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   Chapter 14 Why does the Mundane have to come along (Malec) (Climon)

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******Goldenclaw's POV******

After helping Jemsong drag Phillip's body out of the Cave for burial he'd asked the ombré furred tom if there was anything else he could do. The Silent Forest was no longer filled with the caterwauling of battle, but the devastation wrought upon the Silent Brothers was expansive and devastating. If there's anything I can do to help then I should, the golden tabby thought.

He was disappointed by Zachariah's response. The two toms were padding down to the path of rock crags they'd climbed up to get to the secret entrance. All the gritty rock was making Goldenclaw's paw pads ache, he was almost certain they'd be sore tomorrow.

+ No my young friend. You have done more than enough. Besides, your companions are waiting for you.+ Zachariah projects with a flick of his tail, the top a pure white in coloring.

Goldenclaw's mind raced with the realization. By the Angel, I completely forgot about Violetpaw and Ravenspirit! The warrior had been so caught up in helping out the Silent Brothers that he hadn't stopped to think about his two traveling companions for even a heartbeat. What if Frostfang's goons got to them?! His heart raced with fear.

As if sensing his concern, Jemsong went to reassure him + It is alright Goldenclaw. The Circle would not have been able to get to them from where they are at the top of the falls.+ The Silent Brother's words did little to calm his spirit.

I need to get to them! Now! He could picture Violetpaw and Ravenspirit clearly now: the two cats had been yowling out to him as he leapt off the cliff. Surely they knew Goldenclaw was alright.....right? But what if they don't? For all they know the jump killed me. The more he thought about it the more uneasy he became.

"Can we go to them now? I...I need your help getting back up there." Goldenclaw was unsure if he should tell Zachariah about his leap off the cliff.

It's confusing enough to me that I was able to do that in the first place. That was at least a thirty or more foot drop. Explaining that to Zachariah won't be easy nor possible right now. He covertly glances at his flanks where his runes had glowed a blazing golden.

Through thick tabby fur he could see the ink black lines of permanent runes etched into his skin. They'd stopped shining ages ago, but that hadn't made him lose the soft buzz he still felt thrumming in his heart like a bird trapped in a cage. Oddly enough this feeling wasn't that unpleasant, just very weird. Tingling is the best word for it, Goldenclaw thinks as he flexes his claws.

+ Of course. Follow me.+ Jemsong replies. Goldenclaw lets out a sigh of relief that the Silent Brother doesn't ask any questions. The two cats make it to the top of the falls surprisingly quick, though at this point the golden tabby's paw pads feel like they've been rubbed raw.

"Goldenclaw!" Violetpaw's high pitched mew exclaims. The tortoiseshell races over to meet the two toms, her purple eyes wide with worry. Ravenspirit trails behind her, albeit at a slower pace. The healer's eyes were oddly narrowed, and it made Goldenclaw's pelt prickle with unease.

"Hey guys. Sorry I left so suddenly." He says. When Violetpaw reaches his side, her cold nose is reaching out to get a good whiff at him, as though knowing his smell will tell her whatever she wants to find out about him.

Ravenspirit takes the more practical approach of eyeing the warrior's wounds. Goldenclaw keeps his chin held high, he'd gotten a few scrapes from Ratchet and from the Sour twins but other than that he was mostly uninjured.

My paw pads hurt more than the claw marks on my flanks. The blood that had been oozing had long since dried, the dark burgundy scabs making faint streaks of orange appear in his fur. Goldenclaw can't help but meet the healer's gaze, wondering what he might be thinking.

I hope it's not anything bad. HunterClan had yet to tell the other clans about the return of the Circle. With a vampire being here to witness an attack from the notorious gang, they might not have a choice. The other clans were likely to be angry...the prospect of HunterClan facing scrutiny not settling well with the golden tom.

"We're just glad you're alright." Ravenspirit says eventually, his tone measured. "Though I am curious as to what exactly happened below." He gestures to Silent Forest with one black paw.

Goldenclaw blinks at him in surprise. I guess I didn't think about Ravenspirit and Violetpaw not being able to figure out who was attacking below. It was clear Violetpaw understood the Circle was responsible, her whiskers twitching anxiously.

The young apprentice is wisely keeping her mouth shut and waiting for her mentor's words. Gold eyes flick to Jemsong as if asking for guidance. There are no projections in his mind from the ombré furred tom, a silent signal that Goldenclaw is on his own. Thanks for the help, he inwardly mutters.

"There was an attack. A bunch of rogues were trying to rain chaos on the Silent Brothers." Goldenclaw admits. Best to stick to the truth as much as possible. If he directly mentions the Circle then I'll tell him, but other than that I'll leave that decision to Blossomstar.

