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   Chapter 31 Sparkpaw Has a Dream

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****Simon's POV****

Pain seized his heart as he crossed over the FaerieClan border. One of the faerie cats- Springpaw- had followed him on his way out alongside a she-cat he did not recognize. Blood pounded in his ears as he shot out of the undergrowth, his limbs trembling. Seeing Sparkpaw with Goldenclaw like that had been much too painful for him to watch, so the second the vines had receded he had raced out of camp with his newly acquired vampire speed.

No one had been able to stop him, though that hadn't kept him from being tailed on his way out of camp.

"See ya later vampire! Don't let the vines whack ya on the way out!" Springpaw shouted out to him. The other faerie cat rolled her eyes but said nothing about the apprentice's blunt behavior.

"Hah...hah...." He takes in unnecessary gulps of air as he collapses to the ground. Bleary amber eyes took in his surroundings.

Simon came to the quick conclusion that he had come back onto HunterClan territory several paces away from where he'd left. Nightrose, Arrowheart and Patchfur were likely still waiting with Duskstep for his return. Though as he didn't feel like seeing any of them, Simon staggered to his paws to make his way back to camp alone.

It was nightfall when he reached the thorn tunnel, his body feeling bone-weary with exhaustion. Simon had been walking around HunterClan territory for quite some time before he came home, so much so that he could smell the sweet scent of Sparkpaw in the air, mingled by Arrowheart and Patchfur (both of whom might as well have had the same scent at this point with minor variations), Goldenclaw and Dawnmist. The group had likely returned long before he did. Simon wondered if they might've went looking for him, but quickly pushed the possibility down.

Why go looking for me when they have everything they need right here. Maybe he was being cynical, but Simon just could not for the life of him get the image of Sparkpaw kissing Goldenclaw out of his head. It made his stomach feel queasy; his heart felt like it was cracked into several tiny pieces, too many to make whole again.

Ashwhisker and Brackenfoot were pacing around the camp when he came in. The two toms eyed him with slight surprise, but resumed their nightly watch a few moments later. Sighing, Simon began to make his way towards the Apprentice's Den for the night. In all actuality, he would rather not sleep in the same den as Sparkpaw tonight, even if Smokepaw, Stripepaw and Mousepaw could manage to serve as decent buffers between himself and the fiery she-cat.

Right now Simon would prefer to never talk to her again. All that needed to be said was announced clearly in Vinestar's den. Goldenclaw and Sparkpaw had made sure to be as obvious as possible with their desires. That much was certain.

"Simon? Is that you?" A voice whispers.

He turns to see Dawnmist staring out at him from her den. The pale she-cat was blinking at him tiredly, her blue eyes reflecting the stars preening in the sky. Medicine cat or not, no cat could deny the beauty she held, her pale fur streaked with a silver sheen at night. Her voice was quiet, reminding him of his own sister's voice.

Just how is Becky doing now? Is she alright without me? Simon tries to picture his sister at this late hour. She would likely be either asleep or curled up in her favorite windowsill. Perhaps she was staring out through the clear glass, her eyes overlooking their backyard and the pool that was still covered by that weird stretchy mat that would prevent cats from slipping in.

Simon was known for being clumsy, but he hadn't been the one to slip in. No, that had been Becky. His sister had taken an accidental dive back when they were kits. Now the cover remained on at all times in the winter, and stayed on whenever it wasn't in use. It was likely a hassle in the summer for the housefolk to take on and off, but Simon supposed that they were okay with it.

"Yes it's me. Uh....I thought everyone would be asleep by now. Well, besides the guards of course." Simon confesses.

Dawnmist tilts her head considering. "That's why you didn't come back with the rest of us. I heard about what happened with Sparkpaw and Goldenclaw and all. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Are you sure you're okay?"

"I..." His amber eyes stare down at the ground. "I'm just fine. But thanks for asking."

"You know, I was rejected once too. Though, when I look back on it now, I'm not sure I was ever in love with him anyways." Dawnmist confesses.

