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A few months after she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Gagana received a court notice regarding parental rights. Rajat filed a case against her for withstanding his rights as a father to meet his beloved daughter. According to him, Gagana and the whole Thakur's family restraining him from meeting his daughter. So, he filed a case to gain sole custody of Sreesha.

Years passed, Gagana finally won the case. She got the whole custody of Sreesha producing a few pieces of evidence against Rajat. Some evidence were natural, but some were framed by Jayanth Thakur. It pissed Rajath more and he became aggressive. He started plotting against everyone around Thakurs. Even though Thakur's security was impenetrable, several attempts were made to kidnap Sreesha.

At this point, all the family was in stress mainly Yamini, who was heavily pregnant. Her doctor suggested to take her somewhere where she can be free of stress, so there will not be any complications while giving birth.

So, Jayanth and Gagana suggested to Jaykar to take Yamini to some remote area, where they will be away from all the stress and dangers. Gagana requested Jaykar to take Sreesha with him, so she can be safe with them.

After a few days Jaykar, Yamini and Sreesha were moved to a village they adopted, with a doctor and a nurse in tow.


A three years old Sreesha who was too excited to meet her cousins was pacing along the corridor along with her uncle imitating his every move. Anyone could say she was a carbon copy of Gagana Thakur in intimidation, but her mischievous was taken after from Jaykar. At one point, after losing the patience she ordered the nurse who was rushing in and out of the delivery room to let her in or she would have to face the Queen's wrath.

Jayanth couldn't help but laugh at her antics, while Gagana was trying not to laugh. Sreesha was already spoilt rotten by her uncles and someone must be stern with her. Yamini is completely another case. Sometimes Gagana wonders Yamini loves Sreesha more than her.

Jaykar threw a dirty look at Jayanth for laughing at the situation, but he knew he was at the fault. He was the one who taught Sreesha of her being a Queen. And that a Queen demands what she wants but never ask.

"I de-de

d the phone.

Gagana was sobbing holding Sreesha against her chest, while Jaykar yelling for help.

Jayanth ran towards the security and found each one of them passed out on the floor unconscious. They were all drugged. He cursed under his breath and ran towards the house and found Yamini sobbing in Jaykar's arms. He then ran to check on Ritej (TEJ) and sighed in relief when he was sure he is unharmed.

He called for help from local police the very minute but deep down he knew who did it. He knew from the moment he woke up late that something was terribly wrong. He was not someone who sleeps peacefully. At least not after what happened to his wife and their unborn child. He's been trouble sleeping for years now.

He ran his fingers through the hair in frustration. He sent his men to find Rajat Verma.

It's been hours and Sreesha didn't wake up.

He sprinted into action when he heard Sreesha wailing in her mother's arms. She was trying to run somewhere but was held back by the doctors who were looking after her.

Jayanth reached her carefully and signalled the doctor to let go of her. She sprinted into her uncle Jaykar's hands and tugging his shirt to gain his attention. Jaykar, who was in his own world until now, glanced at her with a lost look in his eyes.

"I no want to be Q-q- queen" she uttered and started crying. Jaykar took her in his arms and held her close to him like always.

"Why?" his voice was hoarse. Anyone can barely hear his voice.

"That bad man took the little princess and said I am the reason"

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