Ravenspirit dips his head. "I see." Emotions are swimming across the black tom's face, too many for Goldenclaw to get a read on. He wishes desperately he had his parabatai's intuition for reading other cats. Right about now it would be a truly useful skill.

"Were a lot of cats hurt?" Violetpaw inquires. Goldenclaw shares a glance with Jemsong; the list of fatalities was not truly known yet, the amounts of dead and injured still being tallied.

+ We don't know yet. But I plan to find out. I must leave now, was there anything else you all needed? + Jemsong asks.

Goldenclaw watches Ravenspirit ramble off his request for what herbs he needs. Jemsong gives the healer a nod before heading down the crags to retrieve the herbs. When the Silent Brother disappears the vampire whirls back onto him. Violetpaw also eyes Goldenclaw with great intrigue, no longer frightened like she was before back when he'd left.

"So I'm guessing there's more to the story than that. I could see there were demons down there, and ordinary rogues wouldn't be able to slip into the Silent Forest and cause so much damage." Ravenspirit states.

Goldenclaw hangs his head. He has to tell Ravenspirit the truth now, if he doesn't it could mean bad things for HunterClan. "Okay." He proceeds to tell the healer everything they know so far about the Circle and their return into the spotlight. While he talks Ravenspirit remains completely silent, not even twitching when Violetpaw adds in her own input.

It's only when Goldenclaw is finished that Ravenspirit responds. "So HunterClan has been going through a lot lately. I'm glad FangClan isn't the only ones."

"So you're not mad that we kept this from you?" Goldenclaw asks, still worried about what Ravenspirit might tell Cricketstar.

The Medicine cat shakes his head. "You didn't want to cause mass hysteria. That's understandable on all accounts. I won't tell Cricketstar anything, but I strongly recommend that Blossomstar make a formal announcement about the Circle at the next Gathering." He says firmly.

"Thank you Ravenspirit. I-I don't know what to say." Goldenclaw admits. The healer had possibly the best reaction to this whole ordeal that he could've had.

"Well I do! Can we eat something before going home? I'm starving." Violetpaw says. As if on cue Goldenclaw's stomach rumbles at her words. The trio share a laugh, Ravenspirit's shoulders trembling with hilarity.

"It would seem Goldenclaw is in agreement with you. Though after fighting all day I'm not that surprised." The healer mews.

Goldenclaw gives a sheepish shrug. "That sounds like a good idea, but we should ask Zachariah for permission before we hunt."

+ What do I need to give permission for? + Brother Zachariah projects. The tom was scrambling the last few steps up the rise to the top of the falls, a bundle of herbs tightly clenched in his jaws.

"Would you minded if we hunted here before returning home?" Violetpaw says hopefully. When the Silent Brother gives a small nod of approval, the apprentice lets out a giggle of glee before darting off into the bushes.

Goldenclaw grins at her retreating form before looking at the other two toms. "I better follow her. You wait here." He says to Ravenspirit who dips his head in agreement. "Take care Zachariah." He murmurs then darts after his apprentice.

If Jemsong has said anything in response, the golden tabby didn't hear it as he plunges into the undergrowth. When he and Violetpaw return to the Clearing with their jaws laden with prey only Ravenspirit remains. After a quick dinner the three companions step into the Portal to return home.

******Arrowheart's POV******

It had been three days since Arrowheart "allowed" (was persuaded/ begged/ practically be honest) Simon to join their expedition, and the warrior would be lying if he said his mood wasn't on a downward spiral. When the trip had first began, he'd been excited to spend some time with Patchfur. With Simon joining their motley crew the dynamics of the group had changed somewhat.

Arrowheart had hoped t

he inky blackness of it matches the smog surrounding the trees in thick clumps like they were solid in form.

"Simon watch out!" She shouts out to her friend, ducking as the deadly talons take a swipe at her.

The bird lets out another SCREEE of anger at having missed its target, but this quickly changes to a squawk of surprise as a screeching form jumps on top of it, the animal's claws outstretched and unsheathed.

"Leave Sparkpaw alone!" Simon mews angrily. The tabby's claws must sink deep into the bird's flesh on its back as the owl lets out what Sparkpaw assumes is a cry of rage.

Blood sprays the ground as Simon digs his claws in deep. But Sparkpaw knows it to be a fatal effort: without Angelic might or Downworlder ability there was no way for the tabby to destroy this creature.

"Simon you have to get off the owl. Your attacks won't make it stop!" She yelled up at him.

