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   Chapter 61 Husbands Boyfriends Crushes For Sale

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Updated: 2019-10-14 15:28

"Sreesha! Where the hell are you ?" his voice bellowed bursting into the house alerting Sreesha and the other ladies around her.

Sreesha, Mrs. Malini Shekhar, Veni, Anju, Niya, and Anvika were eagerly waiting for their husband/boyfriend's reaction to the recent prank they played.

Everyone was grinning ear to ear throwing a meaningful look at Sreesha, who was nervously fidgeting with her Saree end.

"Mom, he'll kill me " she whispered to her MIL who was peeping through the slightly opened door of Sreesha's room.

"Sreesha! I swear if you are not here in next 10 seconds.... I'm going to... going to..." he stopped not knowing what to threaten his wife.

'To what' his conscience mocked him.

'I can control a whole bunch of businessmen with just one look, but I don't know how to tame this little minx' he thought gritting teeth.

"To what?" The ladies in the room whispered excitedly.

"I'm going to..... divorce you" he completed his statement half-heartedly thinking his threat might hurt his beautiful wife. He regretted saying those words the next second when Sreesha's sad face flashed in his head.

Sreesha, who was nervous just a moment ago suddenly dashed out of the room running towards Karthik.

"This actually worked?" he thought blinking his eyes.

"What did you just said?" she asked standing in front of him, looking into his eyes with a hint of.... amusement?

"That I -I am going to divorce y-you.... -gulping nervously - if you are not h-here in 10 seconds?" he tried to be confident, but just one look at those innocent wide eyes all his sensible side just flew out of the window.

"You actually said that ?" he was about to deny that he was not being serious but her next words made him still in his place "OMG!! I'm so happy.. yayy!!! You took a lot of time to blurt those words. You know I've been trying hard to make u say those words?" she was blabbering but he just stood there like a statue.

"You want a divorce?" he couldn't help but sound like a wounded puppy.

The now very excited Sreesha who was all smiles now started calling out his mom "Mom, you said your son wouldn't say those words right? he just said 'I'm going to divorce you Sreesha'.... I'm so damn happy" she says dancing with her MIL who was as excited as her.

"You did it finally! I'm so proud of you dear" his mom said, kissing Sreesha's cheek.

"Mom, I said those words to warn her. why are you so hell bent on separating us?" he asked glaring at his mom.

"I won the bet" Sreesha yelled still dancing around the house.

His mom was about to say something but cutoff by a very angry Mr. Vinay shekhar.

"Malini Shekhar!" her son gave her what-the-hell-did-you-do-this-time look " Do you know what have you done this time? How in the world do you get these ideas ?"

"hello my darling husband, why are you shouting so much? Didn't doctor advised you to attend Yoga classes to control your anger issues. Now you're shouting at me.... its not good for your health" she said in a honey filled sweet voice. If someone who doesn't know about this wicked old lady might think she was being harassed by her husband while it was the other way around.

"Don't sass me! you- you- you crazy woman! How do you get all these crazy ideas to torture me every single day of my life. Are you insane?" he said rubbing his forehead with helpless

posted in olx.


Husband for Sale.

Seller: Malini Vinay Shekhar.

I'm selling my husband Mr. Vinay Shekhar, one of the well-known businessman in India for Rs...

Or may be dollars...

Wait lets just talk directly on phone.

Contact number: ************


Husband for sale:

Seller: Sreesha Karthik Shekhar

I want to sell my husband because he's so much in love with his second wife a.k.a work.

So please contact this number for further details

No: ************


Husband for Sale:

Seller : Niya Ved Arora

I really don't want to sell my husband but he's not taking my words seriously anymore when I said, I'll leave him. So here you go guys... buy him if you want.

Contact details: ***********


Husband for sale:

Seller: Veni Arjun Raizada

Hi, I want to sell my husband...

This is just a prank please don't contact this number: ***********


Friend for sale:

Seller: Anvika Sharma

I want to sell my friend who was ignoring me for a while.

Please contact this number to buy him asap:************


Enemy for sale:

You heard it right babes... I'm selling my enemy online!

He's an idiot all the times but can be sensible a bit.

Did I just use a good word to describe him?

I need to sell him really fast!

Grab this opportunity to get 'one of the eligible bachelors available' (his words not mine... eww).

Contact details: **************


After everyone had a good laugh at that innovative prank their partners pulled... the male domination worked out at last and get those posts deleted in olx.

Because these beauties with brains gave their husband's office number as contact numbers.

"Vinay Shekhar promised his wife their nth honeymoon trip."

"Karthik promised Sreesha a world tour with no gadgets allowed rule."

"Ved promised to listen to his wife's every word for the rest of his life to avoid cuddling pillow and becoming acquainted with couch"

"Arjun promised Veni 'rest of his life'"

"Tej promised Anvika to be a better friend to her"

"Nihal promised himself to kill Anjali Desai as soon as possible..... 'with love' a voice whispered through his thick skull".

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