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   Chapter 69 Character Rants 6

Married To A Stranger By Midhuna Characters: 3543

Updated: 2020-01-31 15:55

Midhuna was hiding in her room for days.. she's not coming out of her house no matter what..

All the characters have had enough of her sulking and decided to confront her. All of them reached her house but they donno how to open her door without alerting her.

Anju: Let me do it, I know a trick to make the door open without a key. *pushing others aside while running towards the door*

Nihal: Don't tell me you're some wizard or witch... even though those names suits you.. I don't want to acquainted with one in real life. *shaking head *

Anju: Shut up will you? And trust my amazing skills *glaring at him*

Karthik: Let her do it Nihal, otherwise she will end up alerting Midhuna.. who knows she might disappear like she did a few days back... *shaking head*

Anju: yayy! Now get out of my way dumbo... I'm gonna perform my very special skill right now *searching for something in her hair*

Nihal: why are scratching your head like a monkey? Eww *making faces*

Anju: I'm searching for this dumbo *showing a hair pin to everyone *


Midhu: Not you too...

Vinay: what do you mean by 'not you too '?

Midhu: There are lots of messages and comments asking for the next update and it is making me feel so nervous to write.. not to mention the 'honeymoon' thing.. someone asked for s*x scene.. how in the world would I write that kinda scene when I can't even curse properly..

Malini: Don't worry... just give your best... don't write anything which ruins the story's innocence.

Karthik: yeah, I don't want someone to read our very personal moments.

Sree: Write like your heart wish... not what others expect... and oh yeah... do update Asap...

Manoj: Are you going to introduce me to everyone now?

*gasps filled the room*

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