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   Chapter 71 Character Rants 8

Married To A Stranger By Midhuna Characters: 5937

Updated: 2020-01-31 16:02

All the characters kidnapped Midhuna and tied her on a chair and surrounded her with amused grins on their faces.

Midhu: what the hell do you think you're doing? Why are you grinning like idiots? Are you guys going to kill me now, if yes, just do it already.... those creepy looks are killing me.

Nihal: Hey! My looks aren't creepy *offended*

Women say they're sexy *winking*

Anju: Ewww. You and sexy in the same sentence? I think I'm gonna throw up.

Midhu: Untie me now! *yelled*

Karthik: No way! All we need to do is an interview.. *trailing off*

Midhu: Interview *paled*

Sreesha: Yeah, an interview. Problem?

Midhu: But I told you that I'm not going to reveal my identity *huffing*

Niya: chill Midhu, we're not asking your personal stuff... just a few random questions and you're free to go..

Midhu: But why?

Ved: Oh don't start whining now or else I'm not gonna untie your hands.

Midhu: you'll untie me if I say 'yes'? *plotting a plan to escape*

Manoj: don't use that stupid brain of yours right now or else you're going to stay on that chair for a few more hours than required.

Midhu: How could you Manoj? I think we're friends!

Veni: Trust me you're going to thank us later *grinning*

*Aadhya yawned*

Midhu: Aww Aadhya! Guys untie me now! I'm just going to hold her and answer your stupid questions. *Arjun untied Midhu's hands*

*Holding Aadhya in hands*

God I love her!

Arjun: That makes us two *looking at Aadhya Admiringly*

Midhu: H-hey Arjun *stuttered blushing*

Veni: Hey! Stop stuttering and blushing! He's my husband now!

Midhu: That's because I made you marry him and he was my all time crush, I don't care if he's married or not! There is a reason why I created a character 'Midhya' instead of

other average looking girl. And about the date, I'm not interested... ask your jerry.

Anju: Great! You turned him down. Poor Nihal and his ego.. *winking at Nihal*

Why are you not updating regularly?

Midhu: Arghh That is what I wanna know too... trust me, I'm trying very hard to write and update early.. it all takes one single new idea that ruins everything and makes me write a new plot... can you believe it I already had another 6 stories lined up other that your spinoffs?

Arjun: Midhu... Do you ever think that 'Married to a Stranger' would be successful?

Midhu: Arjun *dreamy sigh*

If only this is that easy... I was shocked when it reached 100k you know I never thought it would reach 10k... about your question I would become crazy and start singing and dancing and annoy the hell out of you guys..

*Arjun untied her from chair and Veni took Aadhya from her hands... everyone waited for her to stand, so they could hug her... when she was finally stood up*

All characters : Then its time for you to celebrate idiot, our story got published!!!!

*Midhuna fainted*

All characters : yeah so much for dancing and celebrations *shaking their heads*

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