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   Chapter 1 Allegiances and Prologue

City of Ice and Fire By Grace Estellar Characters: 25858

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HunterClan (Shadowhunters) (no surprise these guys will be like ThunderClan)

Leader: Blossomstar (light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes)

Deputy: Vultureclaw (dark brown tabby tom with long claws) (Malachi)

Medicine Cat: Featherflight (gray tabby tom with a white tail tip, former elder) apprentice: Dawnpaw (pale gold she-cat with light blue eyes)

Warriors (toms and she-cats without kits):

Scratchnose (black tom with scar on his nose and brown eyes)

Bearfur (golden brown tom with amber eyes)

Swallowsong (white she-cat with blue eyes) (Imogen)

Badgerstripe (black tom with a white stripe along his back and brown eyes) (Robert L.)

Starkpelt (pale ginger tom with amber eyes, currently on probation) (Hodge)

Dapplefur (tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes) (Jia)

Silvermoon (gray tabby she-cat with ice blue eyes) (Maryse L.)

Petalfall (ginger she-cat with green eyes)

Junipernose (brown tabby tom) (Andrew B.)

Ripplefur (cream colored tabby tom) (Arthur B.)

Honeybee (golden she-cat with white paws)

Comfreyleaf (yellow tabby she-cat with brown eyes and white paws)

Specklefoot (white tom with ginger spots on his paws)

Ashwhisker (gray tom with blue eyes) (Raj) a: Mousepaw

Frondleap (golden-brown tabby tom with white paws) a: Stripepaw

Patchfur (black and ginger tom with golden green eyes, formerly MagicClan) (Magnus)

Arrowheart (black tom with a white dash on his chest and striking blue eyes) (Alec) a: Sparkpaw

Goldenclaw (handsome gold tabby tom with golden eyes) (Jace) a: Violetpaw

Nightrose (black she-cat with brown eyes) (Isabelle) a: Smokepaw

Brackenfoot (golden-brown tom with brown eyes) (Andrew Underhill)

Queens (she-cats nursing or expecting kits):

Comfreyleaf (yellow tabby she-cat with brown eyes and white paws, Dustcloud's mate) (Sandkit-yellow tabby she-cat, Cloudkit-fluffy white tom, and Tumblekit- brown tom with white paws)

Palenose (pale gold she-cat with brown eyes)

Littlebird (white she-cat with green eyes)

Apprentices (cats in training to become warriors or a medicine cat):

Dawnpaw (pale yellow she-cat with pale blue eyes, training to be a Medicine cat) (Lydia)

Sparkpaw (small flame colored ginger she-cat with green eyes, formerly a kittypet) (Clary)

Violetpaw (tortoiseshell she-cat with violet eyes) (Aline)

Smokepaw (dark gray tom with amber eyes)

Stripepaw (small gray tabby she-cat with a white belly)

Mousepaw (light brown she-cat with green eyes)

Elders (retired warriors and medicine cats):

Mistwing (gray she-cat with green eyes) (Amatis)

Puddlestep (ginger tom with dark brown paws)

Russetleaf (dark ginger she-cat with green eyes, staying in elder's den until she reawakens) (Jocelyn)

MagicClan (warlocks) (these guys will be like RiverClan)

Leader: Wishstar (gray tom with a white belly and white paws)

Deputy: Weaselfur (brown tom with a cream colored belly and brown eyes)

Medicine cat: Berrypool (tortishell she-cat with brown eyes) (Catarina)


Stoneleap (gray tabby tom with long legs)

Minnowfall (white she-cat with blue eyes)

Sandyfur (gold she-cat with white paws) apprentice: Stempaw (ginger and brown tom)

Twistbelly (black tom with green eyes and a white belly)

Moletail (small ginger tom with a thin tail)

Ambereyes (light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes)

Spikefur (fluffy yellow tom with green eyes)

Heavyfoot (dark brown tabby tom with black paws)

Breezefur (fluffy gray she-cat with brown eyes)

Watertail (silver she-cat with light blue eyes and a bushy tail)

