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   Chapter 2 Coming to A Decision

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*****Clary's POV*****

It had been over a week since Goldenclaw and the others had returned from the Parabatai ceremony, and Clary still hadn't figured out how to ask Blossomstar what she wanted to. Clary had been with HunterClan for a number of moons now. Through spending time with the Shadowhunters, she'd come to the decision that she would like to live there; to become a full fledged member of HunterClan.

The question is, will that be allowed? She would've asked Goldenclaw, but things between them were still awkward. It wasn't every day that you found out the cat you liked was your sibling. Clary felt weirded out by the situation, and judging by how tense the yellow furred tabby was acting, she'd say that Goldenclaw felt the same.

She thought about asking Nightrose, but her friend was always busy with something. That, and the black she-cat had been spending a lot of time around Goldenclaw lately. She knew that Nightrose was comforting her brother during those moments, so it felt awkward to approach her with something like this while she had her paws full. That left one option, an option that might be more difficult then she was willing to express.

She was currently with that option now. She and Arrowheart were helping Dawnpaw gather fresh bedding for the elders today. Apparently, Mistwing had a conniption earlier about a thorn in her bedding. The gray she-cat had demanded that some cat get her fresh bedding. Puddlestep had also commented he could use new bedding too.

As the Apprentice's Den had only two apprentices residing in it now, and Brackenpaw was preparing for his final assessment, that left Dawnpaw only to retrieve the loads of bedding. Elders, being picky in their old age, required only the best moss and feathers one could find.

Being such good friends with Arrowheart, Dawnpaw had enlisted the young warrior to help. Clary had spotted them on their way out, asking if she could join them. Arrowheart and Dawnpaw agreed, and together the three of them made their way into the forest.

Clary's paws sunk into the soft green grass below her. There had been a light rain that morning, leaving everything damp. Many of the overhead tree branches were weighed down from all the rainfall, the occasional stream of water spilling down on the three cats from above. One had spilled on Arrowheart just moments before, drenching his tail in rainwater.

"Stupid trees, why can't they understand we don't like getting wet." He said, shaking his spindly black tail out. Dawnpaw smirked knowingly, Arrowheart saw this and gave his friend a questioning glare. The Medicine cat apprentice seemed to be holding back her laughter.

"What?" He asked Dawnpaw grouchily. The warrior had managed to shake most of the water out of his fur, but still a few droplets remained. They clung to his tail like sticky pinesap. Clary wouldn't be surprised if the rain did have some of the sticky stuff in it, it did come from the trees after all.

"I think you might be a special exception. After all, you and Patchfur seem pretty close." Dawnpaw said with a chuckle.

Arrowheart flushed at that, ducking his head down to give his chest fur a few embarrassed licks. Clary, who'd been trotting beside the tom, kept quiet watching the exchange. She didn't want the her brother's Parabatai to clam up. There was no way she'd be able to ask him for help then.

She still wasn't 100% sure what Arrowheart thought of her to begin with. Clary personally didn't think he liked her that much. Goldenclaw had once told her that Arrowheart was naturally standoffish around most other cats. The tom would express his thoughts through actions, not words. So far, Arrowheart and Clary hadn't interacted all that much outside of time with Goldenclaw and Nightrose.

So....her status with the warrior was left unclear. Are we friends...or just acquaintances? Cats who have the same brother? I'm so confused.

"Uh...I don't know. I mean, yea we're friends. I don't know if were anything more then that. I don't know what I'd consider us." He confessed to Dawnpaw, casting a nervous glance at Clary.

Her head tilted at that worried gaze. She didn't know all the ins and outs of HunterClan by any means, but she was getting the impression that being gay wasn't exactly welcome amongst most of the Shadowhunters. She didn't understand that, as where she grew up cats were free to have whatever preferences they wanted.

It was rather obvious to her that Arrowheart was gay, and Patchfur bisexual. But whereas as Patchfur flaunted his sexuality proudly, not afraid to be who he was, Arrowheart seemed terrified of how others might feel. Clary had no idea how to help him, but she wished she could offer him at least some form of comfort.

