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   Chapter 13 Reuniting with a Friend (Malec)

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*****Simon's POV*****

Simon knew something weird was going on the moment he was picked up by one of the smaller Twolegs in the house and shoved into a crate. Elaine, Becky and Simon were each cooped up in a silver mesh cage, the bars rusted with age so they wouldn't be able to pull the door open like they used to. Underneath their cages, Simon could feel the thrumming of the car engine as it sped along.

Occasionally a large road bump would send him sprawling to the floor but otherwise he remains stalk still. A pink hairless hand was stroking at his ear fur through the gaps in the mesh wiring. The twoleg kit was murmuring something to him while she did so, as though she was telling him some sort of secret.

The tabby kittypet accepts the petting with ease, nuzzling into the hand with expert experience. Off to the side, Elaine was curled up into a tight ball getting some well needed shut eye. The twoleg kits had been chasing his mother around the house this morning, ignoring the tabby cat's protests of not wanting to be picked up whatsoever. Simon guesses she must be exhausted, otherwise Elaine would've been alert during the car ride to the vet.

Ah, yes the vet.

If there was one place Simon hated with a passion, it was the Vet's office. Something about the sterile white walls and metal tables and the smell of chemicals just made his head ache. His nose was also itch whenever he was in the place for over an hour (which was the case whenever they visited). The worse thing though was the veterinarian twoleg who worked there. She always made him feel uncomfortable, looking at him in areas he'd rather she stay away from.

The car jolted into a half as the car pulled up to the office. Simon burrows his face into his paws, inwardly groaning. His stomach rumbled faintly in what he felt was an agreement; the tabby hadn't eat since yesterday, the mouse he had caught last night was long since digested.

If I'd known we were going to the vet's I would've tried to down some cat food. He hadn't eaten the round tasteless pellets in the past few days, as the last time he'd downed a few he hacked them up only a few hours later. His stomach didn't accept anything outside of prey, where the blood was rich and warm.

Anything else I end up getting sick. The scraps his house folk gave him occasionally now made him feel sick to his stomach. My days of pasta and pizza are over. He thought forlornly of all the yummy food he could no longer eat. Simon wasn't completely as to how this change had happened in him, but if he had to guess it was because of that strange cat he'd met a couple weeks ago now.

His lithe frame swayed as his mesh cage was picked up by one of the small humans. From the flashes of long blonde hair and blue eyes he knew it was the female child carrying him. The young male was carrying his sister's mesh cage, the gray she-cat pressing her face to the mesh as though she was trying to get a better view of the office.

Through the cages, the two siblings could hardly get a good look of the building. The smell of it was like lots and lots of germ x and antibacterial soap. As Elaine was the only cat allowed out of the cage before they walked into the building, the mother cat was pestered by her children as to what the building looked like on the outside.

"It looks like all the other buildings here: tall, white and foreboding. Now let me rest." She told them rather snappily, unhappy to have been woken up by the eldest of the house folk.

A few scratches on the human's left arm was a testament to her grumpiness. Elaine was curled up in a chair now, her gray tabby tail hanging over the edge of the tail. The slight twitch of his mother's tail tip let him know she's still awake.

Becky was padding around the male human who worked at the front desk, her slim figure slipping between the man's legs with ease. Simon padded over to join her, his hunger temporarily forgotten. Overhead, the eldest of the housefolk was chatting with the office worker their two scratchy voices filling the air.

The tabby didn't have the slightest clue as to what the two were talking about, but for whatever reason the female kept pointing at him and Becky before rubbing at her fingertips. The lab coat wearing human was nodding, gray wire things sitting atop the bridge of his nose.

"Becky, do you have any idea what they're talking about?" He asked her. Becky paused from her ministrations of rubbing the human's legs. Her eyes were big and round, white light glinting off of them.

"If I had to ask, they're talking about trimming our claws." She mews easily, stretching out her back with a deep arching stretch.

He can't hear it, but he imagines her bones are popping. Simon tilts his head, taking the prospect of claw trimming into perspective. He unsheathes his claws to examine them. The white claws were much sharper and longer than they'd been since the last time he'd been with Clary. Perhaps a trim would do them some good. He certainly didn't want his claws to become dull, he wouldn't be able to kill his prey as easily.

And then another voice joins the conversation, the owner of it sleepy. "No, it's more than that." Elaine let out a massive yawn, blinking sleep out of her eyes.

"What do you mean?" Simon asks her. He doesn't understand why, but fear is working away in his gut now. Becky watches the exchange silently beside Simon, content to just listen to her mother and brother's conversation as she grooms down fur sticking up on her flanks.

"Simon, the house folk brought Becky and I here to get our claws trimmed. You on the other paw are going to the cutter." His mother tells him.

Simon's amber-brown eyes widen in alarm, his tabby fur spiking up along his scruff. Overhead the humans continue their conversation, mindlessly unaware of Simon's freak out session. No no no no no NO! I can't lose my claws! How will I be able to defend myself if I don't have them? How will I ever be able to get to Clary again?

He pictures the pretty ginger she-cat, her small form sitting outside of HunterClan territory waiting for him to arrive. But Simon can't even climb the fence to get out into the woods, without his claws to aid him. Instead he scrabbles helplessly at white wood, not being able to find purchase.

Fast forward to several years later, where Clary has completely forgotten about him and moved on with another more handsome tabby tom that has his claws. Meanwhile Simon lives with his family, forever hemmed inside the house and the backyard, starving most nights because he has an exceedingly hard time catching anything without his sharp white claws. The vision sends a ripple of fear down his spine.