Fuzzsplash (white tom with long legs and amber eyes)

Fishpelt (gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes)

Ferntail (yellow she-cat with gray eyes)

Thrushfeather (light brown tom)


Springfern (pale ginger she-cat with green eyes)(Hollowkit-small brown tom with yellow eyes, Mosskit-black and white she-cat)

Frightpelt (black she-cat with a white muzzle) (Bilekit-small white tom, Sneezekit-black tom with green eyes, Fleckkit-speckled ginger and white she-cat)


Treetail (dark brown tom with a bushy tail)

Stiffwhisker (gray tabby tom with a white muzzle)

Daisysong (white she-cat with gray splotches)

FangClan (vampires) (these guys will be like ShadowClan)

Leader: Cricketstar (lanky gray tom with green eyes, former elder known as Cricketleap)

Deputy: Hedgepelt (small brown she-cat with gray/green eyes, former elder)

Medicine cat: Shrewwhisker (scrawny black tom with yellow eyes)

Ravenspirit (black tom with yellow eyes and a white tail tip)


Shardtail (Black tom with white speckled tail) a: Woodpaw (dark brown tom)

Ragestripe (dark ginger tabby tom with brown eyes and a fluffy tail)

Thornpelt (gray tom with brown speckles on his back and brown eyes) (Raphael)

Licebelly (gold tabby tom with white spots on his belly)

Poisonsong (tortoishell she-cat with violet eyes)

Lilypelt (white she-cat with green eyes)

Marshfang (dark tabby tom)

Mudwhisker (dark tabby tom with amber eyes and a torn ear)

Icefoot (black tom with a white front paw and blue eyes)

Hornettail (yellow tabby tom with brown eyes) a: Dartpaw (black tom with amber eyes)

Sharpfang (large black tom with sharpened fangs)

Tricklestep (white she-cat with ginger ears and one ginger paw)

Pineprickle (light brown she-cat with green eyes)


Streaktail (gray she-cat with a white tail) (Bitekit-dark gray tom with brown eyes, Scratchkit-black tom with white paws, Leapkit-ginger she-cat, Yarrowkit-yellow furred she-cat)

Echoflight (silver she-cat with green eyes)


Snarltooth (dark gray tabby tom whose missing a front fang)

Brittlewing (white tom with ice blue eyes)

Blindeyes (brown tabby tom who lost his vision in both eyes)

Frogtongue (pale brown tom with yellow eyes)

FaerieClan (seelies) (these guys will be like SkyClan)

Leader: Vinestar ( dark ginger she-cat with wild green eyes) (seelie queen)

Deputy: Twigflight (gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes and white hind paws)

Medicine Cat: Doebelly (brown tom with white spots along his belly) apprentice: Seedpaw (golden-brown tabby she-cat with white paws and green eyes)


(Regular Faeries or Court Faeries)

Scaldtail (gray tabby tom with a tail covered in white speckles)

Rosethorn (fluffy dark ginger she-cat) apprentice: Soundpaw

Duskstep (black tom with pale gray paws and green eyes) (Meliorn)

Hopfoot (white tom with ginger chest fur and blue eyes) (Fergus)

Whiteflower (white she-cat with stunning blue-gray eyes) (Nene)

Violetstem (silver she-cat with violet eyes)

Heateyes (dark gray tom with amber eyes) apprentice: Weedpaw (black tom with brown paws)

Shynose (cream colored she-cat with a white belly) apprentice: Springpaw (white she-cat)

Applewish (ginger she-cat with dark brown eyes)

Soundear (black tom with big ears)

Echopool (gray she-cat with green eyes)

(Wild Hunt Faeries)

Slitherclaw (pale gold tom with green and brown eyes)

Yarrowpelt (black tom with yellow and amber eyes)

Shadeleaf (slim black tom with a fluffy tail tip)

Hornleaf (gold tabby tom with green and gold eyes)

Chaseleg (ginger tom with long legs and a short tail)

Bellowstep (dark ginger tom with green and blue eyes) a: Twinepaw (white and gray tom)

