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   Chapter 24 The Journey Home...Is Filled with Peril

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****Arrowheart's POV****

The sun was shining as WolfClan prepared to leave their temporary camp. Patchfur and Arrowheart watch werecats mill about idly, a half-eaten sparrow lay forgotten between them. This morning the pair had both participated in their own hunting patrols with the other werecats. Arrowheart had taken Sparkpaw with him, leaving Simon to go with Patchfur. He had been glad to get away from the chatter box tabby for a short time, but being kept apart from his boyfriend had annoyed him immensely, so he was glad when they returned to camp together.

"How do you think everyone is taking Grayfur's announcement?" He asks Patchfur.

Yesterday, Grayfur announced that he would be stepping down as WolfClan's deputy once they returned back to camp. Apparently he had more important things to do upon return, such as visit Russetleaf in HunterClan. This had come out of nowhere for the whole clan, except for Rookstar who only gave a small nod before returning to his nest for the night.

The second the gray tom had heard about the runaway warrior returning to HunterClan, he had barraged Arrowheart and Sparkpaw alike with questions. Both had been shocked to learn that it was Grayfur that had helped Russetleaf run away from home, and that the two had lived together for a short while after Sparkpaw's birth. He had been saddened to leave, but apparently the older she-cat had not wanted the Shadowhunter turned werecat to stick around, not wanting to put her daughter in danger.

Arrowheart understood where Russetleaf was coming from, but he didn't think it was fair all the same to make a cat who clearly loved her abandon her. He knows that if he was in that same situation with Patchfur that he would not be able to do the same. Arrowheart cares for Patchfur too much to just let him go.

Patchfur's ear twitches, his bicolored eyes focused on Sparkpaw who is busy talking to Grayfur, Simon a steady presence at her side. "I can't say I'm surprised. It was clear that Grayfur loved Russetleaf, long before the Circle even got started."

The mention of the Circle makes Arrowheart stiffen, his gaze searching out Rookstar amongst the crowd. The old, bedraggled leader was sitting next to a black she-cat with green eyes. The pair seemed to be arguing fiercely about something. Arrowheart could only hope it wasn't about the Circle.

He and Patchfur had both felt obligated to tell the werewolf leader what was going on back in the forest, particularly about Frostfang's return. The old tom had seemed enraged to learn that the wicked white tom was still alive, but he had thanked them for telling him the truth, promising not to say anything about it until Blossomstar revealed the Circle's return at the next Gathering (like she had promised).

"Yea. I forget sometimes how old you are. You must've seen the whole Uprising right?" Arrowheart is curious to know how much Patchfur has went through. He hopes that he isn't being pushy in asking, fearing that he might be when the ginger and black tom's eyes grow hard.

"I'd rather not talk about it Arrowheart. Some sins need to remain in the past." Patchfur's voice held a crisp coldness that made him flinch.

"I-I'm sorry. I-I shouldn't have..." He stuttered.

He feels a gentle lap at his cheek, the feather light brush sending a shiver down his spine. Patchfur blinks at him sadly with a hint of regret. Arrowheart doesn't know where this regret comes from, and knows that he should not ask. Not when Patchfur has already shut him down. It is clear his boyfriend does not feel like sharing today.

"It's okay Arrowheart. You have nothing to apologize for."

Arrowheart can't help but hope that he's right. The young Shadowhunter is afraid that his inexperience in relationships could mess things up, something he never wants to happen.

"You can't save everyone Arrowheart." Echoes in the back of his mind, filling him with a sense of foreboding. Foxtail's message had yet to make any sense, and Arrowheart can only hope that he figures out what it means before it's too late.

****Goldenclaw's POV****

It was nightfall by the time Goldenclaw had returned to camp with the two kittens. Pillow swung from his jaws and Zephyr was curled up in a neat ball on his back, right in between his broad shoulders. Both were sound asleep, snoozing away.

Goldenclaw hopes that Blossomstar is still awake as he clambers through the camp entrance. Surprisingly, he is met immediately with the sight of Blossomstar. The light brown tabby she-cat had seemingly been waiting patiently by the entrance, whether for his return or not he has no idea. The camp around them is pretty quiet now, with sentries of Brackenfoot and Swallowsong patrolling the camp with quiet paw steps.

"Goldenclaw, where have you

ut?" Patchfur gestures to the direction Sparkpaw had disappeared off too.

Arrowheart shrugs. "She wanted to know about Goldenclaw. It sounds like she's worried he won't have missed her while we were gone."

"And what do you think?" Patchfur asks.

"I don't know. I said he missed her. Was I supposed to say something else?"

"No. I don't think there was anything else you could say without stretching the truth." Patchfur assures him.

Arrowheart still feels uncertain, but he doesn't argue with his boyfriend. Instead he decides to change the subject.

" are things going to be for us when we get back?" He asks.

Patchfur tips his head thoughtfully. "Care to elaborate? I'm not sure what you're getting at."

Arrowheart gulps down the nervousness he feels. "I- when we get back. Are, are we going to....we're going to continue our relationship right?"

He's met with an incredulous stare as though he's lost his mind. Perhaps he has. Arrowheart can't help but worry though, especially as their journey nears its end.

"Of course we are! Why would you think otherwise?"

"Well, I just, I-I've never been in a relationship before, and I don't think I'm ready to come out to everyone yet. And I don't want to pressure you into keeping my secret till I'm ready or anything." He struggles to articulate his next words, his heart protesting against them immensely. "And, and I feel l-like you won't want to b-be with me then. That I won't be good enough for you. Y-you deserve s-so much better than me." He hangs his head, unable to say anything more.

Patchfur stiffens beside him, making Arrowheart worry that he said too much, that his boyfriend would be angry with him now. A large part of him wanted to runaway and hide. But Arrowheart was no quitter, he had never run from his problems before and he wasn't about to runaway now.

"Arrowheart, can you look at me?" Patchfur asks softly.

Arrowheart gives a small nod, his blue eyes looking up to stare into his boyfriend's own expressive ones. Those golden-green eyes that fill him with so much wonder.

"I know that you're scared, but everything is going to be alright. I'll admit that I've never been in a hidden relationship before, but I think as long as we stick together and don't blatantly lie about our relationship if asked, then I think we'll be okay." Patchfur runs a soothing tail down his back, making the tense muscles in Arrowheart's body relax almost instantly.

"You mean it?" Blue eyes search for sincerity in his boyfriend.

"Of course."

"T-that, that's-"

His reply is cut off by a loud screech that splits the air, making his blood run cold. The WolfClan cats are howling about something up ahead, and it doesn't take long for Arrowheart to figure out what it is. At the crest of the next hill they were padding up was a a group of creatures Arrowheart had never met before, but had heard many stories about. Creatures that took the first part of his father's name Badgerstripe. The black and white animals were milling about, their teeth gnashing and beady black eyes glaring at Arrowheart and the others hatefully, their muzzles dribbling with spittle of some sort.


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