"I'm almost certain Patchfur likes you, so I wouldn't worry about that if I were you." Dawnpaw told him gently. Arrowheart gave her a shaky nod. Clary opened her mouth to add in, but Arrowheart was quick to change the topic.

"Come on, I see some of that moss you were talking about between those maple tree roots. Let's collect some and then we can collect some bird feathers when we get back to camp." Arrowheart said. Dawnpaw and Clary watched him go, then shared a glance.

"He really is insecure about coming out, huh?" She asked Dawnpaw rhetorically.

The pale yellow she-cat sighed. "Yea, but you have to understand, HunterClan is very...traditional. Lots of cats might not like him for being...." she trailed off.

"Gay? I don't see why that should matter." Clary muttered, beginning to head towards where Arrowheart had stopped at the tree roots.

The bark was a dark brown there from the rain, almost blending in with the dirt. The warrior had his claws out, scraping delicate scraps of moss out before picking them up and putting them in a pile off to the side. Dawnpaw caught up to Clary a few tail lengths before she reached Arrowheart. The tom was so focused on his task that he was paying his two companions no mind. The apprentice's blue eyes were wide, searching.

"Clary, just because many of the older cats think that way, doesn't mean I do. I want Arrowheart to be happy. He's always been so caring, and he just deserves the best." Dawnpaw said.

"I'm assuming there's a but involved." Clary said, her green gazed focused on Arrowheart's hunched over form.

"But I don't want him to get hurt. Whatever he decides; however, I'll support him no matter what comes." She finished. Clary dipped her head agreeably at that.

"Me too." Clary told her. Dawnpaw gave Clary a small smile at that, one that Clary returned in earnest.

"Hey, if you two would stop lallygagging and come help me, that would be greatly appreciated." Arrowheart called out. His blue eyes were focused on them now, a flicker of annoyance in their depths.

"Coming!" Clary called back, hastily making her way over.

Dawnpaw was on her heels, the two of them by Arrowheart's side quickly. The three cats peeled the roots free of moss, collecting a sizable amount before they headed back to camp. When they were finally on their way back was when Clary finally got to talk

to Arrowheart in private.

Dawnpaw had headed back earlier. Nightrose had come out to retrieve the apprentice. Featherflight needed help in the Nursery, as another cat had caught Tumblekit's bellyache. This left Arrowheart alone with Clary, the two each carrying a bundle of freshly torn moss.

"So, " Clary began, "I was wondering if you could help me with something." Arrowheart's ear twitched, a noncommittal sound making his way out of his throat.

"Hmm, that'll depend on what it is you need help with." He commented. The warrior's gaze was focused on the path ahead. The overcast sky made their surroundings seem dull compared to normal. The vibrant colored flowers and leaves faded; the nature smells subdued.

"I...I....need help becoming a member of HunterClan." She admitted, her eyes drifting to focus on her paws. Arrowheart slowed his pace, just slightly. It was such a small change, one almost didn't notice it. Clary, who had to take at least two strides on average to keep up with his pace from her smaller stature, noticed the change immediately.

"What you mean by that?" He said slowly. His voice seemed to be testing each syllable as he said them. Uncertainty filled the air. What if this was a mistake? Just because he was Blossomstar's apprentice doesn't mean that he'll know how to help me.

"Clary. What do you mean?" He asked again. Clary realized she must've been staring off into space for too long. Arrowheart's voice had a hint of grouchiness to it now. Well, it's now or never.

"How do I ask Blossomstar to let me join HunterClan? I-I really want to be a Shadowhunter and..." She trailed off, noticing Arrowheart's expression. The carefully placed mask of expressionlessness was gone, left behind was sheer surprise and blinking blue eyes.

"Clary, you really want to become a member of HunterClan? I suspected, but I wasn't certain." He mewed.

"Yea. I really do. Would you...could you please help me?" She asked him, doing her best not to sound overly hopeful.

"Of course, " he agreed, "we can talk to her right after we finish with the bedding." Arrowheart told her.

"Yes!" Clary exclaimed, her heart soaring. "Thanks so much!"

*******Time Skip*******

The elders had thanked them for their help as they departed from the Elders Den. The sun was beginning it's descent into the earth as the moon rose. Clary paced underneath the High Rock. Arrowheart was bidding his good byes to Puddlestep and Mistwing, the young warrior set to join her soon.