Harryfur (dark brown tom with yellow and amber eyes)

Beckonstep (gray tabby tom with blue and green eyes)


Flowerheart (silver she-cat with a white belly)

Coldwind (white and gray she-cat with ice blue eyes) (Rufflekit- fluffy white tom, and Heronkit- pale gray tom with mismatched eyes)


Stumpfoot (dark gray tabby tom who is missing a front paw)

Melodycrash ( ginger she-cat with white specks around her muzzle)

Huntingfur (pale brown tom with faded gold and blue eyes)

Fadedpelt (white tom with gray eyes)

Bouldernose (black tom with mismatched gray and amber eyes)

WolfClan (these guys are the werewolves, they'll be like WindClan)

Leader: Rookstar (old brown tabby tom with amber eyes and a long scar down his flank)

Deputy: Grayfur (gray tabby tom with brown eyes and a faded scar on his shoulder; formerly of HunterClan) (Luke)

Medicine Cat: Bellflower (small white she-cat with one dark gray front paw) apprentice: Tendrilroot (ginger she-cat with a white tail tip)


Mousefoot (short gray tom with green eyes)

Ripplesplash (light brown tom with blue eyes)

Frecklepelt (speckled yellow she-cat with violet eyes)

Thrushsong (cream colored she-cat) apprentice: Bushpaw (fluffy gray tom with blue eyes)

Clearbreeze (white tom with blue eyes) apprentice: Leafpaw (brown she-cat with green eyes)

Howlclaw (big black tom with many scars from fighting)

Logbelly (light brown tabby tom with a dark brown belly)

Flightwing (yellow tom with dark brown paws) a: Creampaw (cream colored she-cat)

Deerspeckle (light brown she-cat with white spots)

Claypelt (ginger she-cat with brown eyes)

Strikeclaw (dark brown tom with amber eyes) (Jordan) a: Scarcepaw (black tom)

Crashtail (dark gray tabby tom) (Bat) a: Micahpaw

Poppyleaf (tortoishell she-cat with blue eyes) a: Puddlepaw (brown and white tom)

Leechheart (Golden she-cat with green eyes, missing part of an ear)

Silverthorn (pale gray she-cat with intense green eyes) (Maia) a: Gorgepaw (ginger and white tom)


Mooncloud (black she-cat with green eyes)

Cherrynose (white she-cat with a dark pink nose) (Blinkkit-white tom, and Shudderkit-white tom with black splotches)


Missingtooth (black tom, missing a tooth and with a long scar across one eye)

Conestripe (gray tabby she cat with a white belly and blue eyes)

Spiketail (young dark gray tom with yellow eyes and a badly damaged tail and with one ear torn off)

Cats Outside the Clans: (live alone, in the wild, or in the Twoleg place as a kittypet)

Frostfang (white tom with gray ear tips and tail tip with dark amber eyes; formerly of HunterClan) (Valentine)

Simon (a kittypet who is a dark brown tabby tom with brown eyes)

Flick (gray she-cat with green eyes and a white tail tip; loner)

Archer (yellow tabby with blue eyes; loner)

Dot (tortoishell She-cat with amber eyes; kittypet)

Spot (fat brown and white tom; kittypet)

Shade (black tom with yellow eyes; rogue)

Ragged (yellow tom with scars on his sides; rogue)

Wire (wiry gray she-cat; rogue)

Sourdough (brown and cream colored tom cat; rogue)

Sour Cream (cream colored she-cat; rogue)

Ratchet (dark russet colored tom with blue eyes; rogue)

Jasmine (gray she-cat with purple eyes; kittypet)

Flint (black tom with amber eyes; rogue)

Boots (small ginger tom with white paws; kittypet)

Flower (fluffy white she-cat with blue eyes; lives with Twolegs)

Onto the story....

*********Frostfang's POV********

Frostfang moved at a leisurely pace through the Twoleg Place. The empty streets were lined with trash, the alleyways dank a dark. The city was no place for a forest cat to live. It was no place for him to live. Unfortunately for him, Frostfang didn't have the luxury of living in the forest he called home. The fox hearted cowards that lived their currently didn't want him there. It wouldn't be too far to say they happily kill him if he tried.

