the forest cats, but that did not exactly make it any easier for him.

He's probably worried about his family and friends back home no doubt. The two have been secretly together for the past few moons now, but still Patchfur kept pretty quiet in concerns to his own family and personal life. It was all so close to the bicolored tom's chest, like how his heart was tucked away behind the sanctuary of his rib cage so were all those secrets hidden inside. Arrowheart felt a little offended by this considering he himself is practically an open book to his boyfriend.

Does he not trust me? I trust him, so I thought...

Knowing that this would get him nowhere, Arrowheart pushes those thoughts away. There were more important things to be handling as of now. His own feelings would have to be sorted out later.

"Hahaha admit defeat Alderpaw!" Sparkpaw crows victoriously as she pushes her friend's face into the ground. Over the last few days the two had seemingly made up, but Arrowheart could still see the occasional awkward moment between them.

Arrowheart and Patchfur had decided to take their apprentices to Sunningrocks today for a sparring session. The other apprentices were of the same skill level as Sparkpaw, but they lacked the cleverness and height to be decent opponents. Maybe Arrowheart was bragging a little, but the skills Blossomstar had taught him had put him a step above the rest. The same was running true for Sparkpaw too as he was training her to become a warrior. Am unlucky situation for Alderpaw, seeing as he was getting his tail kicked.

"Ack! It's no fair! You've been training for several moons already. I'm so far behind..." Alderpaw splutters out some sand. The tabby had been pressed into the ground quite a few times already today, even after Arrowheart had warned his own apprentice to take it easy on her friend.

I don't think she knows the meaning of the word....but, I guess it's better this then watching her slack off with my parabatai. Goldenclaw and Sparkpaw were trying to get along better now with some degree of success. Nightrose worried about their golden furred brother falling in love with his new found sister yet again. Arrowheart remembers telling her that they had never stopped loving each other, so her words made no sense.

Needless to say, Nightrose was annoyed with him for the rest of that day.

Arrowheart hopes that she knows he is just as concerned about Goldenclaw too.

As they are siblings, Goldenclaw and Sparkpaw were not meant to be. The only hope was that the pair figured this out before they were in too deep. Arrowheart worries that they already are.

"Hmm, Alderpaw, your confidence is getting better, but your still sloppy on your technique." Patchfur tells his apprentice as Alderpaw staggers back up with Sparkpaw's assistance. The tabby shakes the dirt from his pelt with annoyance, those amber eyes narrowed. Arrowheart notes the fangs poking out of Alderpaw's lips. It was a sign from any vampire that he was getting awfully frustrated....and possibly hungry too.

"Alderpaw has eaten today right?" Arrowheart whispers into his boyfriend's ear.

Patchfur's ear twitches. "Yes. He did, so that isn't the problem."

"What isn't the problem?" Sparkpaw asks as she pads up to them. The fiery apprentice looked happy to take a few moments break, even if Alderpaw hadn't been putting in much of a fight these past few rounds.

He'll have to build his stamina up for sure. Once we do, I'm sure Alderpaw will make a fine warrior. But for now...Even after two moons of being away from Twolegs it was clear that Alderpaw still had that slight pudginess to his frame that gave away he was once a house cat. He could only imagine how the young fledgling would react to winter in the forest, away from the comfort of home.

At least we don't have to worry about him running away. That could make things quite messy. The kind of messy that would involve a lot more cats getting involved.

It wasn't common practice today, but a long time ago it had been the Shadowhunters' duty to hunt down rogue Downworlders that were causing trouble. Back then it was well known in the Clans Downworlders lived civilized lives. Outside of the Clans however was an entirely different story. One that made his fur crawl just thinking about it. Each story Arrowheart had been told as a kit had always involved the most gruesome details, the kind that made any civilized Shadowhunter want to run and hide.

"We were just talking about your technique. Patchfur, I think it might be best if we do some one on one training. That way no one has any excuse not to go full throttle." The statement was meant for Alderpaw just as much as it was meant for Sparkpaw. He watches with satisfaction as the two apprentices frown at him as though mildly offended.

Patchfur, on the other paw, nods. "Sounds good." He leans close to Arrowheart then, his golden eyes peering into Arrowheart's blue ones. "Reconvene for lunch later okay?"

