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   Chapter 6 Sharing News (Malec)

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*****Arrowheart's POV*****

He paced outside Blossomstar's den, waiting for her to let him into her den. Sparkpaw sat not far from him, grooming a ginger paw with soft laps of her tongue. With Vultureclaw as deputy now, the dark brown tabby limited who could visit Blossomstar with a watchful eye. He wasn't sure if this has to do with the powerful tom being suspicious Arrowheart and the others were on to him or not, but regardless it was annoying.

This scrutiny didn't effect him too badly though. His former mentor always welcomed Arrowheart to come talk to her at anytime. That did not mean that he didn't have to wait sometimes; however, as other cats were permitted to speak to their leader too.

He was relieved to see Palenose clamber down from the cave, her belly softly swaying. The she-cat is expecting Specklefoot's kits, so she was now confined to staying in camp for the most part, until her kits were born. The pale warrior was dragging the remains of a squirrel with her. There was a decent amount of meat hanging off it, letting him know she'd be keeping it to finish later.

Arrowheart nodded to Palenose as she passed, the warrior dipping her head in acknowledgement. Once she was gone, Sparkpaw got to her paws and followed her mentor off the trail to get pass the den entrance to Blossomstar. The vines over the cave opening were beginning to wither, signs of frost bite clinging onto to the tender green plants.

Pale fall light entered through the den opening, cascading light into even the darkest corners of the room. Arrowheart paid the drawings of the runes no mind, but Sparkpaw gazed at them in wonder. Idly he recalled this was likely the first time his apprentice had seen the runes. He was pleased she has the same reaction he did, the drawings truly were something else. They told tales of times long forgotten, ancient lessons that all the clan leaders carried with them.

Blossomstar was sitting at the center of the den, grooming her tail fur clean. A few scraps of golden brown fur were scattered around her. The woody scent of them were that of the plump squirrel Palenose had been carrying with her earlier. The two she-cats must've been sharing a meal.

"Hello Arrowheart, Sparkpaw, what brings you two to my Den." Blossomstar said, her amber eyes focused on them with interest.

"Blossomstar, it's good to see you. There's something we need to tell you." Blossomstar tilted her head at him. She leaned her head forward to focus just on Arrowheart.

"Is this about the trip to the Moon Stone? Have you heard anything else?" She asked him. Sparkpaw watches the exchange, her ears perked curiously. The trip to to High Stones had been so long ago, he honestly hadn't thought much about it. Everything had been happening so fast at the time, and he just hadn't processed it yet. The idea that StarClan had wanted to talk to him, a mere apprentice at the moment, was just so bizarre.

He shook his head. "No, I haven't heard anything from them again. But I think Sparkpaw received a message from them about WolfClan. Sparkpaw, tell her what you told me." Sparkpaw nodded, telling Blossomstar every detail of her dream. When she was finished, Blossomstar sat back on her haunches, her expression thoughtful.

"So you believe WolfClan has disappeared through a tunnel of sorts and if we go through it, we can find WolfClan?" The leader asked Sparkpaw.

Sparkpaw nodded. "Yes, I think so. So, are we going to go after them then?" She asked. Arrowheart watched with bated breath, curious as to what Blossomstar's answer would be. If Sparkpaw is right, and I'm certain she is, then we can find'll be a step in the right direction. His mind grimly reminded him that there would be several more steps that needed to be taken before things could truly return back to normal.

"I think you're on to something, but I won't make my decision yet. The Gathering is tonight, and I'd like to hear what the other leaders have to say first. They may also want to help bring WolfClan home." Blossomstar said. Sparkpaw looked like she wanted to argue, her jaws opening to protest waiting a minute longer.

Arrowheart shook his head at her, dipping his head in agreement to his leader's words. "Of course Blossomstar. Hopefully the other leaders will also want to help, especially FangClan as they drove WolfClan out in the first place."

To be honest, he was doubtful that the newly appointed Cricketstar would want to help. FangClan may be good now, but they never had liked FangClan. Vampires and werewolves had such a harness for one another, it was beyond insane. Arrowheart didn't think he'd ever understand the bad blood between the two clans. And I doubt I ever want to either.

"Yes, I hope so too. You two are dismissed, make sure you're well rested for the Gathering tonight." At Sparkpaw's questioning look she added on. "You'll both be attending tonight."

"Really?!" Sparkpaw said, her voice eager.

Blossomstar chuckled softly. "Yes really, now go get prepared." Sparkpaw nodded, darting out of the den without waiting for her mentor. Arrowheart watched her go with mild amusement. She reminded him of himself and his siblings on their own first Gathering.

"Arrowheart." Blossomstar's voice called right before he padded out. Blue eyes met amber, questioning.

"What is it?" Arrowheart asked. A part of him was itching to go see Patchfur, he hadn't seen the black and ginger tom all day and he'd like to spend some alone time with him before the Gathering.

