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   Chapter 70 Character Rants 7

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Updated: 2020-01-31 15:56

*Heavy footsteps echoed throughout the hall*

Karthik: where the hell is SHE? *yelled*

Manoj: who? *softly*

Karthik: YOU dare to talk to ME? *yelled*

Manoj: Am I not supposed to? *frown*

Karthik: NO!

Manoj: okay. * started playing temple run*

Karthik: where the hell is she ?? *glaring at Manoj*

*Manoj Ignored Karthik*

Karthik:I asked you something Manoj *sending death glares towards Manoj*

Manoj: In the kitchen. *smirking*

*Karthik hastily dashes into the kitchen*

Karthik: what the hell is he doing in this house *screamed*

Midhu: who? *calmly *

Karthik: Are you freaking kidding me? That stupid Manoj! What the hell is he doing here?

Midhu : he's also a character in your story right? *frowning*

Karthik: the guy who wants to ruin my marriage is sitting in our living... and you're so calm about it? How could you? *sending acc

oj *shrugging*

Sree: You don't know? *widening eyes*

Tej: you didn't invite him? *amusing look*

Midhu: I know he'll come either way... why waste a call? *winking*

*others burst out laughing*

*Karthik mumbling a string of curses*

Midhu: Aren't you joining us? Its Chicken Biryani today *evil glint*

Karthik: chicken biryani? *almost drooling*

I'm joining this dinner just because of Biryani, not to invite HIM in our family *glaring at Manoj *

*serving himself a more than sufficient amount*

*Others shared a knowing look and burst into fits of laughter*

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