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   Chapter 67 Character Rants 4

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Updated: 2020-01-31 15:49

Readers are digging someone's grave..

Midhu saw this and hide behind the bushes.

Midhu: Who might be the victim of their wrath now ?*thinking to herself*

Reader 1: Hey, keep it low. She might hear the sounds and try to escape from us. *whispers*

Midhu: So it is a she then? Poor girl must be sleeping without knowing these evil readers thoughts *mumbled herself*

Reader 2: As if she could hear us! She must be in deep sleep, probably dreaming about 'Mahesh Babu'. *shaking their head*

Midhu: Poor girl! She is a fan of Mahesh Babu too? I must save her from them *mentally owed herself*

Reader 1: Yeah! As if she could get a glimpse of him *shaking their head*

Reader 2: *evil laughs*

Reader 1: She must be thinking we take all the crap that she was trying to rub in the story silently! My poor baby was struggling so much just because of her evil plans and stupid brain *glaring at someone's house*

Reader 2: Yeah! She was ruining there moments together by sending other characters between them. How insensitive can she behave? * followed reader 1's gaze*

Midhu: This girl probably trying to clear the issues between the characters and may be trying generate some fun using them. Why can't they understand her? Only a writer can understand how the co-writer feels. I wish I could help that poor girl. She must be thinking her readers loves her a lot. If only she knew about their evil thoughts.... *mumbled herself shaking her head*

A familiar voice: who the hell are you? What are you doing? Woah? Are you guys digging grave? Wait!

y to find Midhuna so we could get rid of her.*whispers*

Tej: what? Why?

Sreesha: so that we can all have happy endings as soon as possible.

Nihal and Tej: I don't think its a good idea *both said at the same time*

Midhu: may be they don't want me die *hopeful eyes*

Nihal: wait until my story to finish. *shaking his head*

Tej: yeah, mine too..

Karthik: I'll hire a new writer with more romance in your book. Deal? *they thought for a little before nodding their heads positively*

Midhu: here goes my hope... *muttering profanities*

Reader 1 n 2 : what are you guys waiting for? Go get her! * they ordered*



Whistle *

Gruff voice: who's there at this time? *demanded a voice*

Reader 1, 2: cops! Escape !!! * vanished in the thin air*

All the characters: we lost a chance again.

Midhu: saved by the whistle *mumbled a little loud*

Gruff voice: I can't let you die before writing my story *clearing his throat to make it normal*


Midhu: I FEEL SO LOVED *sarcasm*

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