He looked at his paws. A soaking wet object was concealed underneath one, the Mortal Moss was never dry, as all the legends said the Angelic artifact remained wet as long as an angelic influence was in the world. Without an Angelic influence, it would dry up hence forth ceasing to be. It was a strange thing to think about, a world without light. Surely that could never exist?

Frostfang knew that the nephilim are superior above all other cats, but many other Shadowhunters did not share his ideals. Blossomstar and most all of HunterClan have lost their is up to me to return them to it. He tried his experiments in the past, hoping to better himself. It was only several experiments later that he realized that his injections did not work on full grown cats.

He understood that the only way to make powerful cats was to alter their DNA before they were born. Wanting only the best for his children, he injected them first. Slashkit was his very first trial. His demonic blood would make him a brand new sort of powerful, that was for sure.

His thoughts drifted to Goldenpaw, the scratch he'd left on Frostfang's muzzle a pink slice on his skin. He doubted the stubborn young tom even realized he'd managed to nick the Circle leader before Frostfang had flung him into a tree. Not that it matters, but it's nice to see how strong he is already...the experiment clearly worked.

As the young tom wasn't a warrior yet to his knowledge, he doubted Goldenpaw knew of the power he possessed.

He will soon, and once he joins my side I'll give him plenty direction on how to use that power. In the mean time, I'm going to further enact my plan.

He smirked at his surroundings, he was just where he wanted to be. Before the Circle leader was what could best be described as a demolished building. All but the front of the structure was completely destroyed. Piles upon piles of ruined brick lay atop the surrounding street and sidewalk. It was no surprise that the Twolegs had closed down this Thunderpath. Bright yellow tape with black lines were stretched across the pavement, connected to equally bright orange cones.

Sometimes, Frostfang did not understand Twolegs. To him, they moved around like unchallenged prey. They had no real predator to stop them from doing stupid things....except for themselves. This made them foolish and stupid by all means to him. Without an enemy, they were left to squabble amongst themselves, many refusing to fight for a common cause. This is why cats are better than Twolegs ever will be.

With a determined nod to himself, he made his way into the structure. With careful paw steps he moved around the bricks hapzardly strewn on the ground. Going through the front would make no sense. Not only was the brick walling intact, the green sign reading Barney's Hardware and Weapons was still there, it's oval plate having lost its fluorescent lighting ages ago. Underneath the sign was two small square windows and a door.

The door wasn't one of those revolving things. No, instead it was a dull blue, the paint faded and chipping away slowly. Underneath was the original brown color. Its doorknob was rusted beyond repair. He had to hide behind one of the cones earlier, watching as a Twoleg kit toddled over to the door, tugging the knob. It didn't have any understanding that the thing wouldn't budge, no matter how hard he tried.

Needless to say, he'd been relieved when the stubborn child had finally left what seemed like hours later. This left him to get around the building to what he was truly looking for. Behind the building, his outfit was already there waiting for him. Ratchet, Wire, Sourdough, Sour Cream, and Dot to name a few were gathered already. In front of them lay exactly what he'd been so eager to find. He just hoped that his warlock pet was correct about what this really was.

"Boss! It's good to see you're finally here!" Ratchet called cheerfully when he spotted him. The big tom had been talking to Sourdough just moments before, his head tilted leaving his Circle mark on his neck on full display.

Unlike most other runes that blended into the skin of the nephilim, the circle rune stood out regardless of where it was placed on the body or what the color of the cat's fur was. Ratchet, Sourdough, Sour Cream, and Wire are all newly made nephilim. Frostfang had gotten his most elite soldiers to drink from the Moss right away after the skirmish with Goldenpaw and Clary. He was pleased that they took to being Angel blooded with ease, not a single one of them dying during their Ascension (aka transition to becoming a nephilim).

Frostfang dipped his head in agreement. "It is good to see you all as well." He turned his cold gaze on the warlock.

