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A few weeks later

It has been a few weeks after Sreesha got to know about her mother's accident and that the reason behind every destruction of her family was her sperm donor. She refuses to think of him as a father. At first, she was disgusted about herself for having the same blood as that monster, then she realized she was never his daughter but her mother's. Her mother was the one who protected her, now she understood that blood doesn't matter. Choosing between right and wrong does. Having enough maturity to forgive and letting go of matters.

If Rajat was matured, he would have forgiven Jaykar for not accepting his sister's proposal. If his sister was matured enough, she would have accepted the rejection and moved on. If that was the case, she would have had her mother beside her. Jayanth would have been happy with his wife and children. Jaykar and Yamini would have been happy with Tej and Esha dealing with their mischievousness. Tej, still with his innocence intact, trying to intimidate his siblings and cousins playing protector.

Everything was destroyed due to one person's stupidity.

She couldn't help but hate her sperm donor more after knowing the reason behind Jaykar and Yamini's behavior towards her. Rajat Verma made them his puppets and played with her life.

"We were threatened by Rajat, we became puppets in his hands. He used our daughter as the bait every time we refused to obey his orders. One day we received a videotape, where Esha was crying on the floor in an abandoned room with no one to attend her. We have no other choice but to let him take control over us. We had to move away from home to somewhere he chose, severing all the ties with my family.

Everything was in his control until Tej became your protector. We have no idea why he backed down, but we are glad he did. He wanted us to get you married at 15 to one of his men if it is not for Tej's interference....

I knew immediately when Bhai reached out for Tej, because it was the same behavior Jayanth and I had when our father explained to us about our duties to our families mostly to our Queen. From then on, I knew my son would do anything to protect you. So, I started fooling Rajat by slipping details to Tej, so he could inform Jayanth about Rajat's plans beforehand. He lost it when Manoj's family left without a trace.

Then Shekhar's entered our lives with their own plan, they know that I know who they really are, and our own plan started to take you away from his clutches. That monster thought it was his men who got you in the name of marriage until a few days after your marriage."

Sreesha couldn't help but think about what everyone went through in order to save her. They may have hurt her in the past but that hurt is nothing compared to what they went through because of that monster. One uncle lost his entire future while the other lost his child a

"Sree...." Karthik warned Sreesha sighed before continuing.

"Okay.. let's talk about who's trying to help blackmailer. What do you think about my bodyguards? Ron, Sean and Julie" Sreesha asked nonchalantly.

"They're well trained and referred through a reliable source" Karthik explained patiently.

"Which source?" Sreesha asked, placing her palm on his heartbeat. Karthik sighed.

"Sharma's. Anvika's family. They're responsible for your family security. They were handpicked by Jayath uncle and dad" he said, kissing her other hand, interlacing their fingers.

"How much do you trust Sharmas?" Sreesha asked, carefully. Karthik stilled for a second.

"I'm not questioning about your friendship with Anvika, Karthik. I'm just asking about her family in general" Sreesha clarified.

"Anvika is someone I can't replace with anyone in my life and she's halfway in love with your brother" Karthik said, rolling his eyes. "About her family, it is a tight knot, her grandfather still has to hold on almost every decision they make in their family or business. Nothing goes beyond his eyes. He's been taking care of security for decades. There were rumours that Anvika's uncle is going to take the reins of his father's responsibilities, but nothing is official yet" Sreesha nodded, silently.

"What are you thinking?" Karthik mumbled, dropping a kiss on her forehead.

"I think we need to test our security a little first. Then hire someone who is capable of getting all the information regarding Saadhika. Then we will snatch Rajat's strength. Then we will live happily ever after" Sreesha says, her eyes shining with mischievousness.

"We need to what?" Karthik asked, confused.

"Now, we need to kiss hubby. How can you forget about your punishment? You need to say 'I love you' for the rest of your life as one more punishment" Sreesha said, winking at Karthik before pulling him into a demanding kiss.

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