But her shouts fall on deaf ears as Simon doesn't seem to hear her. The house cat bites downs sharply onto the owls swiveling ears. The flying demon retaliates almost immediately, flapping with powerful strokes of its wings before flipping over. The action is so strange and violent that Simon falls off so fast Sparkpaw is left blinking stunned for a second with shock.

When the apprentice recovers she darts over to her friend, fur bristling. Simon lays on the ground with blood bubbling from his mouth. Sparkpaw can't see the injury on her friend's back but she can see the pool of blood oozing out from underneath him in a burgundy wave. A strange red energy is floating around his stunned frame now like misted blood.

"Si, Simon. You have to get up!" She nudges at him fiercely.

Simon groans, coughing up another wad of blood. Sparkpaw doesn't have to look at her paws to know they're trembling with fear. So many emotions are colliding inside her mind, each fighting for dominance. Thankfully the owl is still recovering from Simon's weight; it circles overhead with smog still spritzing the area the way a nasty air freshener might...or a too strong dose of Febreeze.

"Clary....Sparkpaw.....I'm so sorry. I-I love you but I-I shouldn't have said said anything." He sputters out, a grotesque amount of blood coating his tongue in a dark red.

The strange energy surrounding her friend's body was like a filmy second coat of fur. It ripples where Sparkpaw touches him on the chest, and where she's bent over to see his face, her heated breath ghosting across his muzzle.

"Nonononono, Simon save your strength." Sparkpaw tells him. Overhead the owl is still circling, though for how much longer the apprentice has no idea.

Simon's brown eyes dully take in her distraught form. "It's okay Sparkpaw. At least if we meet our end, " bleary eyes shift up to the demonized owl. "I'll get to do it with the cat I love."

The sentiment of his words sent a deep pang through Sparkpaw's heart. The tabby tom for all his rambling did have a way with words when he wanted to. Being with him, for no matter how short of a period made her feel wanted, needed, cared for.....and most importantly loved.

I can't lose him. Not now. Not ever.

Resolve lit her green eyes like a brilliant flame rising up against the darkness. Her paws began to pulse with a brilliant gold light. Sparkpaw glances down at them, surprised to see the wisps of sparkling light fizzling at her paws. An image started to take place in her mind: inky black design of lines interconnected to form something brand new.

"I-I love you too. I'm going to save us Simon, I promise." She whispers fiercely to Simon's prone form.

Her companion must've passed out from the blood loss as he doesn't respond to her proclamation. The red light still flickers around him like a sheet pulled over his body. He was so still that if not for the hesitant rise and rattling fall of his chest she would've thought him to be dead. Please Angel let him live!

She pulls her lips back in a snarl as she glares up at the demonized monster responsible for hurting Simon. The bird is screeeeing again, it's flapping wings furling inwards now to dive at her.

With a speed Sparkpaw thought herself incapable of, the apprentice traces the image in her mind into the air right in the direction of the owl. As though she was drawing out the sun from the sky a big shaft of sunlight shoots from her very paws where the rune was drawn. The almost blinding light slams into the owl full throttle as it makes its descent towards her and Simon.


The owl cries out as it gets hit. The monster turns into a goopy mass of ichor the second the light touches its wide frame. The black burning acid shoots out everywhere, sizzling away at nearby branches, plants and other fauna nearby. How it didn't hit Sparkpaw and Simon is a miracle to say the least.


Sparkpaw can't help but cheer, her heart rate finally slowing down to beat in a more regular rhythm. A part of her is still amazed that she was able to create a rune like thatThe ginger apprentice wastes no time in darting over to Simon to check up on him. The tabby is in the same state as he was the last time, though the pool of blood is beginning to dry up. Sparkpaw is unsure if that's a good thing or not.

"Sparkpaw what's going on?" A familiar voice calls from behind her.

She turns to see Arrowheart and Patchfur's closely brushing forms appear at the top of the ravine, their eyes widened in shock at the scene before them. Both of them were dragging a rabbit a piece. Patchfur had dropped his the second the ravine had come into view for him. Arrowheart is following suit now, placing the rabbit down the slope with Patchfur to join Sparkpaw and Simon in the clearing below.

Arrowheart's spots Simon's form, his eyes widening. "Is he dead?" Her mentor asks, worry edging his mew. Patchfur watches silently beside him, bicolored eyes narrowed thoughtfully.

"No he's..." She trails off as her gaze flits to Simon. The red energy still faintly glowed around the house cat's prone form was still there, but the faint rattling of breath and the rise and fall of his chest was not. Her heart drops with horror.

No! Simon! No!

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