"Of course. See you then." Arrowheart agrees. He watches Patchfur lead Alderpaw to the far side of the hollow saying something about working on the apprentice's battle stance and how casual humor would improve his skill in battle. Alderpaw was clearly incredulous, but tired enough that he did not bother to disagree with his mentor's ramblings.

"Arrowheart what do you think we should work on next?" Sparkpaw asks him.

Arrowheart turns back to her, giving her an appraising

rprised by his words. "Do you really mean that?"

"Of course I do. When have I ever lied to you?"

"Hmm. I can't think of time, but one can never know."

"Patchfur I..." Arrowheart closes the distance between them, touching his nose to his boyfriend's. The touch sends sparkling tingles of warmth down his spine that end up weighing down his belly. This close up he can see the few tiny specks of white around Patchfur's eyes, their look reminiscent of freckles on a Twoleg. "I am serious. I think you're amazing just the way you are."

"Then I suppose I should thank you. Not many cats think of me this way."

Arrowheart shakes his head firmly. "No. You shouldn't have to. I'm just treating you with respect and dignity, that's something you always deserve."

Patchfur tilts his head at that as they pull back from each other. "And what about you saying that my mark is beautiful?"

Now it is Arrowheart's turn to blush. "Well, I...I meant that too. But that one is from me to you."

Patchfur lets out a chuckle at that. "I suppose you'd be concerned if someone else told me that hmm?"

"Yes." He gives a vigorous nod. "Only I get to flirt with you, no one else."

"Arrowheart you sure are adorable." Patchfur purrs. The calico tom licks his cheek gently, making Arrowheart's insides flutter sporadically like rampant butterflies.

"I'm not adorable." He tries but fails to successfully deny.

"Sure you aren't. Now, what did you come here for? I appreciate the company, but I recall you told me earlier that you wanted to talk about something important and I said we should wait until we were both in camp to discuss it together."

"I...." he swallows, trying to figure out what to tell his boyfriend. "I wanted to find you to talk about what I was thinking about earlier."

Patchfur nods, looking around the area. "This is probably the most privacy we'll be able to get. So you might as well tell me now."

"Okay." He lets out a shuddering breath. "Patchfur, I know that your nervous about the fight tomorrow." Patchfur's eyes darken at that, though his boyfriend says nothing so he presses on. "And so I thought I should try to find a way to make it easier for you..."

Here Patchfur does interrupt, his voice low with something dangerous in its depths. "By StarClan, you'll have to let me know your grand plan for making it easier for me to hurt my former clan mates." There is malice in his tone, but Arrowheart knows it isn't directed towards him. Still, he inwardly recoils a bit at it anyways.

"No. It's not like that at all."

"Then what do you mean exactly?"

Arrowheart gulps down the worry that Patchfur might take this in the wrong way. "I asked if you could help Dawnmist tomorrow in taking care of the injured cats. Featherflight is much too old, and Violetpaw much to inexperienced so she'll need all the help she can get so I figured you'd rather help her then..." He trails off. There are certain words that hold weight without being spoken.

Patchfur gets the implication entirely of course. Those golden-green eyes soften as they stare at Arrowheart with an emotion he cannot for the life of him understand fully. In his defense, he was young and had yet to fully experience matters of love and devotion like now.

"You went to all that effort for me?" Patchfur sounds surprised but pleased, a small purr rumbling in his throat.

Arrowheart got the understanding now that regardless of the battle's outcome, they would be okay. He could see it in the way his boyfriend stood close to him and the way that white tipped tail ran over his flank. Warmth blooms in his core filling him with utter happiness that makes him purr in response.

"Yes. And it's something I'll always do for you." He tells him firmly.

"Always is a big deal."

"Yes, I know. I never say something without meaning it."

Patchfur smiles at him, his whiskers twitching. "You never cease to amaze me Arrowheart."

And Arrowheart responds with equal fervor, his heart feeling light as blustering air as it flutters with each beat. "In good ways I hope."

"Yes, in good ways indeed." They kiss several times after that, returning to camp when the sun has fully set from the sky.

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