Simon's ear perk up at that. "You were? Who, um, if it isn't too impolite to ask...who did you like Dawnmist? I didn't realize you ever did..."

"Like someone?"

"Yea." He nods dumbly.

From what he knew of Medicine Cats, they did not mate. Nor did they ever have kits in their lifetime. It was a very unusual thing for a cat to do. Even though he was young Simon could not imagine living life without finding a mate and having children with her someday.

"Haha I know what you're thinking. And yes I did. His name is Frondleap." She tells him.

"Oh, I'm surprised. Of all the cats, I wouldn't have imagined..." Simon trails off.

Dawnmist dips her head at that, looking rather bashful. "Well, most cats thought I would like Arrowheart if anything. Even from a young age everyone knew he was strong and level-headed.

dy a full grown warrior. A warrior that's also apparently my mother. He still felt nauseated when he thought about that. It brought about a tidal wave of other thoughts and feelings he wasn't ready to dissect just yet. The matter was made even worse when most of those thoughts had to do with Sparkpaw.

"Yes I'm well aware of that. Get a move on mouse brain. Violetpaw is waiting for you out back." Dawnmist ushers him towards the back entrance of the den.

Not much was back there, asides from a tall rock covered in vines and some purple-blue flowers with star-shaped flowers. Goldenclaw hadn't the slightest clue what they were called, but he knew they were pretty. Back when he was with Sparkpaw, he had considered picking a few of them for her.

"Thanks. I'll see you later." He made his way out the back entrance.

Goldenclaw side stepped the nest sitting in the way on his exit out of the den. Like Dawnmist had said, Violetpaw was outside. The tortoiseshell she-cat was limping about trying to balance better on her three good legs. Going to the FaerieClan camp to get those special healing herbs had helped the apprentice survive her injuries. Unfortunately, they had not healed her hind leg. The thing was still a ruined mess wrapped in a tight leaf binding. A strange smelling poultice drips out of it every so often. Dawnmist likely had to reapply it often.

"Violetpaw. How are you doing?"

Violetpaw staggers around on her three good legs to face him. Her violet eyes were distraught with pain and misery as she let out a few low pants. The struggle to move around on three legs had to be difficult for the small cat who had always moved on all fours. Goldenclaw felt her misery like a jab to the heart.

This is all my fault.

"Goldenclaw! Dawnmist said you'd be stopping by today. I wasn't sure if I could believe her." Violetpaw confesses.

Goldenclaw moves closer to her so he could sit down right in front of his apprentice. He motioned for Violetpaw to also sit, which she did so gratefully. The tortoiseshell was keeping her gaze on the ground, her mood abysmal as it was depressing.

"And why couldn't you believe her?" He ignores the fact that Violetpaw didn't answer his earlier question to focus on a new concern.

"'s not like I'm much use anymore. Everyone's saying I can't be a warrior now, so my life is essentially over." Violetpaw said this quietly, her voice choked up.

Goldenclaw shakes his head. "That's not true Violetpaw. You're life isn't over. Maybe you can't be a warrior but-"

"But what Goldenclaw!" Violetpaw snaps. "Ever since I was a kit I wanted to be a warrior. That dream was just taken from me. There's nothing else left for me now." She admits sadly.

Goldenclaw wants to tell her how wrong she is. He wants to tell her that even though her life wasn't going as planned, that didn't mean everything was over for her. There's still so much more left for her here. Otherwise StarClan would've taken her that day on the ThunderPath. Goldenclaw tries to form the words to tell her that, but he finds himself unable to form the words.

"Goldenclaw, Violetpaw. How about you both come help me with these herbs, seeing as neither of you have anything better to do." Featherflight says, forgoing any greeting as he pokes his head out of the Medicine Den. Violetpaw and Goldenclaw stare at him in confusion before looking at each other. Wordlessly, they follow the elder healer back into the den. Discussion of Violetpaw's future would wait until later, when emotions weren't being so overwhelming.

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