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   Chapter 66 Character Rants 3

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Updated: 2020-01-31 15:49

All characters surrounded Midhuna

Midhu: why are you guys here? *gulping*

Karthik: I dunno.. you tell... what are we doing here? *smirking*

Midhu: Have u lost it? I'm asking you coz I dunno why you guys are here, glaring at me.. you know its kinda creepy *nervous smile*

Sreesha: Don't you dare feel nervous... Its my birth right! And I got copyrights for 'nervous'.

Midhu: Here I thought she was weird in story not out of the book *mumbling*

Sreesha: what did u just said ?? * glaring*

Midhu: I was saying how Genius you are. This husband of yours was ranting about your weirdness and immature behaviour. *winking at karthik*

Karthik: Don't you dare lie to my wife and create problems between us. *glaring*

*turning to sreesha*

Baby, you do know that I would never do such thing right? This Midhuna is just playing with us to get out of hook. You know she can be evil. Baby, don't look at me like that.. I love you wifey. * smiling his best, hiding fear*

Sreesha: I know she can be evil *narrowing eyes at Midhu*

Don't you dare create differences between us. We're already dealing with enough, thanks to you and your stupid imaginations.

*Turning to karthik*

I know you would never do that but I just want to deal with he

ant to ruin it by yelling at you.. *smirking*

Midhu: what did I got myself into? A bunch of murderers instead of characters?

Sreesha: lets get this over already! I've a daily soap to watch.

Midhu: you too sreesha? *gasping*

Sreesha: I don't want complications in my life and the daily soap is more productive thing than argue with u.. *checking time*

Midhu: why the hell are you looking at me like bunch of 'Aliens'? No offence for Aliens though..

* looking over their head*

Hey officer arrest them. You got all the evidence right?

All the characters: we didn't do anything *turning their heads away from Miduna*

Midhu: Good bye loosers! * fading away in shadows*

*actually running for her life*

Sreesha: She's right! We're bunch of idiots. *shaking head*

All characters : yeah.... *shaking their heads*

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