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   Chapter 62 Epilogue

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"Mom" Sreesha heard her son screaming his lungs out from the bottom of the stairs. Sreesha rushed over to him noticing a few bruises on his face and scratches on his hands.

"Oh god! Ahar" Sreesha reached over him worried about her baby boy, searching for any hidden bruises.

"Mom, can you talk to dad and send me to another school?" Ahar sniffed, hugging Sreesha tightly.

"Why baby? Tell me what happened" Sreesha cooed him, rubbing his back.

"Who did this to you?" Sreesha asked him when his sobs subdued.

"Mom, I don't want to study in that school. I want to change school. Talk to dad" Ahar demanded Sreesha.

"Okay" Sreesha gave up to his demands "But first you have to tell mom why, then mom can talk to dad and convince him to transfer you and Gagana to another school" Sreesha tried to console him.

"No!" Ahar screeched.

"I don't want Di to shift schools with me" saying that, Ahar started wailing.

"Always the dramaqueen" Sreesha heard someone commenting from the front door only to find her daughter, Gagana tapping her foot on the floor smirking at the scene.

"What did you do to your brother, Gagana?" Sreesha demanded noticing Ahar stiffening in her hold.

"Me? Mom, why do you always blame me for the things I never did?" Gagana asked, still smirking at Ahar, who glared at her still hugging Sreesha like his life depended on it.

"Mom, why didn't I have a brother instead of her? I always wanted a big brother" Ahar asked, rubbing his cheeks. Sreesha's heart went out to him. She knows Gagana can be handful, but she loves her brother in her own way. How can she make Ahar see her love for him?

Seven years ago, Sreesha had twins, a girl and a boy with just 10 minutes difference. Karthik was over the moon by the news of having both boy and a girl fulfilling both of their wishes. Karthik always wanted a baby girl first and then a son. He wanted them to have same bond as Sreesha and Tej do. He wants his daughter to love her brother like his wife loves Tej. Just like Tej loves and protects Sreesha despite of them being cousins.

Gagana is named after Sreesha's mother Gagana Thakur.

Seems like the tables are turned now.

"Mom" Ahar called Sreesha, shaking her a little.

"You can call me brother if you want to… but again, girls are stronger than boys in every way so, it would be an insult if you call me brother" Gagana said, flipping her hair a little.

"Mommm" Ahar whined.

"Gagana" Sreesha sighed, looking at her daughter disappointedly. Everyone in the house spoiled her rotten and with the princess title, she is having it all. What she says, goes. Not to forget, she has her husband wrapped around her little finger along with every male in the house.

Though her mother-in-law loves both of her grandchildren to bits and stick to her side while disciplining her children in other words, Gagana as Ahar will always be on his best behavior. She couldn't help but blame Malini Shekhar for blessing her daughter with her witty genes.

Sometimes even the great Malini Shekhar will be left speechless by her daughter's witty responses.

"I was never this witty and sarcastic in my life. You should never blame me alone for this, Sreesha. Remember all the stories I have shared about your mother? If you think I am bad, your mumma was worse than me in every way. So, the maximum blame goes to her. Leave this poor old soul alone" was her reply whenever she blames her mother-in-law for passing her genes to my daughter.


is daughter checking for injuries.

"Hurt? Dad, they are just scratches from falling down. And those guys are nothing but stupid to think they could win against me. Uncle Tej taught me how to fight remember? I will protect my brother daddy, don't worry." Gagana said, kissing his cheek.

"And if the drama is done, I am hungry" saying this she sprinted into the kitchen to find something to eat like nothing happened.

"I am afraid, Karthik" Sreesha said, hugging him from behind sighing finally finding some comfort.

"I was too when I got the call from their principal" Karthik confessed.

"Their principal blamed our children for hurting other kids. I know my kids, and I know they will never get into fights at least not Ahar. I would have been convinced if it is just Gagana, but knowing Ahar, it is a big No. So, I asked them to check CCTV footage. Gagana didn't raise her hand until they tried to hurt Ahar" Karthik said, turning around taking her into his arms.

"How I wish they enjoy their childhood without dealing with this kind of bitterness" Karthik sighed. "I couldn't help but feel like a very bad parent. I mean, how can I not see when my children are hurting?" he mumbled hugging her tightly.

"I thought the same, Karthik. I felt terrible and blamed myself for being a failure as a mother, but you know what your daughter said?" Sreesha asked, making Karthik chuckle.

"Another witty response?" Karthik asked, Sreesha nodded smiling.

"What did she say?" Karthik asked.

"You don't have laser eyes to check the hidden bruises, but it will make you a bad mother for not feeding me while I am hungry. So, feed me before I die in hunger which would obviously make you a bad mother" Hearing his wife mimicking her daughter, made Karthik laugh loudly holding his stomach.

"That's my daughter" Karthik said proudly.

"Hey! She's mine too" Sreesha said glaring at him.

"You always refer to her as my daughter always complaining about her" Karthik continued saying "Karthik look at what your daughter did, or Karthik I swear your daughter makes me go crazy" mimicking Sreesha's high pitched making her punch his shoulder repeatedly.

"We will be fine" Karthik said, kissing her forehead lovingly.

"Always?" Sreesha asked looking into his eyes.

"Always" Karthik Promised, kissing her tenderly.

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