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   Chapter 68 Character Rants 5

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Updated: 2020-01-31 15:50

Midhu: Guys! Guess what? *yelled*

All: what?

Midhu: I've a good news for u...

Actually two...........

Karthik: Are you dying?

Sreesha : Do you have cancer?

Mr & Mrs Shekhar: you can't die! If you die who will right our bickering scenes?

Tej & Anvika : Die after completing our book.

Nihal : Hey, what about me?

Anju: You can die with her if you want to.. Then I don't have to be your pair, who knows I might get paired up with Mahesh Babu *dreamy eyes*

Veni: what about my story? I can't live without my daughter.

Arjun: Hey, that my daughter! Not yours.

Veni: She's OURS *sternly*

Ved & Niya : At least let me get married *at a time*

Jayantu Thakur: At least live until Karthik dream comes true... I mean to say.. umm about 'mini cricket team' thing.

Midhu: Tell me again guys, why do I even bother to tell you? *sighing sadly*

Karthik: Because you're stupid?

Tej: Because you're an Idiot?

Ved: Because you're a loser?


gging and cogratulating each other.. well except Midhu*

Midhu: I'm here too *mumbled*

Its all my hard work.

Karthik: As if! All you did was let us suffer.. Okay don't cry and join us in a group hug *half smirk, half smile*

Midhu: Too much of politeness *shaking head* *muttering string of curses*

*All gave her a huge hug making her hard to breath*

*Who cares? Its their way to show how much they love her... even though they hate her*

*They say there is a thin line between hate and love*

Readers: TALK ALL YOU WANT, ITS US WHO ENCOURAGED HER *yelled from all over the world*

Midhu: *Blowing kisses to every single reader*

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