Dot was under the spell of one of his injections, her usually vivid green eyes glazed over and hollowed out. She was staring blankly at nearby weed sprouting out of a crack in the pavement. Everything about the once vibrant she-cat was vacant now; she was an empty shell of her former self. As all remaining Downworlders will be when I'm done exterminating their race of freaks.

"Warlock, is the pathway ready?" He asked it. Dot's vacant gaze rested on him, expressionless as she had been since the injections started. He had recently renewed her dosage yesterday morning. He'd done more so than usual, meaning that she'd be out of it for more then the usual three day time period. Completely pliant to my will, he thought with sadistic glee.

When Dot didn't respond right away, Wire shoved her forward knocking her off balance, the gray she-cat's claws unsheathed. "Go on pet, answer your master." She jeered.

Dot didn't show any signs of pain from the blood dripping from her hindquarters. She moved mechanically, facing herself towards Frostfang. It had taken her longer then normal to steady herself, but the leader just put that down to the warlock's weak willed body, not the drugs in her system that kept her from fighting back.

"Yes master. This pathway coincides perfectly with the hidden ley line junction underneath this building. Like the Walk of Bones, this will lead you directly to the Silent Forest." She told him. Beyond her and the rest of the group laid a massive whole in the ground, it's surface sparkling with purple magic. No light seemed to fall into this tunnel, but if he had to guess, it was deep. A tunnel going several miles away had to be so.

Frostfang was very pleased by this, a dark smile alighting his face. "Wonderful. Soon my brothers and sisters, we will go to the Silent Forest and take back what is rightfully ours." He yowled out. His followers cheered around him, their excited murmurs filling up the night sky.

******Featherflight's POV******

Having been a healer for many moons, it was nights like these that made him feel anxious. No, it wasn't that there was something bad afoot in HunterClan camp. Everything was peaceful in the forest. The warriors had healed up from their injuries, relaxing outside in the Clearing. The were chatting amicably, enjoying the night breeze.

The late night patrols were almost all back in camp, the last one coming in now. Dapplefur was leading the patrol. Now that her kits were almost of apprentice age, she'd returned to warrior duties. The tortoiseshell she-cat was more than happy to be on the patrol list, saying it had been to long since she'd felt the wind in her fur. Behind her were the new Parabatai Arrowheart and Goldenclaw along with Honeybee.

The four cats said their farewells before going their separate ways. Dapplefur headed towards the Nursery where he could see Smokekit silhouette peeking out of the entrance. The young tom had been waiting eagerly for his mother to return home. From his knowledge, the other kits had already fallen asleep, beyond tired after playing a rather competitive game of moss ball earlier that day.

Honeybee moved towards the two brothers Junipernose and Ripplefur. The three warriors had been apprentices at the same time and they were all close friends. Some closer than others, he reflected, seeing Junipernose licking the she-cat's ears fondly when she reached them. In response, Honeybee nuzzled her head into the tom's muzzle. Ripplefur watched them with mild amusement.

Ripplefur was mated to Littlebird, their pairing a bit of a surprise to most of the clan. Featherflight, having known the inner workings of HunterClan longer then most of the warriors here had lived, had been one of the lucky few to know right away. He suspected it wouldn't be long before the feisty white she-cat made a nest in the Nursery, kits on the way.

Not that she'll want to go there right away. Like Comfreyleaf, who had not moved into the Nursery until a moon or so before her kits were born, he had a knowing feeling that Littlebird would also require persuasion to settle down. Being active was great and all, but their came a time for every pregnant she-cat that they needed to rest, lest something happen to the kits...such as premature birth. Featherflight had only had that happen twice in his long career, and each time never ended well for the queen or the kits in question.

Meanwhile, Arrowheart and Goldenclaw had joined their sister a few tail lengths from the prey pile. Nightrose and Clary had went on a hunting patrol earlier that day with Specklefoot and Badgerstripe. The black she-cat had been eager to please her father by catching lots of prey. Judging by the well stocked fresh kill pile, filled to the brim with rabbits, shrews, mice, and the occasional thrush he'd say they succeeded.

