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The night of Esha's disappearance:

Sreesha was wide awake for some reason while her cousins were fast asleep. She is still waiting for her mother and uncles to come n wish them goodnight. When she heard footsteps, she thought it was her family and closed her eyes smiling mischievously. She likes to scare her family when they least expect it.

She frowned when she heard the footsteps going to another side of her bed. It was always her, who they kiss goodnight first but not her cousins. When she opened her eyes slightly to check what is happening, she saw two figures hovering over her cousins' bed, which is designed as cradle to prevent them from falling from it. Sreesha gasped slightly in shock. One man loomed over the cradle while the other picked Esha carelessly and dumped her on his shoulder.

"Do you want me to grab her too" Sreesha immediately closed her eyes and slowly placed her hand under the pillow to find her weapon.

"No man, she has to live here. I will make sure she suffers from her family's mistakes. I heard her calling herself a Queen too many times. I will make sure she lives a life of a slave. I will make her family treat her nothing but shit. I will witness her taking her life for her mother's mistakes one day. While this little princess pays for her father's deeds. I lost my sister because of that bastard now it's his turn to know the pain of losing someone" the other man concluded, smirking.

When Sreesha was sure they are distracted, she got a hold of the gun which was gifted by her uncle. She slowly stood on her bed and pulled the trigger. The man who was holding her cousin yelped in pain when the rubber bullet hit his forehead. The toy gun may not kill them but can leave a mark. The other man got a


"We have to leave in an hour. Are you sure about this?" Vinay asked her hesitantly. One look from her is all it took for him to arrange everything she had asked from him.

Gagana left Sreesha in the hands of her sister-in-law as she was not letting Sreesha out of her sight. Yamini was too anxious and depressed, so she wasn't allowing the children outside the house. So, Gagana had no other choice but to leave Sreesha behind. Gagana knows she must leave the village in order to find Esha.

A few months later, she found enough evidence to prove Rajat is guilty and was in a hurry to reach her family. She finally found Esha somewhere she least expected. She sped down the highway smiling at the child sleeping peacefully. She can imagine her sister-in-law and brother being too overprotective from the moment they got their hands on their daughter.

She can imagine the couple smile again genuinely.

She can finally feel the burden on her heart slowly leave.

It was then something untoward happened, out of nowhere a truck crashed into her car.

It was then everything turned upside down for Thakurs.

It was then Sreesha lost her mother.

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