Clary had already seen Blossomstar disappear into her cave, Vultureclaw trailing behind her. From their murmurings she'd strained to hear as they passed, the two had been talking about Clan business. Around camp, every cat was settling down for the evening.

Brackenpaw and Dawnpaw were eating a shrew by the tree stump, swapping tales as they groomed one another's fur. Littlebird and Ripplefur were curled up together, the she-cat's green eyes blinking slowly as Ripplefur rambled on about some story. Frondleap and Ashwhisker were trotting over to the prey pile with Dapplefur, the three having just returned from a hunting patrol. Petalfall was with Silvermoon and Badgerstripe, the three senior warriors sitting outside the Warrior's Den discussing something.

She felt a gust of air beside her and turned to see Arrowheart bounding over to her. Normally, the black furred warrior would be looking around for his siblings or Patchfur at this evening hour. Knowing that the three cats in question were out on the evening patrol, he was not. Arrowheart gestured with a flick of a paw to Blossomstar's Den. The stone cave loomed in front of Clary now, an unmovable force. This upcoming meeting would be a turning point in her life. She was exhilarated; she was terrified.

"Are you ready?" He asked her. Seeing Vultureclaw slip out of the den now, she was able to stifle a nod. She'd hoped that the new deputy wouldn't be around for this conversation. After learning that the massive tabby was a kin slayer, she didn't want to be anywhere near him.

"Yea, lets get on with it." She told him, striding forward into the den. Arrowheart pulled back the growing green vines that curtained the entrance with his teeth. This allowed Clary to slip in easily, without slipping over the rope like things.

Inside Blossomstar was standing over the pool in the Leader's den. She was lapping at the water there, her whiskers dripping with sparkling liquid. She noticed the two newcomers right when they came in, her amber eyes swinging up to meet them.

She dipped her head. "Welcome Arrowheart, Clary. Is there anything I can help you with?" She asked. Clary gulped, it was now or never. The ginger she-cat glanced at Arrowheart, looking for some direction on how to start the conversation.

The young warrior inhaled deeply. "Clary has something important she needs to talk to you about." He began. At Blossomstar's confused expression, he hastily added on. "It's nothing bad, I reassure you."

Blossomstar nodded along, her amber gaze narrowed at Clary now. "Okay, what is it Clary?" She asked.

"Um, I was wondering if I could join HunterClan. I mean, I know I was born a house cat and all, but both my parents are I want to be one too." Clary told the leader.

Blossomstar dipped her head at this. "I see, that's wonderful news." The leader told her. Clary perked up at that, she'd been worried that Blossomstar might not react as kindly.

"Really? I wasn't sure if you'd be alright with that." Clary confided. Arrowheart watched the exchange in silence, his black tail swishing behind him.

"Of course I'm alright with it. Your mother may have taken you to live in the Twoleg place, but it was you and your spirit that knew that you were something more than just a kittypet. That something, whether it be the Angel or StarClan led you to us. And now that you're here, it is time for you to become a member of HunterClan." Blossomstar finished.

"Yes yes! Thanks Blossomstar! So, are we going to have a ceremony now or...." Clary trailed off.

Blossomstar chuckled at her eagerness. "All in good time. First, I have to figure out who your mentor should be." Her gaze seemed to land on Arrowheart, her expression thoughtful.

"My mentor? Do I need one?" Clary had been living with HunterClan for a couple of moons now. Did she really need to be taught by another cat?

"Yes, you do. For while you have been living with us for around three moons time, you only know the very basics. There is still so much you must learn before becoming a warrior." Clary nodded at that, Blossomstar wasn't wrong.

"Okay, so...when are we doing the ceremony?" She asked. Clary couldn't help feeling a little impatient. She'd wanted to be a forest cat for some time now. The quicker that happens the better in her humble opinion.

Blossomstar leapt up to where her nest was, sitting down amidst the soft bedding. "The ceremony will take place tomorrow. Be prepared. You are dismissed." She ended. Clary nodded, giving a hasty thanks before scrambling out of the den, Arrowheart close behind.

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