Nightrose was now talking to her brothers with Clary an eager participant at her side. The ginger cat had greeted Goldenclaw especially warmly, her green eyes glowing. Arrowheart had moved away after exchanging a few words. The black tom was headed towards Patchfur who was sitting outside the Elders Den talking with Mistwing.

The former MagicClan cat looked happy to see Arrowheart approaching, moving away from Mistwing with a half hearted goodbye before striding forward to meet the younger tom half way. The two embraced when the reached each other, then proceeded back over to Nightrose and the others who were selecting a plump rabbit from the pile to eat.

He glanced down at the pile of bedding at his feet. Mistwing had been complaining yesterday that there were thorns in it, complaining about dumb kits pulling a prank on her. He doubted this was true, Dapplefur's kits were well behaved enough and Comfreyleaf's kits were to young to pull off such a prank.

Still, he'd been inspecting her bedding anyways, knowing she'd keep pestering him if he didn't. Mistwing was very determined when she wanted to be. Obnoxious, to the point where it drove even him to the edge, but determined. He hadn't expected to find any thorns...and he hadn't. He did however find something else.

That all led to now. Almost every cat had retired for the night, the only cats still awake in the clearing being Ashwhisker and Honeybee. The two cats were strolling around with trudging steps, securing the perimeter. Featherflight could see Honeybee's yellow fur from across the grass stretch, as he slept right in front of the Medicine Den opening, he had a clear view of the she-cat.

Unlike Ashwhisker, she was much more dedicated to her job of guarding the camp at night. Her circuits around the camp were faster paced then the gray warrior's. That, and Featherflight had seen the tom almost nod off twice in front of the Elder's Den. He never imagined Puddlestep's snores could lull anyone to sleep. Then again, I suppose anything's possible...

Speaking of anything...he glanced down at the object in front of him. In the moonlight, it was hard to inspect, so he moved back slightly to get a better view. He always was a far sighted cat at heart so taking a few inches back could improve his perception better.

He was careful not to wake up his new apprentice. Dawnpaw rested fitfully beside him, small snores coming from her open mouth. She'd come to her nest later then normal, having been assisting Comfreyleaf. Tumblekit had a bellyache earlier that day so the apprentice had been hard at work helping the little thing while Featherflight went out to gather more herbs. Their tansy supply had been running low, and he needed to check on the water mint he was growing at the river border with MagicClan.

Blossomstar had yet to take the Sunningrocks back from the warlocks, but he figured it was only a matter of time before that changed, especially with a cat like Vultureclaw in charge. The old healer had never liked Vultureclaw, the tom just was too power hungry for his liking.

In troubling times; however, he supposed that sort of attitude would benefit HunterClan. But he couldn't help thinking that Vultureclaw would lead them down an even darker path. Call it my personal intuition...though what would I know about leading a clan?

His suspicions only continued to grow towards the dark tabby tom with each passing day. He wasn't the only cat that felt this way either. He couldn't be certain of just what was going on, but Arrowheart, Nightrose, Goldenclaw, Dawnpaw, Patchfur and Clary had all been acting on edge around the deputy. They did try their best to hide it, but he understood that something was going on, and whatever it was it wasn't good.

A night breeze blew through the clearing, ruffling his pelt even from inside the Medicine Den. The object in his paw would've been blown away if he hadn't kept such a tight grip on it. He gazed at it intrigued. In his paw was a piece of fur.

Normally, cat fur wouldn't be something to cause alarm. It was completely normal for cats to shed. Especially for elders, who lost fur all the time. Featherflight knew this from personal experience, his gray tabby fur snagging on all sorts of thistles, branches and thorns nowadays. This fur was alarming, not because of what it was, but what it looked like.

In his paw was a snatch of fur. Fur that was completely white. None of the Elders had fur this color, nor did any of the cats that had visited them recently. To some cats it was seem like this fur was just a mystery. To Featherflight, a Medicine cat of many moons, it was a sign from StarClan. A sign, that HunterClan wasn't the only clan in trouble. That another clan needed help desperately.

WolfClan is in trouble...

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