"I fear that the Clans are entering a troubling time, one where we all may be tested. I want you to know that you can always come to me to talk." She told him.

Her words were so sincere, and it made his heart ache. There was so much Blossomstar still didn't know about Vultureclaw, but he knew right now, it wasn't likely she'd believe him. Arrowheart needed to gather solid proof to present to her first. I promise Blossomstar, I'm going to get that evidence soon. Please just wait a little longer. Arrowheart muttered out a weak 'sure' before heading out of the den, back into the breezy Leaf fall air.

*******Time Skip/ Nightrose's POV********

As was the case on every full moon, Fourtrees was filled to the brim with cats from the Clans. The leaders were sitting together, the newly appointed Cricketstar talking to Blossomstar. The two's hushed conversation received the occasional input from Wishstar and Vinestar.

The deputies sat at the roots of one of the gigantic oak trees. Hedgepelt was grooming her

Weedpaw, and Twinepaw." The cats gathered called out the new apprentices' names.

Arrowheart scanned the hollow till he spotted the three amongst the fern beds. Springpaw is a white she-cat, Weedpaw a black tom with brown paws, and Twinepaw a white and gray tom with mismatched blue and purple eyes. Each of the young cats' eyes were glowing, their chests puffed out pridefully as their names were called.

Wishstar went next. "Hunting is bountiful in MagicClan, and our borders are very well patrolled." The tom shot a meaningful glance at the FangClan leader. "We will no longer be sharing prey with our neighbors, regardless of how in need of it they may be."

He's making it very clear that FangClan isn't welcome anymore. Arrowheart glanced at the sky, glad to see no clouds had passed over the moon. At least his anger isn't upsetting StarClan, hopefully Cricketstar doesn't get angry. Thankfully, all Cricketstar did was stared impassively back at Wishstar, his eyes unblinking.

"Also, we will not be welcoming any deserters back into our midst. Especially if they are murder suspects." Wishstar growled, his words directed right at Patchfur.

Arrowheart looks at the tom beside him worriedly, hoping this doesn't upset him further. Patchfur remains impassive, the MagicClan cats nearby showing more reaction then him. Arrowheart notices some of the river loving warriors shifting uneasily. Weaselfur looked annoyed, while Berrypool had an expression of quite rage on her face. She definitely doesn't agree with her leader, he realized.

Cricketstar stepped forward, next to speak. His words seem oddly rehearsed. "Greetings, my name is Cricketstar. I'm the new of FangClan. My predecessor did many awful things during her time as leader. Many things that I'm trying hard to fix." From her spot below the rock, Hedgepelt nodded approvingly. It made Arrowheart wonder just how much this speech was practiced beforepaw.

Blossomstar cut in, her amber eyes curious. "That's all well and good and all, but what do you plan to do about WolfClan. Five Clans are meant to be in the forest. When your predecessor drove them out, she changed that number."

"What are trying to imply Blossomstar, that it is FangClan's job to bring WolfClan back?" Vinestar asked, her tail curled neatly around her paws where she sat. The FaerieClan leader had been watching the exchange attentively.

Blossomstar didn't give a direct answer, but implied everything she needs to say. "Perhaps so, they were the ones to drive WolfClan out in the first place. If they remain gone for too long, it will anger our ancestors for certain."

Cricketstar nods. "We of FangClan understand our error of driving another Clan from our home. WolfClan are welcome to return to their home at any time, as we have retracted our claim to their land. The only problem is, WolfClan has been gone for several moons now. Wherever they've gone, we won't be able to track them down by any easy means. And as we have other issues at paw, we cannot offer assistance at this time." He finished.

Arrowheart stared up at the new FangClan leader with disappointment. So he's not going to help... In all honesty, it made sense the new leader didn't want to offer help in finding WolfClan, he has a lot of issues going on in FangClan already, what with establishing a new order and all. But still, I wish he would've helped.

Blossomstar spoke last. "Prey runs well in HunterClan. We have four new warriors and five new apprentices. Arrowheart, Goldenclaw, Nightrose and Brackenfoot have all been given their warrior names. Our new apprentices are Sparkpaw, Violetpaw, Smokepaw, Mousepaw, and Stripepaw."

The cats gathered called out all of their names, Arrowheart flushed under all the praise. His blush only deepens when he heard Patchfur's voice calling out amongst the cheer. And it only got more pleasantly embarrassing when Blossomstar continues on.

"StarClan and the Angel have blessed us with so many new warriors and apprentices for our Clan. Two of which warriors have undergone the sacred ritual to become parabatai. Arrowheart and Goldenclaw will be a force to be reckoned with indeed." Arrowheart was certain that his brother was also beaming at those words, the praise wonderful on his ears. The Gathering closed shortly after that, each of the Clans going their separate ways home.

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