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A month Later

"Please don't say anything to mother and father yet" Sreesha requested Jayanth. She knew it would be hard for them to be disappointed if Sreesha's theories were wrong about Saadhika, but deep down in her heart, she knew that Saadhika is indeed their little princess.

Jayanth gave her a small smile and nodded and started examining the reports he got from the investigator.

Heeding Karthik's advice, Sreesha agreed to share her speculations with Jayanth, who jumped into action at the mention of Esha's name. It doesn't matter if he had to be disappointed with the result yet again, but he would never let go of a chance to search for Esha.

"Is there anything that could help us, Uncle?" Karthik asked Jayanth, with hope in his eyes.

"There is nothing solid" Jayanth paused a little "But there are no records of Saadhika or her last name. what is even weird was, the investigator couldn't find anything about her childhood or even her teen years. There were no pictures of hers available expect the ones our investigator clicked secretly."

"I think our Queen is thinking just like her, A Queen" Jayanth tried to joke, but he knew it was true. He had been thinking in only one way, Sreesha's theories made him think that maybe he needs to think beyond what he can see or hear. He needs to go out of the box to find answers for what he is trying piece together.

Now that he found away, he would do just that. He would find a way to bring back who they lost years ago.


"Do you think it is safe to inform Jaykar uncle and Yamini aunty about......." Sreesha cut off Karthik's words with a sharp look.

"Not a word, Karthik. They may look strong, but Esha's topic must be still sensitive to them. Didn't you see how they are with each other? For the first time, I saw them behaving like normal husband and wife but not as slave and master. I would want nothing but to kill Rajat for making them suffer all these years. Everything for what? Revenge? He is the most deranged psychopath I've ever heard of. Trust me, I would make him suffer so much, that he would wish for death and nothing else" Sreesha vowed.

For the first time in her life, Sreesha saw her parents taking care of each other... adopted or not, they are the only parents she knew, and she can never call them otherwise. They are her mother and father and it would stay like that for the rest of their lives.

She was not kidding when she wished for Rajat's demise, in fact, she would watch it sitting in the front row.

"Sree" Karthik called out for her. She was thinking too much these days and Karthik was too worried about her. Sreesha just hummed looking into space.

"What if..." Karthik hesitated, that got her attention, she nodded asking him to continue "what if Saadhika is indeed Esha? What are you planning to do?"

"What do you think, Karthik?" Sreesha countered him with a secret


"I- I am so- sorry, Karthi" Sreesha mumbled, sniffling cutely making Kathik to smile softly.

He kissed her nose making her scrunch when it tickled.

"I want to punish you as well, for hiding things from your husband" Karthik teased her pinching her nose.

"Am I forgiven?" Sreesha asked hopefully making Karthik sigh.

"Trust me Sree, I want to make you suffer for hiding such important information from me, but I didn't miss a moment of our child, so I can forgive you if you follow a few conditions, " Karthik said, her hand reaching her stomach and tracing it lovingly.

"Conditions? What are they?" Sreesha sighed in defeat "What do you mean that you didn't miss a moment of our child?" Sreesha demanded when she reminisced what he said.

"Yes, conditions. And yes, I didn't miss our baby because I always sleep with my hand over your stomach and used to talk to him/her after making sure you are asleep" Karthik answered smirking.

"This is so unfair! You knew all these days and still made me feel guilty. I thought it was all a dream whenever I hear you talking in my sleep" Sreesha started punching his chest.

"So? I have every right to be angry on you" Karthik shrugged nonchalantly.

"I will not follow any rules you make" Sreesha turned around from him briskly but placed a hand over her stomach protectively when she noticed what she did.

"Okay... I would just ask mom to include it to her list of things to do" he shrugged again making Sreesha angrier.

"I would make mom do all my work so I wouldn't have to face your tantrums." He said smirking a little.

"But" he stopped dramatically making Sreesha to raise an eyebrow at him.

"My one rule for you is to repeat the words whenever I say 'I Love You' to you" kissing her angry pout.


"It is a match!" Jayanth announced with a huge grin on his face looking at the DNA test in his hands.

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