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   Chapter 65 Character Rants 2

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Updated: 2020-01-31 15:47

Karthik: MIDHUNA !!! *yelling*

Midhuna: woah! Why are you yelling ?? *rubbing forehead* *sleepy voice*

Karthik: Just be happy that I was not trying to kill you.. *frustratedly yelling again*

Midhu: Hey! Keep you voice low, my head is going to burst! *sighing* *hangover for eating too many chocolates*

Karthik: who's this secret admirer? *coldy*

Midhu: woah! How do you know this 'secret admirer'? As far as I know, only sree know about him.. *confused*

Karthik: I've my ways.. *smug face*

Midhu: Stalker much? *scoff*

Karthik: I'm no stalker! *yelling again*

Midhu: sure you're not! *sarcastic voice*

Karhik: Just tell me who the hell is he! I don't want any male near my wife. * yelling*

Midhu: Posessive freak *muttering*

Karthik: what? *furiously*

Midhu: Nothing duh! *feigning ignorance*

Karthik: Just tell me he is not who I thought he was. *sighing*

Midhu: who do you think he

e's just being immature. *faking smile*

Midhu: I know right! Okay, say 'hi' to your secret admirer and tell him that I'll meet him soon. *yawning*

Sreesha: If only you know... *thoughtful*

Midhu: huh?

Sreesha: Nothing. Take rest. Love ya😘😘😘😘

Midhu: eww... I'm not into girls. Save it for your stupid husband 😨😨😨

Sreesha: whatever!

Midhu: Good bye! Ask your stupid husband to stay away from me for awhile *stuttering to my room*

Sreesha: Like he's into you *scoffing*

Midhu: very matured*sighing*

*My comfy bed and pillow*

Who wants a guy when you have a very comfortable bed?

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