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Karthik sighed in content while tracing Sreesha's invisible baby bump lovingly. After their almost argument and non-existent fight, Sreesha and Karthik settled on the couch in their bedroom. Sreesha was growing impatient about Karthik showering all the love to the baby and not her.

"Maybe mom was right all along" Sreesha mumbled, pouting a little.

"About what?" asked Karthik, nonchalantly with a knowing smile on his face. He knew she was trying to get his attention for a while, but he is too stubborn to give in.

"About fathers giving all their attention to the kids but not to the mothers who bring them to life" Sreesha sniffled with tears in her eyes. Now that Karthik knows about her pregnancy, she can feel her mood swings getting out of hand. Before she used to lock herself in her mother-in-law's room and cry all she wants and leave as nothing happened.

Sreesha started crying more remembering everything she went through to keep her pregnancy a secret, but Karthik being an insensitive jerk like always unveiled her master plan and made her feel like a joker.

"Sree" Karthik dragged her name a little impatiently, taking her into a loving embrace.

"You are a jerk, Karthik Shekhar" Sreesha accused him.

"May I know why I was honoured with the title of a jerk?" Karthik asked her, amused.

"You knew I was trying to get your attention, but you are being a jerk" Sreesha complained, throwing an accusing glare at him.

"And?" Karthik hummed.

"And making me feel like stupid for finding out what I have been trying to hide from you" if looks could kill, Karthik would have been turned into ashes.

"And?" Karthik dragged.

"For making me feel guilty"

"For acting like you are not interested in what I say to you all these days"

"For making me doubt your love on me"

"For trying to stop me while I was about to tell you something very important"

"And for not supporting me to get my sister back home" saying all these things, Sreesha started crying all over again, in bonus Karthik is awarded with few punches too.

Karthik was glad that their room is soundproof, or people would have been on the other side of the door wondering... probably betting on how long Karthik would survive this abuse.

His family is crazy that way and he is fully aware of it.

"What can I do? You are being too naughty these days. I wonder who will make more noise in our home in few months and I am sure it would be you but not our child" Karthik teased, pinching her nose making Sreesha rub her nose in irritation.

"I am aware of you trying to gain my attention by singing in your worse voice, slapping my arm to rescue me from a mosquito bite, making your anklets jiggle in a more seductive way knowing that it would make me go crazy for you" Karthik sighed dramatically.

"But what can I do? You know my wife. She does everything on her own, so I thought she would just ask if she needs all my attention on her" Karthik shrugged "And I was away from my child all these days, so obviously he/she deserves all my attention" before he could end the sentence, he was attacked by a pillow.

"Thank god. I am smart enough to keep sharp objects away from her reach" he mumbled to himself.

Looking at Sreesha's defeated expression, Karthik sighed and kissed her forehead.

"I was trying to understand the reasons behind your actions, Sree." Karthik started winding an around her shoulder making her lean into his touch "I was ecstatic when I found the pregnancy stick in our washroom and I was waiting like an idiot for a surprise from you. I thought you were planning something with mother to announce the news of your pregnancy. In fact, everyone in the house was eagerly waiting for it to be announced officially" Sreesha gasped. She

at you know my answer, are you going to tell me what's running in that pretty head of yours?" Karthik asked poking her head with his finger playfully, making Sreesha pout.

"Mom and I" Sreesha started.

"I knew it is a dangerous combo" Karthik muttered, making Sreesha slap his chest playfully.

"We were actually started researching about Thakur's ancestors, and we found a way to make Esha come home to us" Karthik nodded, asking her to continue "If there are more than one heiress for the title, there is a possibility to pass the title to the next in line if the current one is indisposed or willing to let go of the title" Sreesha stopped and glanced at Karthik through her eyelashes "And that needs all the Thakur's and her husband's approval. You and I need to sign a document stating that neither of us is interested in the power or wealth that comes with the title and that there would be no fight for our children's lineage"

"When do you want us to sign it?" Karthik asked instead, giving her a tender smile.

"You don't mind losing all the wealth and power that comes with it? What about our children?" Sreesha asked in awe.

"We have enough power and wealth in our family's name and about the title to our children... I want them to be their own King and Queen of their lives, being a royalty will be just a bonus if they were chosen. They will still be Tahkurs regardless of what last name they carry, my loyalties forever lies with Thakurs. If my Queen wants to me just mine and no one else's how can I say no?" Karthik stated, giving her a full-blown smile. Sreesha mirrored his actions and snuggled into him without any worry.

Karthik was relieved.

He may sound like selfish, but he wants Sreesha and their children away from all the dangers and drama.

This way he doesn't have to worry about their children's childhood being tampered by being guarded 24/7 knowing there will be dangers lurking around them.

There are still secrets to be revealed and amends to make.

Thakurs are not easy to mend, but so are Verma's.

He can only pray for Esha's well-being for vow to protect her when she takes the title.


"If you don't love her, why the hell did you marry her" yelled someone at Manoj.

"I have no other choice" Manoj answered unemotionally.

"Choice to ruin what we hold dear?" the person asked, grabbing Manoj's shirt collar.

"We have to be 'Married To Protect Her'" was his only answer.

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