"No way! They wouldn't do that to me." He mewed.

Elaine sighed, rolling her eyes. "Simon, they may be dumb, but the humans still notice things. So they notice when you're out at all odd hours of the night, and they find all those dead animal remains they find underneath the house. And with how wild your father was....I can't say I blame them. You've gotten out of control Simon. They're worried for you, as am I." She murmurs gently, reaching out a consoling paw. Simon flinches away from it, a heavy stone dropping in his gut. She really is serious...

"Mom! They can't do that to Simon!" Becky exclaims, no longer able to be silent. His sister stands protectively in front of him, her expression filled with anger.

Elaine shook her head. "You say it like I have a choice in the matter. The humans came to this decision on their own and they're not going to change their minds. They don't want something bad to happen to Simon like it did with his father. He wandered around too much, and then he died." She says this morbidly, her eyes dark.

"You don't know that the same thing will happen to Simon." Becky growled angrily. "And how can you speak about father like that!?" She yowled. Simon had been wo

ur knows must be a glass door.

As it turns out, the caterwaul came from a tabby tom. The cat looked awfully familiar, though Patchfur couldn't remember for the life of him what the guy's name was. The kittypet was trying to get away from a twoleg dressed up in a long white thing that billowed down to his legs.

The warlock doesn't know what it's called, but he understands that this indicates that the Twoleg is like a Medicine cat in the human world. The thought would be more comforting is the tabby wasn't so freaked out by the healer.

"Simon!" Sparkpaw shouts, streaking towards the struggling tom.

Two hairless hands were gripping Sheldon tightly, trying to lift him up. Sparkpaw reaches them, springing up at the Twoleg's hands and biting down hard. The human let's out a cry of pain and drops Simeon down immediately.

The two young cats sprint away from the Twoleg immediately, not waiting around for the healer to recover. Patchfur follows them with great haste as does Arrowheart. He can feel his boyfriend's hot breath brushing his tail as they run.

The cats don't even pause when they reach the ThunderPath, instead skirting across hard pavement as quick as they can before disappearing into a deeper stretch of forest off on the left side of the foreboding tall building that was covered with dark blue shingles up on the rooftop.

Only once they reach a scattered group of thickets do they stop; bushes and trees surrounding them on all sides. The four cats are gasping for air of for the first few seconds, trying to calm down their racing hearts. The little silver tags on Savon's collar tingle as his body shakes as though he's still gripped by fear.

"Simon, are you alright?" Sparkpaw asks.

"I-I-I'm fine. Thanks for the save back there. If you hadn't shown up when you did-" the young tabby cuts himself off, a full body shudder rippling down his spine.

Sparkpaw gazes at her friend sympathetically as does Arrowheart surprisingly enough. Patchfur wants to ask what had just happened, but he doubts the kittypet would be able to tell them while in such a distraught state. The flame colored she-cat gently licks his ruffled up fur down in a soothing gesture that gets her friend to calm down. Patchfur sits down next to his boyfriend to watch the silent exchange between the two friends.

"I wonder what happened to him?" Patchfur asks idly.

Arrowheart shrugs, his expression grim. "I'm not sure, but I'm guessing we'll find out soon enough." He murmurs softly. Patchfur murmurs his agreement the two boyfriends patiently waiting for Sonar to calm down before questioning him. It was unusual to see the tabby so quiet, the tom was often very talkative.

Then they heard the lumbering footfalls of a Twoleg approaching. They could tell it was a human and not an animal because the movements were placed without a care, heavy brisk as the human moved through the undergrowth.

Arrowheart's ears angled toward the tall alder tree. It's toothed pattern leaves stood out like a sore toe amidst the smaller scraggly trees surrounding it. The foliage was so thick he could hardly see any of the branches that the leaves grew from.

"Come on you four. We have to hide where the Twoleg won't find us." The Shadowhunter orders, a serious expression on his face.

If Patchfur had the time, he would've observed Arrowheart's tough guy expression more. The way his azure gaze goes from an ocean of twinkling stars to a lake frozen over with shards of ice was very fascinating. As he didn't, Patchfur helps Sardine haul himself up the tree, Arrowheart likewise helping Sparkpaw as the four cats clamor up into the safety of the tree.

The tree leaves prove to be as prickly as Patchfur had imagined they'd be, several of them dig into his pelt. His fur prickles with discomfort as the desire to climb down becomes increasingly appealing. Beside him Salon clings stiffly to the branch with tension rippling in his body. Above them Arrowheart and Sparkpaw are crouched on their own branch, gazing at the clearing below.

The twoleg bursts into view and as it turns out he's not alone. Two smaller Twolegs and another adult Twoleg are with him, their howling voices making Sal wince. Patchfur looks at the tabby and then at the humans below, coming to the quick conclusion that the three new Twolegs must be his owners.

Silicon looks like he wants to go to them, but doesn't. The bicolored warrior doesn't question this, averting his gaze away from the tabby tom. When the Twolegs leave the cats scramble down from the tree. Despite his love of the river, Patchfur relishes in the feeling of soft grass as his paws touch the ground.

Not for one second will I ever miss being up in that tree, he scowls up at the enormous thing. Though if he was being fair, Patchfur was grateful that the tree protected them from being spotted.

Arrowheart turns on Shiela quickly, his blue eyes flashing. "Now that their finally gone, I think it's about time you talked." He growled. Sparkpaw watches her mentor worriedly, her green eyes round. Patchfur goes over to Arrowheart's side to show his support. After going through all that struggle to help Sherman, it was about time they received answers.

Shakespeare nods. "Alright. Where do I begin...."

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