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   Chapter 64 Character Rants 1

Married To A Stranger By Midhuna Characters: 3042

Updated: 2020-01-31 15:46

Midhu: C'mon guys (Sreesha & Karthik) many readers requested me to update a romantic scene between you, why don't you listen to me at least once??

Sreesha: As if! I'm not going do any romantic thing with him.

Karthik: Yeah! like I'm dying to do that. Midhuna, why don't you select a beautiful girl as a female lead? Look at me! Hot, Handsome, Billionaire, Most eligible bachelor. And look at her...

Sreesha: Do you think you're Christian Grey?? Shut up and listen to Midhu.. who knows? May be she'll remove you as the main lead and select Christian Grey as my hero (dreamy look)..

Midhuna: Guys stop fighting now, will you? No! I'm not changing my lead characters just because you both are stubborn to act a little romantic. I can always keep this story ON HOLD and start writing 'Tej & Anvika's story. (rolling eyes at them)

Sreesha & Karthik: NO! you're not keeping our book ON HOLD. (Says

ushing and giving feathery kisses all over his face)

Karthik: Wait! Lemme show you how to give a real kiss.(placing his lips on hers)

After few minutes

Midhuna: *clearing throat* If you guys done your so called fake quarrel let me know (smirking)

Tej: Told ya guys... They are just faking a fight to make us leave.

Anvika: You're right Tej.

Tej : I'm always right (smirking cockily)

Karthik: Get.Out.Of.Here.

Midhuna: C'mon guys leave them for now. I'll make him pay in the next chapter ( smirking evilly)

Karthik: Holy Shit!

Others left leaving Sreesha and Karthik alone ;)

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